is lent biblical

is lent biblical
November 1, 2020

Face to Face with Tongues – Dr. Max D. Younce, The Resurrection: The Fallacy of “Good Friday”, Bible Doctrines: Beliefs That Matter – Cambron, Old Testament Commentaries by Dr. Mark G. Cambron, Daniel & Revelation Made Plain – Dr. Mark Cambron, Progressive Program of Prophecy – Cambron, Foreknowledge, Predestination and Election by Dr. Mark G. Cambron, I Never Knew You! The city council of Zurich called for a public debate between Zwingli and a representative chosen by the Bishop of Constance, under whose authority Zurich fell. "6 The same document has a different section about a time of fasting leading up to Easter, but it is only one week long.7 It seems that these sources do know of an annual forty-day fast, but it is not the pre-Easter fast. It's a day of penitence to clean the soul before the Lent fast.

For some people, everything Catholic is evil and not biblical. Good morning Father. As one scholar explains: "In his Canonical Epistle, Peter, bishop of Alexandria in the early fourth century, legislates a fast of forty days for lapsed Christians to be readmitted from their term of excommunication (Canon 1). The King James Translation – Still the Best! In India and Pakistan, many Christians c… UNLEARN is a ministry of the Grafted Church. It is a tradition, devised by man, evidently taken from Christ’s fasting for forty days and forty nights, as given in Matthew 4:2. After the week of the passion, do not neglect to fast on the fourth and sixth days, distributing at the same time of thine abundance to the poor. By the third century and certainly on into the fourth, there was an increasing emphasis on forty-day fast periods which we find in a variety of sources. Christmas is also a late, human tradition with some questionable elements to its origins and practices and with a history often tainted by similar Medieval perversions.

(, Click on the image and it will take you to the full size cover image. That practices like this would develop is not surprising.

Biblical Hebraica and Ancient Manuscripts, The Times of Our Lives: The Wisdom of Solomon, Memorial Day Thoughts by Dr. Max D. Younce, “The Book of Revelation: God’s Final Word – CHAPTER INDEX PAGE, Biblical Examination of Hell – Dr. Max D. Younce. Today, it's popular to have a big wild party right before Lent begins. Fasting during Lent was more prominent in ancient times than today. They cannot be “Christianized” or made clean by men. As we noted previously, the first widespread announcement of a forty-day pre-Easter fast was in 330 AD, and while other forty-day fasts at different times and for different reasons are mentioned over the previous century, there is no unambiguous reference to Lent prior to that date. What is certain is that, in the period of these sources, an attitude shift is occurring where a ceremonial fast is now seen as a mandatory practice to which Christians must submit or they are in grave sins. Socrates Scholasticus reports that in some places, all animal products were strictly forbidden, while various others permitted fish, or fish and fowl, others prohibited fruit and eggs, and still others permitted only bread. Note that I deliberately used “more” in stating what goes on during Lent. The author is Marjorie A. Younce, the wife of Pastor Younce. It doesn't aid in our salvation, make us more holy, or improve our position before God, and there is no sin in abstaining from Christmas, but ultimately it is within Christian liberty to celebrate it. Heritage Baptist Bible Church

Why Confess to a Priest and not Directly to God? It is rooted in the mistaken idea that Jesus' forty-day fast in the wilderness is something we ought to literally emulate, which misses and in some ways reverses the biblical meaning of that event. There are a thousand and one things we do as human beings or even Christians which are not in the Bible;  nevertheless, they are biblical! They claim over 100 scholars are using the best available manuscripts in the Greek, and Hebrew.

There is nothing Biblical or godly about that. So we see from Irenaeus that fast days before Easter existed quite early on but were fairly short periods, were not mandatory, and varied widely from place to place.

Some churches believed that the day should remain tied to the Jewish Passover and fall on the same day on the Jewish lunar calendar each year while others insisted that it should always fall on a Sunday in honor of the "Lord's Day," the first day of the week. Having said all of this, there is nothing inherently sinful in Christians choosing to fast or limit consumption for forty days leading up to Easter. Reformed Protestants after him continued in that spirit, often practicing fasting in their own lives but denying both the need for it as a necessary act of penance and the value of scheduling large, annual, public fasts, preferring fasting to flow from personal repentance, private devotion, or specific circumstances.

Everything is free for This is what binds us to true believers of all generations, not the adoption of ancient or medieval human traditions. The Bible says that we are made pure by the shed blood of the Messiah. Lent promotes a works based salvation that diminishes the saving work of the Messiah! Padre Antonio It might have the appearance of godliness, but it's not at all Biblical. You will find nothing in God’s Word to support this practice. He argues from this that there should be the same degree of grace regarding the date of the celebration of the resurrection itself. Lent is a well-known tradition among Catholics and various other denominations, but is this 40 day period of fasting Biblical? If you have any issues, please call the office at 385-246-1048 or email us at

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