dexter's laboratory the big sister name

dexter's laboratory the big sister name
November 1, 2020

Dexter and Dee Dee protect their mother's freshly baked muffins from their muffin-loving father while she is out shopping. Security captures him for tampering with the machine, and he falls into the hands of a mad scientist. Dee Dee is hired by Mandark's parents to babysit him. She appeared in the episode "The Big Sister". While at a pizza restaurant, Dexter slows down the "Whack the Weasel" machine to win a stuffed Monkey doll before Dee Dee does. When Dexter and his friends go looking for a "Star Check" convention, they accidentally end up at a "Darbie" doll convention. In need of an assistant to operate his latest invention, Dexter performs a brain transplant on Dee Dee to make her smart enough to fulfill the role. Appearances in "Dexter's Laboratory" episode "The Big Sister". Dexter's new invention allows him to study for the next day's French test during his sleep. Scare Tactics/A Mom Cartoon/My Dad vs. When Dee Dee eats an experimental cookie of Dexter's design, she grows into a giant and makes the city her dollhouse. When Dexter's nightmares become frequent and problematic, he invents a machine that allows him to have nice dreams, but Dee Dee cannot operate it properly unless she is awake. 1 Biography 1.1 The Big Sister 2 Trivia 3 Site Navigation When a giant Dee Dee was causing havoc down town, she began to make the news with many innocents, including the president, begging for help. With no time to do his morning chores and homework, he pulls out a device that converts his last 30 seconds into 30 minutes. Unfortunately for Mandark, he now has to deal with Dexter, Dad, and Dee Dee's requests, which are too much for him. After Dexter dreams of receiving a Major Glory action figure as a birthday present from his parents, he sneaks into their bedroom closet to find it. Dexter's Laboratory Dee Dee / Deestructa / Girl Dancer Walla / Kid #2 / Lil Girl #2 / Mouse. He must rescue Dee Dee (dressed as a mermaid), when she is captured by manic pirates. Dee Dee learns a new game that can predict the future events. Major Glory, Krunk, and Valhallen try to rid their apartment of a bee. The siblings inadvertently end up inside the device, which splits the pair into two copies, one well-behaved and the other rude. When his family is suffering from the flu, Dexter avoids contracting the illness, but his efforts are thwarted by a sickly Dee Dee. After Dee Dee steals his critical invention, Dexter ventures into her room to find it. There, she ends up trying to save an ostrich with disastrous results. Logo used in South Korea. The turtle is severely injured, and Dexter not only heals it, but gives it superpowers. Gold version seen in the pilot and early promos. Dexter cracks due to overwork and starts acting idiotic, which makes him the butt of jokes among Dee Dee and the entire neighborhood. Dexter finds a hyperactive boy who is like Dee Dee and has scientist parents who are like Dexter. Her name is a reference to the Miss Universe pageant. Mandark tries to get back to nature – by becoming Mountain Mandark. Dad wants good television reception so badly that Dexter secretly pirates cable to make his Dad happy. An upset Dee Dee begins to behave oddly, prompting Dexter to go to the garbage dump and get it back. Mandark compels Dexter to shut down his lab so that Mandark's lab can gain more power. Dexter and Dad try to get to Dad's fishing spot before sunrise to start fishing before others arrive. A monster keeps appearing and chasing Dexter through his lab, but little does he know that the monster is really Dee Dee who's eaten an apple from Dexter's failed experiment. He is constantly at odds with his older sister Dee Dee, who always finds a way to enter Dexter's lab and inadvertently foils his … After Dee Dee gets covered in red dirt, Dexter mistakes her for a real-life Martian. Dexter studies the potato, and when he is fascinated by its power to light up a light bulb, he tries to use it as an energy source. If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. When Dexter is asked to bring his mother to school, he disguises Dee Dee in her place, but Dee Dee does not behave like their mother. Now, they have to wait 24 hours to reverse the fusion. This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 06:33. When Dee Dee causes Dexter to mistakenly take home a library book without checking it out, they sneak into the library at night to return it. Since his studying is interrupting his favorite TV shows, Dexter creates a helmet to absorb the shows directly. Logopedia is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Suspicious that Dee Dee has not entered his lab on a particular day, Dexter shrinks himself and enters her room to spy on her. In total, there have been 78 episodes and a television movie across 4 seasons. With everyone out of the house, Dexter's father decides to spend the time dancing. Dexter and Dee Dee compete against each other on a game show. After watching an Action Hank movie on television, Dexter dons a synthetic beard to imitate his hero, but the police mistake him for Action Hank himself. Season 5. Jun 29, 2020 - Explore Connor's board "Dexter’s Laboratory 6: THE BIG SISTER (2021)" on Pinterest. Dexter "fires" Dee Dee, only to realize that the chaos she causes has been helping him concentrate. Dee Dee accidentally shuts down the lab and must find a way to keep Dexter from discovering what she did. A nature documentary team observes "Blackfoot" (Dexter) and "Slim" (Dee Dee) in their "natural habitat". Dexter and Dee Dee enter tryouts to become Major Glory's sidekick. Dee Dee enters the land of her imaginary friend Koosalagoopagoop. Dexter's mother attempts to support him during a chess tournament but does nothing but embarrass him. With her new brain, Dee Dee proves to be more intelligent than Dexter. Dad decides to give the car a retouch, but keeps breaking things and saying he will fix it later. Dexter is a boy genius. Dexter gives her a potion to make her missing hair grow back.

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