alundra 2 bosses

alundra 2 bosses
November 1, 2020

If any live through both spells, use Bombs to easily dispatch them in one hit. Although this time, if Giles is sucked into the Soul Leech, it will kill Alundra! After Flint defeats the monster, Baron Diaz returns to normal. When the Watcher in the Water emerges, charge up a Sword Attack and use it on the body while dodging the arms, hitting them out of the way if it is a Major Arm Summon.

When Wilda's head it up, it is best to stand on the upper right corner of the arena until he lowers it once again. Just hit Kline once with your Sword and get close to him and keep hitting him when he becomes vulnerable again. Homing Arms - While the Watcher in the Water is in his vulnerable form, he summons arms that rapidly home in on Alundra's position, while they are faster than Alundra walking, they can still be destroyed and most, but not all eventually retract after a couple of seconds.

The Watcher in the Water carries on using this attack until he receives damage, at which point it stops a few seconds after he retracts his body. Circular Rock Fall - The Ancient Guardian slams the ground and a circle of rocks falls down around him. Knock them down and enter room and get ready for a boss fight . The game sold 111,712 copies in the United States.[1]. Finally jump on the platform and go to the next room. Box art for the PAL version of Alundra 2. Physical - The Willow Bow will be the weapon used, charged shots from it have the advantage of both range as well. It’s fortunate that healing supplies are widespread in the game, because Flint will need them frequently. Hop onto the belt and head back to the previous room.

The boss itself will constantly try and suck you into it, resulting in a massive loss of HP. Alundra 2 fans the flame of the Adventure or RPG genre and raises the bar for other games of its kind. If you choose to use this strategy, only the first two castings of the Fire Book can be directly chained, the rest will have to be slightly staggered. Shoot the lanterns with the Siren ring and enter the next room.

The typical strategy for this boss is to walk around in the water, dodging the arms as they spring up, though it is possibly safer to stand still since it lowers the likelihood of Alundra walking into an arm, though it does increase the chance of the Watcher in the Water summoning one right under Alundra. The battle takes a much shorter time than it normally would. After being hit, he will return to his invincible form and the cycle will continue until he dies. Use slide attacks to knock down the walls with the footprints on them and avoid the spikes. Alexia explains that her father is missing and she knows that Baron Diaz used the pirates to get rid of him. Continue this process until the boss battle is completed. At that distance Ronan will not use his arm cannon attack. Better watch yourselves this time, so here's what you should do. Sparrowhawk – Tortuga Beach – Toroledo – Mithra Valley – Howling CaveDun Webb – Yagin Harbor – Puerto Medusa – Milena's Mansion – Underwater Cave – Varuna City – Gwaba TownSunk Ship – Seagull Ruins – Eden Ruins – Eden Village – Paco Ruins – Demon Whale – Church of the KeyTurnkey Dam – Mt. The strategy is EXACTLY the same, but with a catch this time. The group escapes on the back of Tirion; Flint and Alexia share an embrace as they fly away. Strategy: Nirude is, for all intents and purposes, invincible. The hero of this game is the red-haired Flint, whose parents were killed by pirates. If not, proceed to use the dagger almost constantly afterwards, since once Sara is hit, she will stop her attack and teleport away, generally using her energy disc attack. It had a lot to live up to, considering the overwhelming popularity of its predecessor. Feel free to use an Elixir or Wonder Essence to restore Magic and do it again as soon as possible. Jump on the box switch and head through the door and enter the next chamber.

Alundra 2 is a sequel that had to be made, and made well. 48 shots are required and Ronan spends a large period of the fight being invulnerable to damage due to the nature of his Arrows from the sky attack. Jump from the block to the ledge to grab the Dwarf stone. Baron Diaz, untrusting of Mephisto, tasks the pirates with keeping an eye on him.

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