geebo reviews reddit

geebo reviews reddit
November 1, 2020

Comparatively, Geebo is expensive, with prices starting at $75.00 per job posting. Jora is a 100% job posting site that's capable of reaching candidates across the world. Geebo advertises on various social media and U.S. websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Talroo, Instagram, ZipRecruiter, and JobHat. On the next page, enter your credit card details, personal and company details. I just got off the phone, and the guy had a slight accent but spoke well enough. To talk people into handing over Social Security and bank-account numbers. Victims are typically asked to deposit a check for several thousand dollars into their bank account, immediately use a bit of the money to shop at big-box stores and wire the rest via a service like Western Union or MoneyGram. “If you are a con artist, having more people out of work to deal with increases your odds of finding a victim,” says Pam Dixon, executive director of the World Privacy Forum. Ignore the emails, don't respond, pretend it never happened. GET TO KNOW THE COMPANY. Now, I'm not dumb. You can also check companies’ reputations with the Better Business Bureau and look for complaints on Web sites like and New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Geebo review with pricing, posting instructions, key information, and FAQs. Of course, the check is counterfeit, leaving victims out any money they wired and opening them to criminal prosecution for passing a bad check. Geebo's bulk package's rates are based on a three-month subscription and include a $399.00 activation fee. But none of the technology is foolproof. Your "job" consists of receiving and remailing packages.

I’m behind in all the bills I’m responsible for. Everything seemed fine until I began getting correspondence from HR Manager in the US Department. From there you'll be able to post your job listing. Look for industry-specific job boards or professional groups with online listings. Red flags began popping up: Work from home The choice between part-time and full time 80% of my hours had to be logged in the web portal during normal work hours, I was free to do the rest whenever I was offered a job after a mild amount of back and forth emails Main office is in Turkey, and while she was up front about that and directed me to their site it still seems weird. Often a simple Google search will be enough to spot trouble; there are scads of warnings from people who believe they were cheated by Google Treasure Chest, for instance. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Claude Vera, of Jamaica, Queens, turned to an online-classified site to find work, but instead became a victim of a job fraud scam. “I’m behind in everything. Geebo, on the other hand, is a popular classifieds site that also serves as a job posting site. The scam consumed Mr. Vera’s tax refund and put him in the red by $6,700 to Chase, which sent his case to a collection agent.

But in the small print of the buyer’s agreement is notice of a $72.21 monthly charge.

BE SKEPTICAL. If you have fallen for a scam, you can post your experience here to warn others. Like job seekers, criminals are after moneymaking opportunities online. Victims can ill afford another financial setback. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. On the next page, fill in the online form and press "Submit. Geebo is a community classifieds site advertising goods for sale and job postings across the U.S. Geebo syndicates job postings across many job search websites, reaching both active and passive job seekers., the domain of the email you've been dealing with, was registered out of China last year. I had previously called the number at the bottom of her email and was answered with an answering machine confirming her claim of being the HR Manager of their US Department, but that's easily faked, right? And they’re setting increasingly sophisticated traps to prey on the desperation of the jobless, whose guards are down amid eroding savings, swelling debts and calamities like foreclosure and bankruptcy. MONEY-MULE AND RESHIPPER These are some of the most dangerous schemes, since they can turn people, often unwittingly, into accomplices of international crime rings. was created in 2001 and registered out of Turkey, which lines up with the claims on the site. and you resend them to the person that actually wants the thing. Geebo only caters to the U.S. job market. If business weren’t good for the scammers, we wouldn’t be getting so many complaints.”. I know to look out for certain things... but these things aren't happening, or seem more positive than others? Job seekers have to keep their wits about them, no matter how much they need a job. This is just some scam using a sound-alike name. More sophisticated than the now-familiar Nigerian e-mail messages, money mules are recruited by purported international companies looking for “receiving payment agents” who will accept payments into their bank account from “customers” (identity fraud victims) and wire the money to their “employer” (criminals). To attract top candidates, make sure your job description is clear and contains all the important details. SPECIALIZE YOUR SEARCH. Unless you’re signing an employment agreement, keep your Social Security number to yourself.

Geebo only advertises your job posting for. Most people get jobs through local want ads, professional associations, job-search agencies, temp agencies and their personal networks of colleagues, friends and family. Geebo is an extensive community classifieds store that advertises everything from apartments and homes for sale to available job postings and new/used cars. Seemed legit but I have the same feeling that its a scam. “If you are in a particular sector or profession, go to the niche site first,” Ms. Dixon says. No way some company in Turkey would hire some US person to be "web operations manager" sight unseen. cause it would be a great job otherwise lol. I read your whole post and I have no idea what this job actually entails, which is the only thing that matters when it comes to determining whether or not a job offer is a scam. You'd be a package donkey. “They are thriving right now.
Again, direct-deposit payment never comes. Ladders is a free job posting source that allows unlimited job ads, while Geebo is a classifieds store and job board that charges between $75.00 and $1,295.00 to post a job ad.

Here are some of the more common scams and tips for avoiding them: HELP FOR A FEE Watch out for fake recruiters and charlatans who promise to train you for a lucrative new career. But he never received a laptop or anything else, and the money orders turned out to be already cashed or counterfeit. Enter this company... and I am just going to be up front with the name for full transparency's sake: Promena E-Sourcing, in a job as a Web Operations Manager. Yeah, it took a really long time for the company to get back to me, but after I emailed Promena they said it was false. However, unlike Indeed, Geebo is not a free job posting site, with its prices only starting at $75.00 per posting. FISHING FOR IDENTITY DATA Ads for attractive white-collar jobs can be, in fact, sophisticated fraud schemes. You must give a 30-day notice if you want to cancel your subscription. I’m behind in my rent. Keep in mind this "job" won't last longer than a couple weeks if that since they have no intention of paying you. In addition, Geebo is mostly known as a classifieds store where people can sell cars, houses, or used furniture. No one has tried to get me to spend money to be reimbursed No one has tried to get me to buy anything.

To help him get a home office started, Penguin sent him money orders so he could buy, via money wire, the requisite laptop and other equipment from several different people. If the authorities show up you're the one on the line for it. After you have made your changes, click "Confirm.". It was already in several carts, so I quickly looked around the seller’s account, looking for anything amiss. ", Send jobs to 100+ job boards with one submission, 21 Free Job Posting Sites - High Traffic and 100% Free, Restaurant Job Posting Sites - Staff Up Your Restaurant Fast, Advertise a Job - Best Job Advertising Sites, with FAQs. Geebo itself is a legitimate platform, however, jobs that are posted on Geebo may not always be. WORK FROM HOME Proliferating recently are fake “Mystery Shopper” positions evaluating the services of companies, especially money-wiring services. Never had to look up domains, didn't cross my mind. Spam filters provide some protection, and job boards work hard to remove bogus offers from large pools of legitimate offers. Press J to jump to the feed. If you know of or encounter a scam, this is the place to let people know about it. There are no customer reviews about Geebo's job posting capabilities available online.

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