how to make m80 bombs

how to make m80 bombs
November 1, 2020

Very loud with a bright flash and a nice column of smoke, and a shock wave that I could feel over 50' away.Since then, I have made over 60 of these things and have not had any duds. It made a double concussion explosion that left a 3x2 crater . A piece of dowel is inserted into the tube until all but 1/2" at one end is obscured by the dowel. Then, take a piece of TP and place it over the composition, and proceed to make an endplug the same way as is stated above (but do not drill another fuse hole ;-). You don't want very loose powder, however. Go to star molecule. I made a bunch of these and they are the shizznit but I used epoxy for the plugs! It does explode when it is confined.

They are completely illegal to own, build, and for the love of god shoot off.”. Read Cautions at the beginning of the article. Suggested reading. Yes indeed, you use big tubes with a big charge and everyone in your neighborhood will be calling 911 and the police WILL come...So think SMALL..Make a few with a very small powder charge and evaluate things from there..Go out in the country to set them off, not in the street in front of your house...It's not 1950 anymore.... Just remember people:::: If you get "STUPID" using these to Destroy private property you will make it BAD for the rest of us ALL that do it just for entertainment fun!! No fingers were lost or eyes blinded. Find a gram scale. All I can say is that when I tested one out it was a tremendous explosion.

Apparently, "" will no longer sell German Aluminum and Potassium Perchlorate to individuals without an ATF license.Does anyone know where you can buy these Just as a reference, our "Beefy" M-80 tubes hold about 8 grams of flash powder, the M-160 tubes hold about 13 grams, and the Quarter Sticks hold about 19 grams. The End Plug is pressed into the tube until flush with the surface. I appreciate the help greatly. This will adhere the end plug to the case. Next was the familiar silver "Ash Can" at 1-1/2" long 1/2" inside diameter, and finally a Cherry Bomb who's Flash Powder chamber was about 3/4" in diameter. It was louder than any commercial firework that I have ever heard/seen.BE VERY CAREFUL.................!!!!!!!!!! I never make firecrackers with more than 10 grams of the popular 70/30 mixture as they are loud enough for me. I thought about particle size, but wrongly thought that a smaller size, would cause it to burn to fast and detonate. Wait, ossifer, I am not trying to burn the evidence. Informations sur votre appareil et sur votre connexion Internet, y compris votre adresse IP, Navigation et recherche lors de l’utilisation des sites Web et applications Verizon Media. Just for looks, the case can be painted red, signifying an explosive device. i skipped the spray and used a hot glue gun from the 99 cents store it did the trick. Next, take your report composition (BP, Mag55 Flash, Standard 70/30 KClO4/Al flash, Pyrodex, etc. You have a homemade smoke bomb, ready to light. the ratio is still the same 70/30 it doesn't matter the size of the tube. It was f.....g loud! But hundreds of pounds of these colored smoke mixes were already out on the street in customers’ hands. or is that doing damage to the power in the end.Thanks. Fine aluminum is also used in small percentages in some hobby-rocket fuels.Buy high-quality aluminum powder at best price at Fireworks Cookbook. Wipe off any extra glue that might seep out when the plug is inserted. This will make the salute more resistent to wear, and will waterproof the salute.

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