batman adventures: mad love #1

batman adventures: mad love #1
November 1, 2020

Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? "Mad Love" is the 11th episode of The New Batman Adventures. Joker then decides nonetheless to use the opportunity to finally kill Batman, which escalates into a chase ending atop a moving subway train. A great addition to your DC collection, especially if you're a Harley Quinn fan and are interested in her original character. This story leaves many die-hard Batman fans asking why isn't Paul Dini writing Batman comics on a regular basis. Batman taunts Joker by saying that Harley, with her plan, had come closer to killing him than he ever did. But then, the Joker stops and sees this as an opportunity to kill Batman himself. I'm not saying its never happened before but its very rare that a show takes time to show the villain's back story.The plot revolves around Harley Quinn, she is thrown out of The Joker's hideout after one of his plans failed yet again. Batman Adventures: Mad Love Deluxe Edition collects the comics debut of Harley Quinn, one of the most popular—and controversial—characters in the DC Universe. The Joker sends her a love letter and she begins to analyze him. One thing you don't see in kids shows and not even the majority of adult audience shows is sympathy for the villain. Later, at the docks, Harley gives Batman the blueprints for the Joker's plan, when suddenly, the Joker appears and starts shooting at them. Prime Cart. Directed by Butch Lukic. Again, it had the balls to show domestic abuse in a kids show, it made you feel sorry for a villain (who happens to be my new favourite Batman character because of it) and yet never takes its focus off of what makes a superhero cartoon work - the presence of the superhero. Granted he did dress up in his trademark purple suit in the non-Arkham scenes but still how does that resemble colorful? This is also the last episode aired of the series, marking the end of an era. An animated adaptation of the issue, nearly identical in script and design to the original comic, originally aired on the WB Network on January 16, 1999, as a part of The New Batman Adventures. In the episode, Harley Quinn recaps of the day she first met Joker, and how she thinks Batman gets in the way of her love. Does it work? I thought this book was cool as in it showed a whole nother side to the joker and it showed how Harley Quinn met the joker and fell in love with him. Subscribers can download each chapter separately from Xbox Live, but iTunes groups the seven chapters into three downloads (Chapters 1 & 2, Chapters 3, 4, & 5, and Chapters 6 & 7). At the same moment, Harley attempts to flirt with him in order to get his attention, which the Joker was ignoring. Unable to add item to Wish List. In the episode, Harley Quinn recaps of the day she first met Joker, and how she thinks Batman gets in the way of her love. Based on one of the best of the animated Batman episodes, "Mad Love" tells how Harley Quinn, chief henchwoman and paramour of the Joker, got her warped start. Upon regaining consciousness, Batman finds himself hanging upside down over a piranha tank. So, Harley calls the Joker to her location so he can see Batman's death himself, knowing that Joker would be happy to see Batman die. When the various "Adventures" (DC's codeword for comics inspired by the animated versions of its heroes) books first came out, i didn't pay much attention. I mean she gets thrown out a building in this episode, The Joker gives her a rose and she completely forgives him. Even if you're not a fan, I'd definitely suggest taking a look. Find all the books, read about the author and more. Mad Love "Mad Love" is the 11th episode of The New Batman Adventures. Don't be fooled by it's cartoonish appearance. Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2020, “The artwork is even better than the animated series”, Reviewed in the United States on November 20, 2016. Skip to main Try Prime Hello, Sign in. But, she quickly fell back in love again when she found a "get well soon" card on a flower signed by the Joker himself, revealing that the Joker has once again survived his encounter with Batman. Confused and angry, Harley wonders how her life took a turn for the worse, when she started to think it is Batman's fault. Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders. Granted, she sounds like the Bella Swan that was intended to be this self destructive mind when devoting herself to her lover but it just makes me feel the more sorrier for what she goes through.In terms of the technical aspect of the show, the voice acting is spot on, the animation is stylized like that of the Tim Burton films (a huge plus in my book) but the only thing that I really have a problem with is the character design of The Joker. Batman knew Joker's ego would never allow anyone else to finish him, but if If he hadn't persuaded Harley to call Joker, he had no other way out... in fact, she was far closer to finishing him than Joker ever has. Set in the continuity of Batman: The Animated Series, it won an Eisner Award for "Best Single Story" in 1994. The visual style was totally unique: clean, sharp, and bold. You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. Fast, FREE delivery, video streaming, music, and much more. View production, box office, & company info, Batman: The Animated Series - Season 4 Ratings, The Best Batman the Animated Series Episodes, TV Episodes Inspired by Issues of Comic Books, Highest Rated Episodes of the Top 35 Animated TV Series. He called that the downside of comedy, that they "always take shots from folks who just don't get the joke". With Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Arleen Sorkin, Bob Hastings. But, when Batman tosses a batarang at him, the Joker turns out to be a robot and a distraction for Harley to knock out Batman with a medical shot. The Joker's ego doesn't take to kindly to that and he throws her out a building. This is the kind of book and story that makes you realize that the cartoon is truly for people of all ages. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. It had a very similar plotline, but the adaption cut out some parts for pacing the story and making sure it ran in the time alloted. In order to escape, the Joker leaps on a train. I have always wanted to read it, I'm a huge Harley fan, but have never had the chance. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. He's supposed to be this colorful and cheerily insane character, the complete opposite of Batman and in this he has deep sunken eyes, pointed chin and nose, dark green hair and spends most of the episode in dark grey. Convinced by Joker himself into doing it, Harleen interviewed Joker and learned that he was abused as a child by his alcoholic father. Also included are tales by Dini, Timm and others that feature the Scarecrow, Ra's Al Ghul, Mr. Harley is shaken, but still refuses to believe him and prepares to drop Batman, but he claims that it won't make the Joker believe that he is really dead. Batman gets on the train too, telling Joker that Harley genuinely nearly succeeded in killing him; his limbs were bound with chains, he didn't have access to his belt and was dizzy from the blood rushing to his head. Batman manages to reach the utility belt and uses his lock pick to free himself as he chases the Joker. Harley reflects on her first meeting with the Joker as she plots to eliminate her main competition in his attentions – Batman. If you think that was too little a description, go to google images and type in "Joker Batman TAS Redesign" and you'll see what I mean.In conclusion, I was surprised by this episode. Harley Quinn tries to impress her love while the origin of her career as The Joker's sidekick is revealed.

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