dutch country

dutch country
November 1, 2020

The Antilles have been dissolved. [29], Since the 16th century, there has been a Dutch presence in South East Asia, Taiwan, and Japan. – Rijksoverheid.nl", Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, "Gini coefficient of equivalised disposable income – EU-SILC survey", "Time Zone & Clock Changes in Amsterdam, Netherlands", "Statuut voor het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden", "Netherlands boundaries in the North Sea", "Maritime boundaries of the Caribbean part of the Kingdom", "Grondwet voor het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden", "Netherlands Guide – Interesting facts about the Netherlands", "Netherlands: Agricultural exports top 80 billion Euros", "World Economic Outlook Database, October 2019", Sustainable Development Solutions Network, "De Opstand in de Nederlanden 1555–1609;De landen van herwaarts over", "Telegraph style book: places and peoples", "Holland vs Netherlands: Everything you need to know", "Why Dutch Officials Want You to Forget the Country of Holland", Trijntje van de Betuweroute, Jachtkampen uit de Steentijd te Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Prehistoric agricultural field found in Swifterbant, 4300–4000 BC, "The Periodisation of the Dutch Bronze Age: a Critical Review", "The early-medieval use of ethnic names from classical antiquity: The case of the Frisians", "Théâtre de tous les peuples et nations de la terre avec leurs habits et ornemens divers, tant anciens que modernes, diligemment depeints au naturel par Luc Dheere peintre et sculpteur Gantois[manuscript]", "Twentieth Century Atlas – Historical Body Count", "Dutch involvement in the transatlantic slave trade and abolition", "The Kingdom of the Netherlands declares war with Japan", Library of Congress, 1992, "Indonesia: World War II and the Struggle For Independence, 1942–50; The Japanese Occupation, 1942–45", "Few fishy facts found in climate report", "Netherlands relinquishes some of itself to the waters", "Adapting to Climate: A Case Study on Riverine Flood Risks in the Netherlands", "KNMI – Temperatuur door historische grens van 40°C", "Netherlands climate change: Court orders bigger cuts in emissions", "Activists cheer victory in landmark Dutch climate case", "Tagesminimum Temp. [53] Following excessive taxation together with attempts at diminishing the traditional autonomy of the cities and estates in the Low Countries, followed by the religious oppression after being transferred to Habsburg Spain, the Dutch revolted, in what would become the Eighty Years' War.

The Netherlands is described as a consociational state. The Dutch part of the Wadden Sea in the north, with its tidal flats and wetlands, is rich in biological diversity, and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Nature Site in 2009. According to a 2005 estimate, the population was 80.9% Dutch, 2.4% Indonesian, 2.4% German, 2.2% Turkish, 2.0% Surinamese, 1.9% Moroccan, 0.8% Antillean and Aruban, and 7.4% others. [242][243], Sustainability is a concept important for the Dutch.

Its administration consists of the Governor, who represents the Monarch, and the (Aruban) Council of Ministers, headed by a Prime Minister. The emphasis on Holland during the formation of the Dutch Republic, the Eighty Years' War, and the Anglo-Dutch Wars in the 16th, 17th, and 18th century, made Holland serve as a pars pro toto for the entire country, which is now considered informal[38] or incorrect. [109] Some of the earliest mulatto communities in the country were subsequently formed through unions between colonists, their slaves, and various Khoikhoi tribes. Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles each got a Minister Plenipotentiary based in the Netherlands, who had the right to participate in Dutch cabinet meetings that discussed affairs of the Kingdom as a whole when they pertained directly to Suriname or the Netherlands Antilles. ✉ Don’t miss out! [32] The high degree of urbanization characteristic of Dutch society was attained at a relatively early date.

It employs about 4% of the Dutch labour force but produces large surpluses in the food-processing industry and accounts for 21 percent of the Dutch total export value.

The Netherlands also exports one-fifteenth of the world's apples. The States General, the confederal government, were seated in The Hague and consisted of representatives from each of the seven provinces. "Foreign languages in secondary education", "Kerkelijke gezindte en kerkbezoek; vanaf 1849; 18 jaar of ouder", "Een op de zes bezoekt regelmatig kerk of moskee", "Godsdienstige veranderingen in Nederland", "U.S. scores dead last again in healthcare study", "Toward Higher-Performance Health Systems: Adults' Health Care Experiences In Seven Countries, 2007", "Health Consumer Powerhouse – Health Care System's Indexes and reports", "Zorgrekeningen; uitgaven (in lopende en constante prijzen) en financiering", "Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport", "Godsdienstige veranderingen in Nederland, Verschuivingen in de binding met de kerken en de christelijke traditie", "Same-Sex Marriage Legalized in Amsterdam", "Fossil CO2 emissions of all world countries – 2018 Report", "Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index Report", https://s3.amazonaws.com/arcadis-whitepaper/arcadis-sustainable-cities-index-report.pdf, "The international Dance industry assembles in Amsterdam next week", "international Archives » Page 2 of 3 » Andre Rieu", Lavinia Meijer – Philip Glass : Metamorphosis & The Hours, Webcasting Worldwide: Business Models of an Emerging Global Medium, "Zandvoort secures F1 return as Dutch GP venue", https://www.news18.com/cricketnext/news/june-5-2009-netherlands-stun-england-in-t20-world-cup-thriller-2654425.html, "De geschiedenis van de mosterd – Smulweb Blog", "Netherlands is country with most plentiful, healthy food: Oxfam", "In Pictures: The World's Richest Royals", "Novels: Coming to terms with Calvinism, colonies and the war.

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