aku samurai jack quotes

aku samurai jack quotes
November 1, 2020

Zig-zagged. Demongo, also known as The Soul Collector, was one ofAku's strongest minions and was a soul or essence collector. Aku is aware that Jack cannot age and is taking advantage of it. Somebody had better pick up that phone. However, rather then destroy it, he gave it sapience and in effect created Aku. Aku doesn't kill any of the aforementioned characters (except for the Scotsman). The Guardian's portal has been destroyed, but Jack does eventually get back to the past. He tells the opening narration. His specialty was using his (literally) magical voice to battle his foes. 2 Nov. 2020. Enough to suspect that it's a better storyteller than Aku: the kids. Aku does gets back into the villainy game after Scaramouche tells him that Jack lost his sword (though that information is already outdated, as they don't know Jack got his sword back). Aku is the main antagonist of the Samurai Jack animated series. Aku: Long ago in a distant land, I, Aku, the shape shifting master of darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil. A flashback confirmed that they did meet about two decades ago, although Aku never met the cult again, not because he found them annoying, but simply because he didn't care enough to remember them. Jack tells the vision of his father in flames that Aku "destroyed the way home"; the Guardian's time portal is the best bet for a reliable way for Jack to return to the past that we know of, and is most likely what he's talking about. Jack: No! We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Aku is NOT pure evil. which would make the kids know that their parents are lying about the whole thing. Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time and flung him into the future, where my evil is law! Possibly, he is reading the story after he's been defeated, and is being self-depreciating. Or alternately, He DID send Jack to the future, he just hasn't arrived yet. Why the archers, corruptions of Aku, strongly resembled Set. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. That's also the reason Jack never manages to go back to the past. The gods don't kill Aku because they are too powerful. But a foolish samurai warrior wielding a magic sword stepped forth to oppose me. Poison, the tool of treachery that kills in secret. it only serves to motivate Jack to reach his sword so all his allies will not have died in vain. The dark, opaque body represents the fear of darkness and the unknown. It makes enough. He was a recurring antagonist of Season 5. He was sent after Jack after he managed to stay alive after Aku's constant attempts on his life. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WMG/SamuraiJackAku. Jossed, the Omen has nothing to do with Aku. Fire, the force that can consume all that it touches not out of malice but simply by its very nature, which we still struggle with to this day. A great memorable quote from the Samurai Jack movie on Quotes.net - Aku: Long ago in a distant land, I, Aku, the shape shifting master of darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil. Zig-zagged. He does transform into something similar in the final battle, simply raining sharp parts of himself onto the battlefield and instantly wiping out most of Jack's allies. Thus the holy blade formed from the courage and spiritual purity of humans was made, a perfect counter for Aku being made from the good in humanity and the celestial powers of the gods. the eternal struggle against your own inner demon. Aku is indeed killed in battle—twice! Wasn't the primordial darkness from which Aku was spawned from destroyed by a trio of gods? Aku can be hurt by certain things, but only divine magic like Jack's sword is capable of dealing lasting damage. Aku will snap out of his funk and concentrate all his efforts on destroying Jack. Baldwin voices Aku in Season 5. The result is Aku is a being of celestial evil, mixed with the evils of man and the elements of the mortal realm. Zig-zagged. If his "therapist" is any indication, Aku is only one step away from this. The only way to counter that was to forge a weapon made up of the good inside of men that could destroy the evil Aku had become. The Daughters are literally Aku's biological children. Think of the fear that, say, a native American felt when a colonist or soldier shot him. He's taken human forms before. Because if the parents told the kids that, then they would be wandering "Why isn't the Great Big Fun Leader Aku destroyed?" Jack will get back to the past and destroy Aku, however... Jack killed Aku at the end of "Jack Learns to Jump Good". No no silly, I meant that their hair was the same shade as... most of Aku's body. This seems to be more likely to me because it could explain why do we see Jack as a positive hero: even if Aku lies about him to the children, he cannot lie to himself. Weirdly enough, Season 5 reveals that Jack's soulmate... is Ashi, who is actually Aku's daughter. [mockingly] "Oh, my poor father trapped in a ring of fire by mean, old Aku." The Little Prince And The Eight Headed Dragon. When Jack's father set out to destroy Aku he brought with him a bow and poison to try and kill the pool of evil that was consuming everything in its path. Having his way with women of any species, human or not, shouldn't be a problem for a shapeshifting sorcerer. Aku will have no comedic tendencies in Season 5. Why the minions of Set obeyed a command from Aku. Hey, I like this. Aku had his reasons for not wanting Jack to get back to the past. The whole series begins with the rebirth of Aku. It's possible. Thanks for your vote! When Jack deals the final blow on Aku in the past, the scene will suddenly cut to the future, where everything is fading away into the light. Jack kills Aku, but he couldn't have done it without Ashi's help. Aku's penchant for grabbing things in his massive claws resembles the innate fear of being trapped in a small, restricting space. Aku's mouthful of teeth and many forms symbolize the fear of large, powerful beasts with massive claws and rending teeth. Maybe the comedy episodes are told by Aku to the children and then the more serious episodes are told by the parents to their kids as a way to give them hope to the future. We don't know the exact extent of their powers, however Ra seemed quite capable of killing the three Minions of Set without any collateral damage (though of course, they're not as big or powerful as Aku). It doesn't sound like a good idea to repeat this incident with a similar idea. The High Priestess' obsession with Aku... is an extreme sexual fetish. You can expect Jack to say this. If he realizes his own mortality, he'll find a successor, or have a son. (Bear in mind, talking to yourself is not therapy.) Jossed. Explanation In "Jack Learns to Jump Good", … Jack will stop Aku in the future and the past. You say that like he actually cares. Actually, although Jack cannot age to death, he's technically still human. Scaramouche the Merciless was an android who used to be Aku's #1 assassin. The birth of Aku is a "fixed point in time". I could agree with the first idea, only a little bit. The very tools used in the attempt made it so. Dear God, has this been confirmed... well, sort of. To him, this humanoid that looks kind of like him, but at the same time entirely different, just pointed a metal stick at him, releasing a massive noise, a cloud of smoke, and an immense feeling of pain within the poor native's body. Aku is the reincarnation of a human villain. Zig-zagged. Jack, his entire family and friends don't even have names because Aku simply doesn't care about human rubbish like individuality. Aku: Yes, samurai. [blinks his eyes and cackles evilly] Fool! But a foolish Samurai warrior wielding a magic sword stepped forth to oppose me. I knew you would find it. Jossed. And while the Guardian may be more formidable than Jack in combat, unless his sword is also divine in nature, he wouldn't be able to beat Aku. The High Priestess drank a cup full of Aku's liquefied essence, which conceived the Daughters. "JUMP GOOD!" Jack destroys Aku in both eras without alternate dimensions being brought up. Jack's friends do show up, and it's because of Aku's broadcast, but Aku's ultimate defeat doesn't happen this way. This sort of already happened in one episode, when a piece of Aku got inside Jack and infected him, slowly transforming him into an Aku clone. Intelligent life forms are usually wary of being trapped within the dark, completely defenseless and unwary to any threats.

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