chrono cross sequel

chrono cross sequel
November 1, 2020

For many fans of Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross was a bit of a shock.

While you won’t find amazing graphics or completely unique gameplay in Lunar 2, what you will get is an amazing story and dialogue that was pretty rare for PSX RPGs. Forget about whatever wonky plot twist Square cooked up, this is the reason Chrono Cross is special.

For example, the timed combat mechanic was innovative and fun, but a little too touchy for some players. The PlayStation 5 is arriving soon, and we’re all pretty excited about that, right? It also analyses reviews to verify trustworthiness. Apparently, quite a few gamers missed out on this title due to the glut of. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete is a bit of a mystery and not just for the wacky name. It wasn’t just the plot, it was the way that the story was relayed to the player. This game could be just as scary as a. title, but you have actual powers to use in the fight against enemies, not just a gun and herbs. Another really cool aspect of the game was the battle system. This changes everything.

There are consumables, which are basically this game's equivalent of items, but they still need to be equipped in the element grid, and there are still limitations on how many you'll be able to use per battle. Not suitable to use in the UK as is NTSC format. Each of the games on this list would be a great place for the PS5 to start looking for sequel ideas. Although it did get a great port on the, I think the greatest potential lies in the coexistence of the real world and supernatural beings.

The tropical setting took a while to grow on me. Toriyama, best known for the Dragon Ball manga, has such a distinctive style that one of my friends thought that Chrono Trigger "ripped off" Dragon Ball.

Feel free to drop in some other options in the comments to let me know what games you want to see get a sequel from the packed list of PSX RPGs.

This feels similar to, but not quite the same, as Chrono Trigger's sidequests whose effects could be seen in later time periods.

The action-based combat and setting could serve as a good jumping-off point for a great sequel. As we reach the 15th anniversary of Chrono Cross's North American release, it's a good time to reflect on the impact this game had. For starters, it has such a cool premise that would work better with the capabilities of a modern system. Unfortunately, the supporting characters are much worse. That’s where the similarities end, though. Granted, I know nothing about the state of the games’ licenses or what it would take to make it happen. [caption id="attachment_51664" align="alignnone" width="440"] Source: Chronopedia[/caption]. The story spans two discs and follows the story of Serge, a young man who is able to cross dimensions. All of the games brought in new ideas to the JRPG genre, incorporating new and unusual gameplay mechanics that deviated heavily from the established norms of the genre. It got a bump in graphics and got onto a more successful system where more people could see it. As always, thanks for taking the time to read the list. Please make sure that you've entered a valid question.

Still. If you’ve played the game and remember the story, that’s why. Yet, the ending is a little hurried and everything seems to come together rather late in the story.

By Peter Tieryas on at . As I said, the story goes off the rails in a very good way. While the new art style was perfectly fine, and arguably more appropriate for Chrono Cross' darker tone, it was jarring for fans who were expecting Toriyama's art style. - Page 2. Unlike a lot of the PSX RPGs, this game had an active battle sequence that still utilized turns between you and your enemy. Vagrant Story is part of a series of games tied into the “Ivalice Alliance”, so it has a tenuous relationship to the Final Fantasy series. Both games were released on the PlayStation but they never got direct sequels, just a weird PSP entry in 2013.

Side Note- Did I ever tell you how exhausting it is to write about how great a game’s story is without spoiling it? E3 Coverage, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Online Features Going Offline This Year, Why Silent Hill 4: The Room Is the Most Interesting Silent Hill Game, Fable 3 10th Anniversary - Why This Black Sheep Deserves A Remake, How to Get Into Nihon Falcom's Trails Series, Ghost of Tsushima's Co-Op Mode is A Brand New Game. Why? Also, you had to manage your fatigue, which appeared in the form of “risk,” to ensure you landed powerful hits and didn’t take wanton damage. Contact Us If you were going to make a sequel without making it a complete rehash of the previous game, this is a good way to do it.
This is nothing more than a personal wishlist, of course. Unfortunately, Chrono Cross completely falls flat with its characters.

The game really would have benefited from a smaller team of better developed characters, instead of filling the game with numerous nobodies. Console Gaming Content Although I am a big fan of ending stories before they get stale, this series definitely had more to give. I know what you’re going to say. About Us, PC Gaming Content Nevertheless, Vagrant Story might just be one of the best games on the PSX. That’s where the similarities end, though. Yet, the thing that I am most interested in seeing would be the continuation of the story. I really want another entry into the Chrono series. I really want another entry into the Chrono series.
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TechRaptor Team had a tremendous number of strengths including nice graphics, a fresh setting, and downright incredible music. Serge is a generic silent protagonist much like Crono before him, so in that regard Chrono Cross it not any worse off. Several high-quality RPGs came out on the PSX and then died with the system, and I’d love to see them come back.

Still, The Legend of Dragoon is a fantastic game that could use a sequel. is part of a series of games tied into the “Ivalice Alliance”, so it has a. .

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