mid autumn festival traditions

mid autumn festival traditions
November 1, 2020

Nowadays, most families tend to have dinner at a restaurant rather than cook at home. They make them in different shapes to be hung in trees or houses, or floated on rivers. A good place to appreciate the moon should be wide and open, high, or somewhere with water.

Luckily, it’s always possible to send their wishes through a WeChat message (China’s most popular chat app).


If you’re interested in the history and legends related to moon cakes, also visit this page: History of Moon Cakes & The Legend of Chang’e. Children write good wishes on the lanterns and let them fly up into the sky. In Northern China, assorted nuts mooncakes are most common. While the above traditions are common throughout China, they may be different for many minority groups.

Similar traditions are found in other parts of Asia and also revolve around the full moon. The best Mid-Autumn Festival information on tradition, celebrations,Moon cake, food to eat and things to do during the festival…

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Therefore, people can go on short trips with family or friends. Here we've listed the top 8 traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival so that you can slow life down to enjoy the festival during your tour in China.

In the Chaoshan area (southeast of Guangdong Province), women and children worship the moon. The Jade Rabbit is another symbol that people in China associate with the moon and the festival. In some places, people light orange lamps or ask children to run through the streets carrying pomelos in their hands, decorated with burning incense. Mooncakes (月饼, yuèbǐng) Mooncakes are probably the most famous of all Mid-Autumn Festival foods.

It is definitely a travel peak of the year. While dinners are often outdoors, visiting family and good friends at their homes with a box of moon cakes is highly popular. Companies also like to give a gift to every staff member. Join our feeds to automatically receive the latest headlines, news, and information FAQ

As for what they are made from, this varies from region to region, particularly the stuffing and pastry wrapping. These festivals tend to occur on the same day or around the Mid-Autumn Festival.

One of the interesting Mid-Autumn Festival customs is hanging up lanterns, made from bamboo strips shaped like fruit and birds.

I appreciate what you are doing, and applaud you for your efforts. The round moon during the Festival represents the reunion. Did you know that in Vietnam, people also celebrate?

This can be simply at a friend/family with the best balcony or at a hill inside a local park. Nowadays, this tradition is disappearing. AsianCustoms.eu, All Rights Reserved. Though different areas have different customs to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, people share the common desire for reunion, happiness, safety, health, and good harvest. In 2020, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 1st October, which is the same day as Chinese National Day and the beginning of the Golden Week. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, supermarkets will have lottery draws for mooncakes using the consumers' receipts. She gave him a special elixir that would enable him to ascend to the heavens and become a god. This is a good time to get closer to friends and relatives.

Children love making colorful lanterns.

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Whether people browse popular online platforms like Taobao, Tmall, JD or Pinduoduo; or go offline and visit shopping malls, there’s always lots of special deals that catch their attention. 1.

Many customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival are associated with the moon, so the festival is also called as Moon Festival.

The Mid-Autumn Festival honors Chang’e, the moon goddess of immortality, and provides a moment to relax after the busy harvest. The most popular and common gifts are mooncakes and fruit.

Jill K Friedman, Thank you for that kind greeting, Jill. It’s also fun to make colorful paper lanterns with your kids. The skin of pomelo is peeled into a flower-shaped hat for children to get good luck and auspice. Chinese people believed in rejuvenation being associated with the moon and women. Hou Yi’s beautiful wife, Chang’e, in an effort to protect the elixir from an evil man, drank it herself and flew to the moon along with a rabbit sent to accompany her. The Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as the Mooncake Festival. Mid-autumn Festival Traditions.

The simplest way to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival is to visit with family under the moonlight. Think of this as a loose guideline! , If you want to send your greetings during the Mid-Autumn Festival, you can use this phrase: “中秋快乐” (simplified Chinese) or “中秋節快樂“ (traditional Chinese), which means “happy Mid-Autumn Festival!”.

There are over 1 billion digital red envelopes were sent over the Mid-Autumn Festival since 2015.

In South Korea, the celebration lasts three days, and many people travel to reunite with relatives. Walking towards the direction given by gods, she would remembered the first words she heard by accident or overheard and went home to divine.

Nowadays, young people like to send messages via instant messaging apps, such as WeChat or QQ. Germany, Safely steer through every conversation in English with this guide!

People give mooncakes as gifts and serve them at family gatherings. In Pu city of Fujian, women should cross the Nanpu Bridge to pray for long life.

Hi Lauren, sorry, not that I'm aware of! Thanks for your article.

In keeping with tradition, the lantern contains six miniature mooncakes, three sweet egg custard, and three chocolate custard mooncakes. The fillings may be traditional lotus seed paste, egg yolk… Mid-autumn Festival Is a Magical Way to Celebrate the Full Harvest Moon — Here's How to Join In. Ancient Chinese emperors traditionally used the Mid-Autumn Festival to pray for the harvest, fine weather and peace for the country. Not only is this holiday important, because it’s about family reunion, but also all the fun traditions that come with it, makes this period one that people really look forward to! Some Chinese will plan to visit the best spots in the city to watch the moon after dinner. See another traditional Chinese festival — Chinese Lantern Festival.

After dinner, they may talk about their work, the children, and their future plans. People in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces also eat taros during the Mid-Autumn, because in local dialects, taro sounds like "good luck is coming" in Chinese.

Mid-Autumn Festival traditions focus on thanksgiving and reunion, themes that should resonate strongly in today’s fast-paced world. Festival customs vary among countries, but most focus on family gatherings, special foods, lanterns, and offerings to the moon.

Making colorful lanterns is a happy activity between families and children. Thank you, Wes.

I am a Chinese woman from Singapore who has spent 50 years in the USA, namely in Hawaii. They usually leave before dinnertime.

Just click the button, and patterns of the Moon Goddess and other mythical figures appear. It's a family day in Chian like Thanksgiving. It's also a good way to break the ice if you don't know how to start a conversation by phone.

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