best spongebob episodes

best spongebob episodes
November 1, 2020

The fact that it's like a real training video is just like, 100. In fact, what's really shocking is that this is one of the BEST and most CREATIVE episodes in the series. Plus all the jokes and everything that's going on are so well executed. Patrick starts going to boating school, which quickly gets SpongeBob in trouble and sent to the back of the class. Dee Bradley Baker, Rodger Bumpass, How can you NOT like this episode, it started the amazing show known as SpongeBob SquarePants, also here is my 5 favorite episodesHM=Rock Bottom, Pizza Delivery, and the Movie, which is not really an episode, but whatever, I like Rock Bottom because of the line next bus leaves in five seacods, and I like pizza delivery because SpongeBob and squidy are so cute when there togetter, and it makes the episode a million times funnier, and the movie, SUPERSIZEE AWESOMENESS!5=Chocolate With Nut, Chocolate is the only candy I eat Not including Pocky stick, and Patrick was so funny.4=Opposite Day, "Opposite Day, next it will be jump of a cliff day." Patrick with "Look at it! " In one of the most memorable episodes of the series, Squidward recruits inexperienced citizens of Bikini Bottom to play in his marching band in order to prove his worth to his rival Squilliam Fancyson. | No Weenies Allowed. Stephen Hillenburg, Then Plankton tried again and he got the whole song right. Stephen Hillenburg, Vincent Waller Tom Kenny, Clancy Brown, TV-Y7 But the dialogue-free episode is the perfect example of how Hillenburg's series manages to be such classic entertainment for both kids and adults, relying on physical comedy and visual gags like the best of silent film. F is for fire that burns down the whole town, u is for uranium ha! Eventually, SpongeBob gets his comeuppance when he ends up taking a bath. I did my worst now I'm doing my favorites. Truly a unique and for me, special episode. Ya backed up. Squidward reveals that he's never eaten a Krabby Patty somehow, so SpongeBob flips out and feeds him one. It's a great episode, contributing to why Season 2 is my favorite season. A selection of things jellyfish do in this episode: walk on two legs, play fetch, read a newspaper, throw a house party, turn into an angry mob. -Patrick1=Help Wanted, It's want started this amazing show. At the time that it premiered, nothing quite like the wacky, imaginative world of Bikini Bottom existed. This is by far the best episode, that inspongeaic episode was the worst episode EVER! The plot in this episode has numerous gags and some of the best animation of the whole series. In the second installment, "My Pretty Seahorse," the show takes a page out of The Black Stallion. See you at dinner! " Krabs takes Pearl and SpongeBob on a vacation to the Ocean Mint. !Spongebob and Patrick: Yeah...Krabs: And then did you draw over it in crayon?My dad burst out laughing and I thought 'oh he was just looking at some adult joke he can't be laughing at spongebob' and it took me like 10 years to realize that my 50 year old businessman dad was broken by a show about a sponge, Definitely my favorite episode.Brings back so many memories just to watch this episode.Ever Time I look at this list I cry because you can really tell people have good taste in spongebob episodes.Season 3 was definitely my favorite season overall.R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg. SpongeBob accidentally stows away on Sandy's vacation to the Moon.Mr. Network: Nickelodeon. Once again, Mrs. This episode is all about what happens when you've waited until the night before a paper or article is due to finish it -- definitely not representative of me writing this ranking whatsoever. "who cares about the costumer? They instead end up in the scary sea town of Rock Bottom. I love this episode so much it's the best episode ever I think it's so great. Rodger Bumpass, Rodger Bumpass, In part two's "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V," Mermaid Man's sidekick decides that he's tired of being treated like a kid and decides to join the villains. 23 min Tom Kenny, This episode rules by the way. (My childhood dream was to try a Krabby Patty so I’d volunteer as tribute for Squidward ANY DAY). (This is not sarcasm, I love this episode)! But most significantly, this episode gave us the iconic Mr. Krabs tunnel vision meme. Vincent Waller It's like a hilarious Laurel and Hardy short on mushrooms. -Squidward3=Band Geeks, love the song number, best song in SpongeBob history, and Pat was so funny.2=Big Pink Loser, "Is this the Krusty Krab, No this is Patrick! Oh, and the Krusty Krab's training motto is POOP. But the monotony of it all reminds Squidward how much he secretly loves the spontaneity of SpongeBob. I admire cocksure, if delusional, Spongebob, who radiates suaveness with such ease. -crazy talk- Sorry! " Aaron Springer, Directors: The later installments give the two more to do, and allow more room for the series to explore their gadgets and enemies, but their debut is quite memorable. This episode is great, it is one of the very few spongebob episodes where I'm laughing pretty much the entire way though. edited 5 years ago. | This article has not … But that's not the only funny part, spongebob also talks about the pioneers and demonstrates the movie he saw on the road. Yet in a twist of greed and exploitation, Mr. Krabs builds a factory that tortures the jellyfish to extract their jelly. So what is the best SpongeBob SquarePants episode of all time? You may be asking, who determined these were the best SpongeBob episodes? A one-stop shop for all things video games. With that said, it's time to head to Bikini Bottom and get ready to laugh at the past; here are the greatest episodes of SpongeBob, according to IMDb. It opens at an amusement park called Glove World. | It was close between Band Geeks and SB-129. Stars: Patrick becomes a fry cook for the Chum Bucket so he can compete against SpongeBob in the fry cook olympics. A SpongeBob episode about veganism. Its one liners ("eleven times"), its comedic timing (Every explosion is time to be surprising and hilarious, especially the ending scene), and the risk the story takes. Stars: Favorite scene: the drawn wrench hit Patrick's head, and while dazed and confused randomly blurts out, "Where's the leak ma'am? Dee Bradley Baker, "The Paper," "Bubblestand"), but here it's Patrick. Why does no one ever talk about this episode? This episode was good until about halfway. Bill Fagerbakke, There's never a dull moment, with SpongeBob telling Squidward to "Have fun inside" Patrick spitting marshmallows into Squidward's face, the campfire song song, the sea bear scene and so much more. Honestly, I'm amazed it took 17 episodes into this show for Mr. Krabs to go on a treasure hunt. This song is loved by all Spongebob fans, and so is this episode. To make sure SpongeBob doesn't screw it up, Squidward tells him it's opposite day when the realtor comes, which means SpongeBob and Patrick try to act like, and contort their bodies to look like, Squidward. Well at least he tried to make Sponge B. happy by pretending to be Santa. Puff reluctantly makes SpongeBob hall monitor, the power of authority consumes him and he wreaks havoc across Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob becomes a lifeguard so he can be as cool as the buff lobster Larry. Mr. Krabs buys out the business before things go south and the patties turn everyone's tongue a different color.

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