chowder panini angry

chowder panini angry
November 1, 2020

It's perfect! Mung Daal: No, I got bored and made that out of flour and butter. [makes hand motions], Mung Daal: [cooking] Time to squeeze in some squash... Make space for some spice... Make room for the mushroom... [Chowder hears the thrice cream cart and runs away, coming back later], Mung Daal: But we already... [looks in the oven to find Truffles in it], Mung Daal: Not done! Truffles: Well I'm glad one of us finally acknowledged it. Shnitzel: Grrrr... radda radda radda radda... Chowder: Aw, poor Truffles. Chowder: [to an infant Mung Daal] So what do you want to be when you grow up? Mung Daal: You guys notice with Truffles being quieter it's been so... calm? Ahhhhh... [Mama Bird regurgitates in Chowder's mouth] That's not bacon. [Chowder looks up at a cloud shaped like a fish] Chowder: That cloud looks like a chicken! Right her, right now. Mung Daal: Chowder, I may be an old man but I don't want to die today! Her appearance changes when she is angry to an extreme degree. Mung Daal: Great. I mean, really, really, really, really, really, really... Mung Daal: I get it, Chowder! [normal voice] Who said that? [everyone laughs]. In the end, it is revealed that Kimchi's almost-wife was actually Robert Limburger (a.k.a. Unfortunately, she forgets to bake him 100% completely and, as a result, gets stuck with an ugly and undercooked beefcake named Todd with a catchphrase, "Sheboodles!" Upon seeing this, he recruits Panini and Gorgonzola to help him make Knish Kringle like Mung's house. Mung Daal: I'm quite proud of my girlish figure, thank you!
Run! Mung Daal: Truffles, mind the shop. Mung Daal: No money means... [cut to the recording studio]. Panini is a pink bunny/cat (cabbit). He never listens to Mung when he tells him not to do things or just blanks him out, this has resulted in problems whenever Mung tells him to eat only a certain amount or way and he doesn't listen. Wisdom Tooth: And so Chowder and the enslaved taste buds marched toward what seem like certain doom. To make things worse, an over-professional Bird-headed body-builder named Jeffery, hired to destroy Chowder, threatens Gumbo. We won! Seeing that Mung is depressed by this, Chowder decides to use advice from Gazpacho to help out. Chowder: I think something's wrong with Mung. Who wants some breakfast? I told you, there were no winners in "Field Tournament Style Up and Down On the Ground Manja Flanja Blanja Banja Ishka Bibble Babble Flabble Doma Roma Floma Boma Jingle Jangle Every Angle Bricka Bracka Flacka Stacka Two Ton Rerun Free for All Big" Ball! [the screen around Mung Daal starts to dissolve into a flashback]. Gazpacho bans everyone (including himself) from his fruit stand after a quarrel with Mung, and must find a way to fix the problem he has caused. Chowder, Panini, Gorgonzola, and Ceviché go on a scouting trip led by Gazpacho, but Chowder thinks he has Rabie-C's since Gazpacho is going hard on them. Chowder: Um, he moved down the street, to another city... Chowder: What? Panini: [to Ms Endive] First of all, you and I, we have a professional relationship. Mung Daal: [to Chowder] I am so sorry... [throws the Burple Nurples into Mt Fondoom], [Truffles hands Shnitzel a check and Shnitzel starts kissing it and rubbing it over himself]. Chowder: Mung, are you gonna be living up here now? More like doom with a strong possibility. Women can smell fear. Mung Daal: I never thought of that. Truffles mistakes the outlaw for a customer, though, and criticizes Shnitzel for seeming to be reluctant to serve him. Shnitzel tires of his adult responsibilities and decides to act like a child, much to Mung's chagrin. Run, Chowder!

All right! Truffles: [unusually aggrieved] I thought you were speaking figuratively... Mung Daal: No! [Yeast symbiote-bonds with Mung Daal]. Mung Daal: Boy, the smells some people can put up with. [Mung Daal rolls on the floor laughing]. During this time while she is in her "anger form", she resembles a cat more than a rabbit… When Truffles becomes sick, Mung, Chowder, and Shnitzel are left in charge of the company's money box.

And I was always saving you... [Somebody interrupts a flashback where a young Mung Daal serenades a young Truffles], Mung Daal: Things are about to get cooking! A cat? Unicorn (voice): No, I have a doctor's appointment... Unicorn (voice): Okay, well have fun failing!
I was wrong, I was horribly wrong! Cooked to perfection! Chowder takes Kimchi to his family's home in the swamp for an arranged marriage and worries about the future of their friendship after Chowder is accused by Porridge of kidnapping Kimchi from his family. Now the only way to prove he's become a good chef is to travel back in time with Chowder to fix his mistake. Ugh! Meanwhile, Chowder hears the thrice cream cart and runs away again]. Chowder drinks a cool drink too fast, causing him to be frozen in a block of ice; in order to get back to the kitchen, Chowder must get the help of two flenguins to get the fur coat of Flazpacho, a flammoth. Let the Chow-Man show you how it's done! He's like a villain or something! [jumps into a pickle barrel], [Gazpacho disguises himself as a mother Bluenana to save Chowder]. Unicorn (voice): I guess after you fail you can't cook with Mung anymore... Chowder: Yea... wanna go get some thricecream? During this time while she is in her \"anger form\", she resembles a cat more than a rabbi…

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