estrella butterfly

estrella butterfly
November 1, 2020

She is also stubborn at times, as she often does things her own way and not listening to other people's rules or even take advice. However, Star manages to use the last vestige of uncorrupted magic to restore the usable magic through the Realm and destroy Toffee for good.
Home Occupation Nevertheless, Star maintains a closer friendship to Marco than to Tom. Estrella eventually married a songstrel named Azul Saint and had a daughter named Comet, who would inherit the Royal Magic Wand when she came of age. She is an intergalactic princess from the Kingdom of Mewni. It would not be until the near end of season one where Star would meet her greatest enemy of all, Toffee. With nearly all her outfits, she wears a red or pink headband with horns. Star is extremely energetic and friendly. After some suggestions, on making Star older and have real magic powers, Daron changed her into a princess from a different dimension. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. Estrella inherited the Royal Magic Wand and the throne of Mewni from her mother Celena, though it is stated in her chapter in the Book of Spells that she did very little during her time as Queen. She is 5' 5" (1.65 m) tall.[1]. Star and Marco's magic ends up being so powerful that both Earth and Mewni fuse into one world and the series ends with Star and Marco reunited for good. During her Mewberty period, Star had purple hearts appear all over her skin until she eventually turned completely purple and acquired an insect-like appearance.


Butterfly family The Forces of Evil Facts YOU Should Know, Dislikes Source, River Butterfly (father)Moon Butterfly (mother)Comet Butterfly † (maternal grandmother)[2]Lazlo Marmalade (maternal grandfather)Estrella Butterfly (great-grandmother)Azul Saint (great-grandfather)Celena Butterfly (second great-grandmother)Rhina Butterfly (third great-grandmother)Crescenta Butterfly (fourth great-grandmother)Festivia Butterfly (fifth great-grandmother)Felicity (aunt)Etheria Butterfly (great-grandaunt))Dirrhenia (fourth great-grandaunt)Heartrude (uncle)Blocq Johansen (paternal grandfather)Lump Johansen (uncle)Rock Johansen (cousin).

Adventures, friends, unicorns, puppies, having fun, fighting monsters (formerly), dancing, opossums, Marco's ringtone, Oskar, parties, lines, living on Earth, spiders, fortune cookies, nachos, bike riding, pancakes, sugar in her burritos, Love Sentence, Mina Loveberry (formerly), babies, yellow (formerly), blue, doughnuts, Marco Diaz, seahorses, Captain Blanche's Sugar Seeds, walking on bubble wrap, honeydew boba tea Her hair also appears as a lighter shade of blonde in two long bun braids. Weapons Star is the first Disney heroine to have coulrophobia, with the second being. Relatives Affiliations Mewni/Earth Powers and abilities During the end of the school year party on planet Earth, in "Starcrushed", Marco asked Star straight out if she had a crush on him and answered no. Latest episode Video games
After leaving Mewni behind and giving up her title as princess, Star realizes that she is unsure of what to do with herself. St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses, clowns, mean and rude people, spells going wrong, boredom, Marco being overprotective, Marco reading her journal, rules, being underestimated, mathematics, monsters being mistreated, being club-snubbed by Tom, The High Commission's Lies, Easter Bunny During their first meeting, Star immediately took a liking to Marco and declared him a friend, but Marco at the time was not so keen about her because of how chaotic she was, especially with her magic. She loves having fun, and she usually has an optimistic outlook on life. This eventually culminates in Globgor getting released and Star realizing that the Magic High Commission has been out to get him and Eclipsa despite their changed ways. Background information

She is a bit reckless, as she enjoys fighting monsters and doing wild things. She is also stubborn at times, as she often does things her own way and not listening to other people's rules or even take advice.

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