foster's home for imaginary friends big fat awesome house party

foster's home for imaginary friends big fat awesome house party
November 1, 2020

The newspaper room is located past the bottom-left door. Unidentified media. Big Fat Awesome House Party You would go around Foster's Home and do stuff to help the other Imaginary Friends, walk around, explore the (entire) house and the outside, (including the extremosaurus cage) do stuff, etc.. (IDK.. thats fuckin stupid and should bring it back because it was cartoonnetworks only good game i wish i could get my hands on the person who came up with the idea it off there. They r already putting back on B.F.A.H.P., but at christmas. scratch another name from the decent games list today. The user must also give a state and birthday. New areas are usually unlocked each month. Each area has various features taken from the show, such as the library or the unicorn stables.The player can do tasks for Frankie, Eduardo, Wilt or Mac. To either side of the house are pathways between the two yards. It's just not fair!! The left-hand pathway also allows access to the basement.

big fat awesome house party was a great game!i used to play it so much.I miss it and I dont want it to end...WHY WHY did it have to end?? Whyyyyyyyyy?) Based on Cartoon Network's popular original series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, the free game allows players to immerse themselves in the hit show by creating their very own imaginary friend. dude thats kind of insane wtf i like your ideas but dude why are you insane. Big fat awesome house party have fun. Cyrus and the Extreme-a-saur are usually hidden within their respective locations, but the player will occasionally be assigned chores that allow them to see the characters. by. DO NOT MAKE THE GAME 3-D OR ONLINE OR CHANGE IT LIKE THAT. I used to play it every day. Bloo, Eduardo, Wilt, and Coco's room is located past the top-middle door on the right side of the hall. WAT THE FUCK GOD DAMN HOLYSHIT Y THE FUCK DIDI THE MOTHER FUCKERS END IT ILL CHOP THERE FUCKIN BALLS OFF ARGGGGGG SONS OF A BITCES ILL FUCKIN STAB THEIR ASSES HOLY FUCK BULLSHIT FFFFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK, ILL CALL THE ANCHINT AZTECGOD OF AWSOME TITTIES AND GET a horny ass boner oh yes *rubs cock* slaps bitch. The bathroom is past the upper-left door, while Terrence, Mac's mom, and Mac's rooms are past the upper-right, bottom-left, and bottom-right doors respectively. The wardrobe room is past the top-right door on the left side of the hall. Just get me this get me that it's sooooo boring!!! It shows everyone all happy and playing around under a sign that says "Big Fat Awesome House Party". When Total Drama Island came out, they took off the game so that people can start playing their weekly games based on the show. CURSE U MONKEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­. On the player's birthday, the other residents of the house would throw a party for the player. The laundry room can be found past the bottom-left door on the right side. :'( i didnt get ot see the new version cos of the technical difficulties. It is past the top-left door on the left side of the hall, marked with a large "My Room" sign.

NOOO!!) Edit. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. The two active locations are the arcade and the movie theater. Is there anyone else that played this game? i miss that game so freaking much!!! And now its over.grrrrr!Why is it over? In either case, only one mode can be unlocked at a time.

Frankie's room is located past the top-right door on the left side. just sucks!! I think that cartoon network should go back to way it used to be with no live action shows and cartoons that are actually like cartoons and big fat awesome house party be back on. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Make a junkyard arena like in that 1 episode where you can buy weapons (that u use with z) and (an improvement i think there should b) shields, where you can block with x. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Lesser known media. we should all e-mail those retards in cartoon network to put the game back on so they could be less hated by everyone, WHO'S WITH ME?!!?!? The basement is the smallest area of the mansion, consisting of only three rooms. why dont we blow their fucking heads off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One year after its launch, Cartoon Network announced that the game generated over 13 million player accounts.

Cookies help us bring you Fanpop. Please CN, put it back! Big Fat Awesome House Party was a Web Game for the Cartoon Network series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. WHY?!?!? The house was founded by the kindly Madame Foster to give unwanted imaginary friends a place to stay until they could be adopted by new kids. The Foster's mansion consists of six floors and a basement.

During holiday months, the house is redecorated with appropriate items, such as pumpkins and orange rugs for Halloween. A link to an external website big fat awesome house party submitted by a fan of Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. back on CN! The player's overall score is mostly based on how long they can play before losing. U should be able to learn skills at the school in the game. The south hall consists of a laboratory, an x-ray room, and another bathroom. A staircase in the attic leads to an observatory. The backyard holds many notable locations: the unicorn stables, the forest, the Extreme-a-saur cage, Cyrus the Sea Serpent's lake, the greenhouse, and the pool. The Airport has a runway, gift shop, snack shop, hangar, and a control tower, it also has an arcade that you can play games and earn tickets and trade in for cool prizes. Did they shut-it down or something??? During holiday months, the house is redecorated with appropriate items, such as pumpkins and orange rugs for Halloween. The boiler room is located past the right-hand door. It's funny, i created my name on there at a christmas, so i always thought of every time i logged on as another christmas. I'm so bored waiting for the games I play to be updated. B.F.A.H.P. Instead of emailing CN let them come to our website and let them read how everyone HATES that its gone!! Effect Code ----- Viking hat - VIKING Owl buddy - OWLFLY Craig McCracken buddy - CREATE Bigfoot buddy - BIGTOE School of flying fish buddy - DVDBUD Frozen dinosaur - IGLOOS Bonfire rug - TOASTY Caveman painting - CANVAS Stone floor - ROCKON Dinosaur … Additionally, the front and back yards can be accessed. I hope CN is reading these comments. I WAS ONE OF THE FIRST PLAYERS ON.I MISS IT SO MUCH!!! The Fifth floor consists of one hallway shorter than the other floors, and follows a theater theme. IM WIT YA!!! is coming back in christmas oh and can we all comment more i really like to hear the opinans of others oh and check me on facebook just search up bull due ok. im only ten but i luv that game ive been searching for it but it was not there a teardrop streamed down my cheek.

You could create your own Imaginary Friend and go on adventures with Bloo in and around Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. ok big fat awsome house party is awsome tdi is stupid i mean come on who plays that stupid game fosters is waaayyy better, i miss it i love b.f.a.h.p i mis it its not on cartoon network anymore its gone forever i miss it T-T T-T T_T T_T, Im With rafi134 beacose we shoud email them.thats a good plan!Enyone knows Cn Email?

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