knife edge light fixture

knife edge light fixture
November 1, 2020

We design our own printed circuit boards to ensure high luminescence efficiency, low thermal resistance and long-term reliable operation. We log LED bin codes for each project we supply to ensure color consistency and keep a record of those projects for future reference. This ensures excellent color consistency in large open spaces. At Picasso Lighting, we have a program where we make sure all of your reels come from the same lot for each project. All Rights Reserved. High performance linear configured LED module boards. Extrusion bottom and front facia ribbed and primed for easy on-site plastering-in. Delivers continuous soft wash of directed light to above surface. 24" and above in 1" Increments. Our light engines are precisely designed for optimal operation of LED assemblies. Bathroom Lighting Bathroom Hardware Bathroom Faucets Hardware & Fixture Collections Featured Shops. Click the button below for more information. 90° corner and field-trimmable fixture options enable the ADL210 to follow typical room perimeters. 2 SDCM available upon request. Specification Information: ... LightCoves Knife Edge MLR3-F 3″ Recessed Drywall Regressed Lens. UL and CUL listed for dry and damp locations. EMR is minimum of 90 minutes operation to meet code. Contact factory if critical. Inside and outside corners are available. A high performance asymmetric fixed aiming linear LED luminaire is a compatible drop-in gear tray designed specifically for the K5-FR. Fixture Lengths - 22" - 88" Compatible Framing - K5-FR 5" Knife Edge Cove Framing System CRI - 80+ Consult factory for custom modifications. DOWNLOAD A SPEC SHEET. POE - We are working with Molex/Igor POE systems. A mounting rail is installed along the desired wall and housing is then hung on rail, easy installation. this easy to install extrusion can be cut to length at the factory or in the field. What's New … At maximum driver load: Efficiency >84%, PF>0.9, THD<20%. Ex. WordPress Download Manager - Best Download Management Plugin, Certificate of Safety Compliance and Listings. We use only recognized brand LED's with 3 SDCM (standard deviation color matching) with high color consistency. Continuous wall-mounting bracket with feed access simplifies fixture installation. LightCoves Bullnose Edge $ 1.00. Field paintable for color matching of walls. Internal components are die-formed aluminum. Field paintable housing after on-sight plastering-in. © Copyright 1946–2020. Each board consists of multiple mid-power, high efficacy LEDs in a precise layout eliminating the need for supplemental heat sinking. Drivers - Our drivers are specifically selected based on fixture application to ensure ultimate reliability and long life. Edge Lighting Technology. KNIFE EDGE provides even, diffused illumination on interior cove and slot ceiling surfaces. ... Fixture lumens per watt ratios up to 143. Multiple standard drive current outputs (factory set by Mercury) are cataloged with their corresponding lumens-per-foot offering. Removable light source sub assembly for simple installation and MORE CREATE A SPEC SHEET. The sharp-edge profile attaches to a heavy gauge, steel hanging channel and accepts 5/8” thick drywall on its underside. Our LED drivers feature HPF (high power factor), universal voltage 110 - 277 VAC and include 0-10V dimming. CRI offered is 80+, and 90+ in inches: 82, 384, etc. Just add POE1 in the spec and we will advise. Rated life (90% survivorship) of 50,000 hours at 50º C max. Limited ten-year (100,000 hours) warranty on all Lutron drivers. Please note, 277v has longer distances from power feed to power feed then 120v. Indirect Cove Lighting. MAILING ADDRESS: 20 Audrey Place This low profile plaster-in system mounts to soffits, coffers or walls as close as 6” from the ceiling. The following exclusions apply: Luminaires with optional standby lighting option, integral lighting controls options, or wireless control options. Knife-edge extruded aluminum in whole foot increments up to 12 ft. in one piece. VIEW IES. High performance lighting modules with deep pocket reflectors deliver exceptional lighting efficiency, Kicker reflectors provide even wall illumination, eliminating socket shadow, Knife Edge Extrusions are field cuttable to any length, “True edge” locking ensures fixture is straight and level with hairline seams along visible Knife Edge surface, Finish: Unpainted, Alodine treated to accept field painting, Weight: Approx. Maximum length of each linear component is 8-ft. 16GA steel ends are provided where needed at row termini. IBEW USA Union All fixtures are IBEW manufactured and assembled in the USA. The boards produce an even and diffuse light which maximizes optical efficiency. Cataloged standard or custom set lumens-per-foot performances. Light source positioned for optimum horizontal spread of illumination. AXIOM Indirect Light Ledge is part of the SUSTAIN portfolio and meets the most stringent sustainability compliance standards today With our lighting partners, Axis Cove Perfekt and Vode ZipWave 10-Year Limited Warranty, 30-Year System Warranty ... LightCoves Knife Edge Design with Downlight Direct Accent $ 1.00. Build your spec sheet by selecting from the drop down menus below. Color temperatures available 80 CRI: 3000K, 3500K and 4000K. Designed to be wall mounted with unique mounting system. The sharp edge extrusion attaches to extruded aluminum wall brackets and accepts 5/8” thick drywall on its underside. Aesthetic Flexibility. Our LED drivers feature HPF (high power factor), universal voltage 110 - 277 VAC and include 0-10V dimming. T 201.246.8188 F 201.246.8122, Unobtrusive, evenly illuminated cove lighting is hung on wall with mounting brackets and covered with drywall creating a cove, Provided in one piece lengths up to 12 feet, Field adjustable light distribution with a thumb screw for even illumination. Based on the fixture you select, we will notify you (or you can contact the factory) to see if we can install the P-driver or the P-driver needs to be remote. Architectural: 2020 Featured Products Handout, MLS2, MLS3, MLD2, MLD3 Vector Tile Option, MLS2, MLS3-N1/N5 Recessed Trimless Drywall, MLP3/F Recessed Wall and Overlapping Flange, MLP3/N5 Recessed Wall and Trimless Drywall. 4 lbs. LM-79 testing was measured under a controlled 25C (77F) ambient operating temperature. ... Fixture lumens per watt ratios up to 143. American Made. Sensor ready (SR) drivers compatible with most lighting controls are optional. it can be configured in straight, coffer, and raft coves. Knife Edge cove system produces an elegant sharp edged architectural feature with uniform lighting on adjacent wall and ceiling. Satin Diffuser for high efficiency and soft edge beam without striations. Knife Edge Design. Our furniture, home decor and accessories collections feature knife edge in quality materials and classic styles. This low profile plaster-in system mounts to soffits, coffers or walls as close as 6” from the ceiling. Most LED luminaires are suitable to operate in ambient temperatures from -20C (-4F) to 25C (77F). Warranty does not cover damage caused by transport, damage caused by using the fixture in an area it is not UL rated for, damage caused by negligence, lack of maintenance, attempts to repair by unqualified or unauthorized personnel, by using non-original accessories/parts, fixtures installed in systems without power surge protection. Light source is not visible from any viewing angle up to and including direct horizontal view. Lutron drivers available: LDE1 and LDE5 series. Knife Edge Design. Knife Edge cove system produces an elegant sharp edged architectural feature with uniform lighting on adjacent wall and ceiling. case) temperature. Note: Certain cataloged lumens-per-foot offerings may be provided with a non-programmable constant current LED power supply at Mercury’s discretion. Please keep in mind you need to specify a complete POE control system before specifying POE1. DOWNLOAD A SPEC SHEET. Fairfield, New Jersey 07004, Phone: (800) 637-2584 Advanced control systems compliant drivers such as POE,DALI, DMX, etc.

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