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joshua franco wikipedia
November 1, 2020

James Edward Franco (born April 19, 1978) is an American actor, director, comedian, producer, academic, painter and writer. Stephanie feels that Josh still has a lot of growing up to do, he's not a bad person but he attacks himself because he has low self-esteem and other personal problems. Chris overhears Josh refer to fish as a dairy product and corrects him. Josh provides an update on his job search - confirming that over six months later, he has had a total of one job interview. This was a hard time to be a cobra fan, since there were many videos that were barely audible even with the volume maximized. On 4/26/2017, Josh announces on Facebook that "Trails of the Abyss" is his final album and that he's giving up on making music, singing, or guitar play. Josh gets a job at Wendy's, where his job is to keep the lobby and restrooms clean and refill the teas (something he struggles with). Although this cheating incident prompted their eventual break-up, Stephanie allegedly forgives Josh for this particular act. Josh buys a side-by-side shotgun and a sling that he fastens to the gun with guitar strings. Josh suddenly believes that he could possibly be the reincarnation of the late 18th-century German composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Though the beach cruiser ultimately did not work, the project provided the fans with hours of great content - including a video of Josh riding the beach cruiser through the halls of his apartment. Chris's friend "Bobby Trainwreck" visits the apartment. Many of Josh's earlier videos are part of a series titled "Guitar Insight", where he explains his guitar methods and techniques. Josh eventually gets a job which leads to less time on Youtube. Summer brought a tattooing kit her Dad got her before he died over to Josh's apartment and Josh had the bright idea to get 'Ozzy' tattooed on his knuckles, just like his idol Ozzy Osbourne. While standing outside of Josh's apartment, homeboy Scotty lets off a fart that then gets caught by the wind and is blown directly into Josh's mouth. Gothic King Cobra gets Recognized by www.Metalsucks.Net gaining josh a new audience. His main claim to fame, however, is that he managed to direct approximately 173 motion pictures in his lifetime[5], encompassing a wide swath of different genres, with practically no financial backing available to him. Many of his actors only found out years after the fact that Franco had actually starred them in films for which they had never even been paid. Produced by Karl Heinz Mannchen; written by Jesús Franco, based on the works of the Marquis de Sade; starred Soledad Miranda, Paul Muller. In an attempt to escape responsibility for his lies, Scotty tells Josh that Bailey has changed her phone number to avoid telemarketers, so it is now impossible to reach her. Josh posts a video celebrating his 5000th subscriber on January 16, 2017, "Reflecting on some irony" - Josh walks around Casper at night, filming from his phone. (11/12/17) Josh livestream's yet again and talks a little bit more about the Facebook drama between him and Stephanie. Josh's videos around this time comprised of your typical mix of tobacco product reviews, food, vocal covers, and long-winded rambling about current events and dead celebrities. That same day, Stephanie moved her things out of the apartment while Josh was at work. Predictably, Scotty comes up with a last-minute excuse and the date does not happen. According to Scotty, Steve began telling Scotty that Summer told him that Josh was forcing sex on Summer, Josh was unclean and had to force Josh to take a shower before they had sex and that Summer did not want to date Josh and wanted to date Steve.

He frequently worked with genre actors Howard Vernon, Paul Müller, Christopher Lee, Jack Taylor, Ewa Strömberg, Soledad Miranda, Maria Rohm, Monica Swinn, William Berger, Dennis Price, Alice Arno, Montserrat Prous, Alberto Dalbes, Antonio Mayans (who actually appeared in 50 Franco films), Britt Nichols, Pamela Stanford, Kali Hansa and Klaus Kinski, all of whom are well known to cult film collectors. Josh uploads a new Shon and Saunders video and makes several references to Felicia. Romay died of cancer in 2012 at age 57, after which Franco died in April, 2013 from natural causes, at age 82.[4]. In his later years, he did, however, get the opportunity to turn out two rather big-budget horror films – Faceless (1988) and Killer Barbys (1996) – both of which showed what great work he could still do when his projects were adequately funded. Josh 'KingCobraJFS' Saunders is a YouTube celebrity and documentary star, who lives in Casper, Wyoming. It's business as usual for most of May and June.

He talks much faster than he does in his current videos and has a middle-parted bowl cut. At this point, his lifestyle becomes much more unhealthy as he begins smoking perpetually and eating a diet consisting entirely of unhealthy junk food.

This includes semi-regular voice chats on a discord server, and videos documenting the events.

During this time, he posts multiple video updates per day, lasting just a few minutes each. The biographical crime-drama film King Cobra is released, and Josh is convinced that the movie is an attempt by his trolls to make him look gay. Much like his previous albums, Josh confirms that a large portion of "Waiting" will be made up of songs that have appeared on prior albums. In the summer of 2019, Josh attempts to trim his hair but fails miserably. Josh's dad, Clint, becomes aware of the aforementioned spending and visits Mister Money Pawn Shop in an attempt to get a refund for his son's money. After about 6 months, Josh gives up on meeting Bailey. Fans flock to the comment section in support of his music career.

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