funny irrelevant facts

funny irrelevant facts
November 1, 2020

reduce the spending on comics in Helsinki libraries. Note: this post originally had 35 images.

Plastic Fantastic," has 1,196 different valid credit cards. His governing style: "Being nice and no poopy talk." Kotex was first manufactured as bandages, during WWI. That basic fact might still hold up after all this time, but here are some of the facts you learned in school that are no longer true. The Philippine island of Luzon contains a lake that contains an island that contains a lake that contains another island. Walmart has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard. Your own dead skin cells make up the majority of the duct in your house. A solid chunk of Americans, 31 percent to be exact, don’t know their neighbors at all. Fifty-five percent of people polled said they thought they were smarter than the average American, while about 35 percent thought they were only just as smart as everyone else. 4.The Wright Brothers' first flying journey is shorter than a Boeing 747 airplane's wings. In her letters, Mrs. Dogood poked fun at such illustrious institutions such as Harvard, therefore winning the hearts of many. She's in her 80s, and she's employed as the village's mayor, librarian, and bartender. Millie, the White House dog, earned Americans have a troubling understanding of computer code. One big one is in the White House. When they’re home 21 percent of Americans speak a language other than English.

During the chariot scene in the film 'Ben Hur, a small red car can be seen in Humans and bananas share about 50 percent of the same DNA. China censored the word for "censorship.

A Greek-Canadian man invented the “Hawaiian” pizza. I quite enjoyed those facts, definitely will be saying some! Latin America has flowers that look like lips. "... they allowed wild animals to enter..." I'm picturing a bouncer at a bar: You, you, no not you, yes YOU. This topic has 9 replies, 5 thanks for the strange fact on the sloth-my son used it in his sloth paragraph today! He later won the 1905 Boston Marathon.Thomas Hicks ended up the winner of the event, although he was aided by measures that would not have been permitted in later years.

Enter your email address to get the best tips and advice. These weird facts are so bizarre they might just blow your mind. That's not just true for rich tech icons. Can’t get enough of these funny statistics? he was nine. stated that you couldn't beat your wife with anything wider than your thumb. Messages from your brain travel along your nerves at up to 200 miles per hour. Most cows give more milk when they listen to music.

Over a quarter of Americans, 26 percent, report that they are online “almost constantly.” For some more funny statistics, check out all of the fascinating things that will happen in the next 60 seconds.

Funny irrelevant facts. Yikes! The name of John Lennon’s first girlfriend is Thelma Pickles.

15+ Photos Where the Flame of Love Still Burns Brightly. 9k. Here's a funny fact: If you put some Viagra in a vase, it will make flowers stand up straight for a week beyond when they would normally wilt, according to one study conducted by Israeli and Australian researchers. A Human has fewer chromosomes than a potato.

the distance. Why? The Hawaiian alphabet only has 12 letters: A, E, I, O, U, H, K, L, M, N, P, W, Cats can’t taste sweet things because of a genetic defect. In 1722, the readers of The Courant, a paper published in Boston, were captivated by letters sent in by a widow with a keen wit and a gift for satire, Mrs. Around the 17th century, New England states outlawed Christmas because celebrations were rowdy public displays of excessive eating and drinking, the mockery of established authority, aggressive begging (often combined with the threat of doing harm), and even the boisterous invasion of wealthy homes. Sounds like The Nightmare Before Christmas in real (historical) life. We will not publish or share your email address in any way. Nabokov may be the real inventor of emojis. wear pants.*. We wish them nothing but good luck! From the giggle-worthy to the hilarious, these stats are so ridiculous that they’re almost hard to believe. Um, yeah… it's called air. What 15+ Stars Looked Like Before They Became the Coolest Superheroes in the World.
Before being elected as president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky became the star of the popular television series Servant of the People, where he played the role of the President of Ukraine. You're more likely to get stung by a bee on a windy day that in any other weather. quicksand. Honey is the only natural food that is made without destroying any kind of life. The phrase 'Rule of thumb' is derived from an old English law which A grammatical pedantry syndrome is a form of OCD in which suffers feel the need to correct every grammatical error that they see. Australia has the biggest camel population in the world. The number of possible ways of playing the first four moves per side in a game People hate privacy policies (and reading the fine print in general).

Lee Harvey Oswald's Its nickname? As St. Lawrence was roasted on a gridiron by the prefect of Rome, the legend says, he cheerfully declared: "I'm well done on this side.

Before you being, watch this short video with out 5 favorite fun & random facts … According to a 2014 survey by a Christian retailer LifeWay in Nashville, 7 percent of Christian Americans pray for a parking spot! Bats always turn left when exiting a cave. Most ice-cream contains pig skins (Gelatin). There is a castle in Austria called Castle Itter where the Wehrmacht and Americans fought side by side with French POWs against the SS.

When he reached the stadium his support team carried him over the line, holding him in the air while he shuffled his feet as if still running.
Here’s what this telemarketer says you can do to get rid of them. An art collector once paid $10,000 for a "non-visible" sculpture created by actor James Franco. The “dot” over the letter “i” is called a tittle. What Is Your Favorite Place In The World? With the corpse propped up on a throne, a deacon was appointed to answer for the deceased pontiff.

Hopefully, this statistic will decrease drastically going forward.

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