africa speaks review

africa speaks review
November 1, 2020

You’ll want to strap in and listen close.

The spirit is the same, yet somehow it’s even freer.

With Harald Austin, Paul L. Hoefler, Lowell Thomas, Charles Gemora. Playing with family, familiar friends and some ridiculously talented guests, Carlos Santana and Rick Rubin have, seemingly casually, captured some musical magic on Africa Speaks that sounds both new and ancient, both spontaneous and pre-destined, both otherworldly and DNA-familiar.

Photo: Maryanne Bilham. REVIEW: Santana- Africa Speaks Andrew McKaysmith June 7, 2019 Carlos Santana joins forces with vocalists Laura Mvula and Concha Buika to pay homage to the African continent on Africa Speaks, his 39th album. Carlos Santana will be releasing his latest album Africa Speaks on June 7th through Concord Records. Africa Speaks is not the sort of record to listen to on headphones; you have to hear the way it springs forth from speakers, like a live performance, to fully appreciate it. After five decades of ground-breaking musical explorations, Carlos Santana is at the enviable point in his long career where he is free to follow his musical heart wherever it leads him. A full two minutes after the opening spoken word section, the song finally settles into a piano and conga driven rhythm that supports a choir of vocals and Santana’s piercing guitar breaks. 3.1 out of 5 stars. According to press materials, Santana and Rubin recorded as many as 49 tracks for this collection, and in case that isn’t mind-boggling enough, dig this: They recorded them all in just ten days. The listener is then eased into “Bembele” on soft chords and plaintive vocals, as the rest of the band slowly joins in to build a velvet freight train of a rhythm in spite of the gentler vibe. There aren’t any Billboard-targeting hits here — there’s no “Smooth” or even an “Oye Como Va,” though “Breaking Down the Door” comes close — and that’s part of the appeal. This climactic, cowbell-driven song proves to be a worthy, and at times epic, finale to the collection. The best Santana album of this century; good choice of songs, most of them sung by Buika, which is great. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. © 2020 All Content and Images by Tahoe Onstage. Throughout his extensive career, music legend Carlos Santana has amassed an iconic body of work by fusing different genres of rock, Latin and jazz to perfection.

5 star 40% 4 star 0% (0%) 0% 3 star 18% 2 star 17% 1 star 25% Africa Speaks. They split their time between the Adirondack Mountains and coastal South Carolina. Santana Africa Speaks UMusic. New Funk Jazz Rock Bands That Must Be On Your Radar. From pre-war blues to the bluegrass of the Virginia hills, Tom Clarke has a passion for most any kind of deep-rooted American music, and has been writing about it for 23 years. These are beats and sounds that instantly grab your attention not by clamoring for it, but by touching something deep and unnamed that you might not have known was a part of you. Since playing Olatunji’s “Jingo” on his 1969 debut, guitarist Carlos Santana has dug deep into the sounds and rhythms of the African continent, and on this potent outing, he digs deeper than ever. “Africa Speaks” ranks with the fiercest albums in Santana’s 50-year career. This explains why all of these songs stand out the way they do – with so much new material to pick and choose from, every song had to be especially spectacular to make the cut. The best Santana album of this century; good choice of songs, most of them sung by Buika, which is great. Tom’s reviews and articles have appeared in BluesPrint, the King Biscuit Times, Hittin’ The Note, Blues Revue, Elmore, Blues Music Magazine, and now, Tahoe Onstage. While I’m sure spinning these tunes would energize any Summer party, this isn’t a Summer party album. - Blends traditional Santana with fresh voice and direction. Explorer Paul Hoefler leads a safari into central Africa and what was then called the Belgian Congo, in the regions inhabited by the Wassara and the famous Ubangi tribes. Much of Africa Speaks harks back to what we could comfortably call Santana’s heyday, many songs here allow the rhythm to take over, giving Santana’s distorted guitar tone a proper party at which to hold court. For more information on Africa Speaks by Santana: You gotta love the heavy rhythm Santana lays down. Clearly the collaboration between Carlos Santana and producer Rubin, the man who co-founded Def Jam Records (and has worked with the disparate likes of Run DMC, Slayer and Tom Petty) is a mutually fruitful one, because right through to the conclusion, “Candome Cumbele,” this record sounds all the more potent for its cooperative focus. Carlos plays a Fender for his. Format: DVD Change. The female singers voice is a combination of scratchy, rough, and shrill. After all the chaos and catharsis of the previous two songs, “Blue Skies” slips in on quiet cat feet, with piano and bass building the foundation for a nine-minute jazz/rock odyssey featuring some luscious guest vocals this time from the UK’s Laura Mvula. Review: Santana’s new ‘Africa Speaks’ rips and roars “Africa Speaks” could be the most important portrayal of Santana the man, and Santana the band, since their arrival at Woodstock 50 years ago. Just when you think you’ve been as impressed as is possible, along comes album standout “Los Invisibles.” This passion-driven song opens with a simple rhythm and an almost Middle Eastern riff/motif that snakes throughout and sets the stage for another brilliant vocal performance from Buika and some wah-heavy, grooved-out solo breaks from Carlos.

You don’t have to speak the language to be moved and transported by the absolute power of these vocals and mesmerizing music. As always, Santana’s lead floats on these poly-rhythms, exploring spaces and moments you didn’t even know where there. Africa Speaks: *Ahem*: Roar, Roar, Roar.. There’s a bit in this one “Mystery Science Theater 3000” episode that works perfectly to describe the modern experience of watching Africa Speaks.As the film The Jungle Goddess unspools, it becomes painfully obvious how poorly the stock footage has been edited together with actors on a sound stage.. “Real Afr I'm not a fan.

© 2020 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Taken together, these tracks transport you to someplace new by reconnecting you to some of the oldest ideas and grooves that exist. 12 customer ratings. Carlos plays a Fender for his solo's, raw and lyrical, as only Carlos can produce. Carlos Santana will be releasing his latest album Africa Speaks on June 7th through Concord Records. Together Santana and Rubin have created what might well become yet another career highlight for both of them. Guest Spanish vocalist Buika, a force throughout the album, is especially riveting on “Oye Este Mi Canto.” The tune launches itself sounding like a seduction until about halfway through, when the vibe gets funkier behind another crisp and astonishing Santana lead break. Africa Speaks is breathtaking in terms of energy and scope of vision. But even that remarkable tune feels like table-setting once “Yo Me Lo Merezco” starts flowing from your speakers.

I'm a big Santana fan bun not a big fan of this album. 4 Critic Reviews, Generally favorable reviews- based on 6 Ratings, The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo, As passionately exciting as anything in the classic Carlos canon, Africa Speaks is an album of highlight after highlight. Advertise with Us. As always, it’s spiritual and sensual. PRE-ORDER AFRICA SPEAKS HERE.

Your email address will not be published. Fast-paced follow-up “Batonga” along with the falling-down-funk of album closer “Candombe Cumbele” are key cases in point.

by In the lead break you can’t help but hear Santana’s heart and soul getting pushed out of his guitar. The legendary rock n roll hall of fame guitarist and his phenomenal band, along with Spanish singer Buika and respected producer Rick Rubin, deliver one amazing album! The song pairs well with “Luna Hechicera,” a lighter, but equally groovy and highly danceable workout that benefits from the spot-on percussion of Karl Perazzo and the powerful, all-in-the-family drumming of Cindy Blackman Santana. Some great instrumentals earn it 3/10. Expect this jam to go long and strong during some upcoming Summer shows because, in a live setting, this song could go anywhere.

Rhythmically astounding and compelling, and still often in unexpected ways. There aren’t any Billboard-targeting hits here — there’s no “Smooth” or even an “Oye Como Va,” though “Breaking Down the Door” comes close — … Returning with his first album since 2016’s Santana IV, guitar innovator, virtuoso, and legend Carolos Santana has released Africa Speaks.Produced by Rick Rubin, the 11-track album – released ahead of his summer Supernatural Now tour and his on-and-off residency at Las Vegas’ The House Of Blues – marks Santana’s 25th record of original material. You’re hearing a pure musical vessel responding to the vibrations around him. Africa Speaks isn’t background music.

He’s particularly fond of anything from Louisiana, and the 45-year timelines and ever-growing family trees of The Allman Brothers Band and Los Lobos. All writing is copyright of Rock and Blues Muse and may not be reprinted without permission from the publisher.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I'm a big Santana fan bun not a big fan of this album. Universal acclaim Africa Speaks is not the sort of record to listen to on headphones; you have to hear the way it springs forth from speakers, like a live performance, to fully appreciate it.

Album closer “Candombe Cumbele” is certainly no after-thought. Title and opening track “Africa Speaks” introduces itself with a spoken monologue, clearly stating the theme of the album and letting you know what you’re in for; a celebration of the sounds and rhythms that have been the soundtrack to our human journey since long before guitars were invented. Maryanne Bilham photograph Ethnically eloquent.

By Tom O’Connor. Woodstock was 50 years ago; this is Santana now. This eleven song, Rick Rubin produced, collection is an arresting and significant piece of work from the already beyond legendary Rock/Latin/Jazz guitarist and musical/cosmic ambassador. © 2020. All the elements you’ve been hearing come together here: the poly-rhythms of the percussionists, the heart-rending vocals from Buika, the agile bass and, hovering above it all, Carlos Santana channeling the vibe and translating the cosmos directly into your ears. Carlos then ups the ante on “Batonga,” an aggressive, jazzy excursion driven by the poly-rhythms of the drums and congas, and aided by some equally fierce Hammond B3 work from guest David K. Mathews. Africa Speaks › Customer reviews; Customer reviews. [Jul 2019, p.87].

Directed by Walter Futter.

A great addition to their repertoire. Tom and his wife Karen raised four daughters in upstate New York. Rock and Blues Muse, LLC. Santana Africa Speaks (Concord) By Bill Milkowski | Published August 2019. Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming, November Preview: 19 TV Shows & New Movies to Watch at Home, Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. This time around, the 10-time Grammy winner and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer has focused his energy on returning to the ultimate “source” of all things musical, and human: Africa. Music that pounds you right in the chest.

Review Carlos Santana Africa Speaks. The female singers voice is a combination of scratchy, rough, and shrill. I'm not a fan of the singer which ruins most of the album for me. based on The result is a collection that will remind anyone who is willing to listen of our shared humanity and common origins.

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