cooks and soldiers sushi

cooks and soldiers sushi
November 1, 2020

I came here for a celebratory dinner. We took Uber so I am not certain of parking but it did look there was quite a bit of parking around the area. Plus, it was featured on Season 1 of Queer Eye! Cooks & Soldiers never disappoints for a fun, elevated take on small plates and libations in the heart of West Midtown. I actually enjoyed it overall, but needed acid or salt... Escargot was cooked well and crunchy bits were nice, almost there but just missed it... Seasoning and layering was just off by a bitDuck thigh- Brussel sprout romesco was more like Guacamole which was ok with me, but again seasoning was off and dish was just lacking in something. Meaty, ivory-colored Sapelo Island clams, though, in a broth flavored with Basque cider and bacon, have a terrific smoky-salty tang. Great place. Of course his food recommendations were also spot on. The founders did time eating and researching in the Basque Country of northern Spain to learn the cuisine they wanted to feature at their new restaurant, a Westside follow-up to the Iberian Pig, their perpetually crowded Decatur mainstay. Cooks & Soldiers has me covered. Thank you for supporting real journalism. The menu looks and sounds amazing and I really believe it could be great, but without  proper seasoning and basic cooking execution, it becomes null and void.Points for decent service and ambience, but I would not eat here again. The mushroom and rabbit were the best of the 4. Now. We will definately be back soon! Reservations are highly recommended for weekend tables. Between the experience, the service, and the food; it was definitely worth every penny. But it’s more polished, with all of the youthful energy that pulses through the Decatur restaurant but a more refined look. There are very few eateries in Atlanta that win you over once and then continue their art of winning your heart over and again. Time and again we've returned to this fun and vibrant restaurant only to discover that it will take us many more trips to either get bored with it or try everything on their menu. The setting is very clean and modern, yet warm and hospitable. All of the bread was too greasy, lighter on the butter /oil used to toast would've been better. The food was exceptional. 930 Howell Mill Rd NW Suite B. 4/2/2019Kelle,Thank you for dining at Cooks & Soldiers and for sharing all of this thoughtful feedback! 12/16/2019MP,We regret that your recent experience at Cooks & Soldiers left something to be desired. The pop-up was originally an exploratory idea to test the concept of an omakase-only sushi restaurant in Atlanta, but according to Castellucci, plans for a permanent restaurant are on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. The middle of the bread was a BIT soft, maybe soggy. Our server/bartender was fast, friendly and made the perfect recommendations. Cooks & Soldiers brings the cuisine and cultural experience of Spain’s Basque region to the flourishing West Midtown area. .css-1o5pw2t{width:24px;height:24px;display:inline-block;vertical-align:middle;position:relative;overflow:hidden;top:-0.1em;fill:rgba(187,186,192,1);}.css-1o5pw2t::before{position:absolute;display:block;left:0;}.css-1o5pw2t::after{content:'';display:block;position:absolute;left:0;right:0;top:0;bottom:0;}.css-1o5pw2t svg{position:absolute;width:100%;height:100%;fill:inherit;display:block;left:0;top:0;right:0;bottom:0;}.css-1o5pw2t:hover,.css-1o5pw2t:focus{fill:rgba(117,114,128,1);}.

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