goldilocks principle presentation

goldilocks principle presentation
November 1, 2020

If we could dissect PETM into 100 year increments, is it possible that the maximum warming rate over 100 years was higher than the average that you quote? Your perspective is rather skewed and would be akin to the mindset prior to Copernicus that would posit Earth as the center of it all, and humans at the center of creation. That is the issue.

employed by Berkeley earth surface temperatures! your wasting your times heer even debating what your debaiting.. Creating Effective Presentation Visuals : The Goldilocks Principle. If you disagree, you’re welcome to live in the London of 1600, or the Great Britain of 400. Type above and press Enter to search. Would the Goldilocks principle pick the temperature we had in 1998 as “just right” (15.3°C)? Evolution tells us what is optimal.

“1000 ppmv is the absolute maximum CO2 level we could ever reach from burning all the fossil fuels that are still on our planet.”. When I see those figures, and with them an actual measurement of total climate sensitivioty, I will be prepared to start a discussion of whether CAGW is real. The cartoon cracked me up. With say adding thier claims then our thoeries and then the obersvations we thoeried come true and we are laffing at the forcasting abilities we have v/s the PC modeling by those above us. If we look into the future, let’s see what constraints there are. But I didn’t realize he et al have a sea surface temperature hockey stick chart. 800 ppm is Eocene. Am I wrong in believing that humans evolved in Africa (Kenya??) But, Jim, I think if you remove the fear from your mind and look at the situation rationally and unemotionally, you will see that we are very unlikely to get outside the “Goldilocks just right” temperature range from AGW and there could be significant net benefits for humanity and our environment from a bit of warming.

Together they create a unified climate feedback system, and have kept Earth a lush planet for the last 500 million years. The spotted owl occurs exclusively in old growth forests, while the barred owl has much more flexible habitat preferences, including old growth forest.
Then there are trace amounts of other gases like carbon dioxide and methane. Stanford— Please get us followed at. There just isn’t enough carbon in those fossil fuels to reproduce anything like a PETM. . Ours had been online for near 1 yr and yes our work is fast leaking to the public but we do hold all rights to our very own works. A lower estimate for climate sensitivity doesn’t solve the problem of AGW. This has nothing to do with “the science being settled”. You seem confident your sitting in the brick house? That unevenness led to a forced adaptability and then to an arms and adaptability race. It’s warm and has little daily temperature variation [high average temperature] when it’s over ocean regions. Better not mess with them. It also plays into the Judeo-Christian value system most “white men” in the industrialized world grew up with. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | © 2015 Bates Communications Inc. All Rights Reserved. It is said that Lord Grey dominated the House of Commons. One hallmark of curiosity is humility. Whatever one chooses for these, the key is to find a CO2 signal. There is not enough carbon in all the remaining fossil fuels on Earth to get us even to 3°C warming (let alone 5°C). Within this “Goldilocks just right” range, plant life on Earth will flourish, and animals (including us) will not be adversely affected. More to it than that but let’s just say your all on the wrong SUBWAY going wrong DIRECTION ok = when can we relase this info to you all?GO raed the script heer and you will see just how soon we are willing to relase the information. your rssponse shows you can’t (answer the question). Thus, they have imposed their preconceived notions of the expected temperature rise on the models to make them come out “right”. The Goldilocks Rule is a powerful principle that we should always consider when it comes to reaching our goals. Call it the “Goldilocks principle”: presidents who under-reach their agendas end up tasting “too cold” to the American people, while presidents who over-reach their agenda end up “too hot.” But presidents whose agendas are ambitious but limited taste “just right.” They not only get to eat their porridge, but they get re-elected, too. tonyb, ‘The researchers assume that whatever they are studying either is at, or was at (depending on the researcher’s whim) a ‘just right’ state of harmony with nature until evil humans came along and upset the delicate balance.’. How about 1988 (just below 15°C)? Location, location…. Rapp’s argument echoes some of the broader issues raised by Thomas Kelly on confirmation basis, discussed on the previous thread Epistemology of Disagreement. I was correcting your statement that CO2 was only rising in the latter PIGGY 3? Empirical data were the bases for the latest ECS estimate. For Teachers. This leads to a couple of issues. Sometimes it just seems to mean compromise.

I would note that if global temperatures are to rise to unreasonable levels before the end of the 21st century, then at some point the rate of rise of temperature must show a significant increase from it’s historic level, for a prolonged period of time.
Judith Curry or anybody heer reading this plase contact us on We would like to prove what we have said here?

meaning    . It does not matter where I start, when I finish or anything else. A companion to the Goldilocks principle, the lukewarming Overton window: No matter long I bake it, it comes out half baked. Some points to be made here are 1.)

==========================. Do you remember that one? .

It now varies by a mere 2.5 degrees. I recommend everyone to give them a try.

AGW theory relies on the absence of a negative system response and instead the substitution of a positive system response.

If you are going to take on Liebniz bring a better game. Of course science and reasoning entail parsing.

This is his site CO2 releases are one of the possible pathways to that. This doesn’t mean that the middle is correct. In any case policy seeks the middle ground because it gets the most votes. I mean, it’s likely that today more people are dying of age-related diseases than ever! The idea that within a thousand years one melt all polar ice cap and warm “2. Surprising all the statisticians here haven’t managed to project that trend, eh?

Just stick with us ? And those promoting the CAGW scare have exploited this fear very well. Is it a valid assumption? It would of course be the most dramatic event in human history. I’m surprised mosh didn’t mention that, always assuming he was replying to our interchange, it’s sometimes difficult to tell Think of “best of all possible worlds” as the result of a maximizing process.

But many of you insist it’s all just an accident and in the same breath imagine the universe is bursting with life.

I can’t speak for them, but I’m fairly sure that they’d agree that (A) CO2 is not the only driver of climate, and that (B) there are significant uncertainties in the estimates of the other forcings (as per the IPCC WGI reports) – although they may not agree that the forcings are largely unknown (it’s probably best to start quantifying what we mean). Drawn to the light flickering on the river, Ecological processes are not built nor are they tuned for a specific outcome. The tropical abundance of life also includes more varieties of insects and diseases, but that just comes with the territory. But let’s forget about this problem for now. Considering our galaxy is some 100,000 light years across, and 20,000 light years “thick”, this gives the potential for quite a few intelligent civilizations within just our galaxy. or cold, and then … a black swan entered their lives in the and I am able to comprehend the Introduction. ) It of course, is true we have not found life beyond Earth; it would a headline few would miss. Then perhaps others in the debate can determine what kind of empirical data and analysis (however simple or complex) you find acceptable to demonstrate a climate sensitivity indistinguishable from zero, and proceed from there, either to be convinced, or to provide hopefully constructive feedback.

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