hero counters mobile legends

hero counters mobile legends
November 1, 2020

• Johnson • Miya That certainly is a stuff in Mobile Legends horror stories. When it comes to projectiles of any shape and form, Lolita is your #1 choice. • Fanny Or did we miss some important picks? Lancelot with his evasiveness allows him to get close to Kagura quickly while at the same time avoid her umbrella with ease. Her 2nd ability will block ranged basic attacks and the majority of things your enemies may throw at you. • Argus The forgotten assassin Saber can also give Kimmy a surprise death, but just like Zilong, they are difficult heroes in today meta. Avoid bushes where Diggie is around. You can also pick Khufra to neutralize her S2 in ball form, or Helcurt because he silences her whenever she jumps in without having to do anything. Lolita’s shield can effectively block Granger’s ultimate blast, by doing that she saves the whole team from potential wipeout in late game. Masha needs full trust from her well-coordinated team mates to get the objectives down successfully. You don’t really have to be the fastest hand or a 10-year veteran moba player in order to climb to the top in Mobile Legends. Other acceptable options: Eudora, Aurora are mages who can quickly burst Claude’s HP to insufficiency faster than any harm he may cause. Khufra S1 can give enemies who’s wandering around bushes a good ol’ mini heart attack, while his S2 prevents them from executing dashing/blink skills or escaping. You also have the option of buying new heroes with Battle Points (BP) , Hero Fragments , Tickets , or Diamonds . We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. • Zilong, Brody A smart Nana should leave her Molina in advantage point where Aurora might try to camp for kill, and in case of being caught, Nana’s passive can save her from Aurora. • Kaja All Ruby’s skills have some kind of CC –varied from slow down to full stun to the ow wooo ultimate that instantly collects all enemies in its range into one convenient spot, ready for food processing. • Terizla The holy elf can keep the team alive hopefully long enough to allow Yu Zhong to fully process all his life choices which consequently led him to the point where every skill is in cooldown and he’s stuck between turrets from overextending in Dragon form. • Valir • Cyclops When staying in the area. • Layla • Popol and Kupa So like any fallen princes of the abyss I was born and molded in epic swarm, reached pubescent over Legend hell and successfully signed off my soul to the Mythic devil. • Nana A very good Akai can time his ulti to tornado Harith about a mile from where his ulti sword landed. Tell us in the comment section below. Khufra and Lolita are two great tanks to counter Granger. Other acceptable options: Chou S2 if timed right could immune to Aurora’s freeze. • Aurora Chou with his three core items can perform hard CCs as well as having the necessary damage to kick X-Borg off the map. • Popol and Kupa • Dyrroth Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The S2 jumps and knocks up is essentially Guinevere’s bread and butter so if she missed it, anyone could run away from her follow-up ultimate with ease. The Moniyan heroines stand against evils from the abyss, but what Silvanna alone also seeks is a chance to save her lost brother –Dyrroth.

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