monday and wednesday lotto divisions

monday and wednesday lotto divisions
November 1, 2020

Note: Prices in each state may vary slightly, depending on the individual state lottery.

All prices are displayed in AUD. If your six numbers match the first six selected by the lottery officials, then you will win or possibly share in the Division 1 prize pool. Players can join and play Wednesday Lotto in various ways eg: A ‘Standard’ game is played by choosing six (6) numbers from a selection of 1 to 45. 5 winning numbers plus either of the 2 supplementary numbers, 3 winning numbers plus either of the 2 supplementary numbers, 1 or 2 winning numbers plus 2 supplementary numbers. Home; State: ACT. Monday Lotto system tickets increase your chances of winning a prize by playing a wider range of number combinations! Entries cost $0.55 per game plus agent's commission. Terms Here’s a table with the odds, the numbers you need to match and the prize fund for each division. Like Monday and Saturday night Lotto, Wednesday night’s game uses a 6/45 matrix with players selecting 6 numbers from 45 and after the main six numbers are drawn,  2 supplementary numbers are drawn, increasing the number prize winning divisions to 5. All times displayed in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT is UTC+11) unless stated otherwise. Monday and Wednesday Lotto were the only lotto games played in NSW until Oz Lotto began in 1994. and Conditions, Create Monday & Wednesday Lotto (X Lotto in South Australia) is a lotto game played in all states and territories. You can then choose your own preferred numbers or randomly computer generated ones online here through the website. You can also play using a ‘Multi-week’ entry for Wednesday lotto, using the same numbers for weeks or even months in advance. The winning numbers in Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw 4015 on Wednesday 7 October 2020 were 9, 13, 17, 7, 6, and 10 while the supplementary numbers were … Think! You’ll never want to see your  lotto numbers come up in the week where you forgot to put your entry in! Oz Lotteries product pricing differs from that of traditional retail agencies. This is a very convenient way to play and also to make sure that you never miss putting your lotto entries in. Learning the basic aspects of the game gives players a distinct advantage in purchasing their lotto entries and thus reducing the costs needed to win the bigger Divisions. You can also play ‘Multi-week’ entries for both Wednesday lotto and other Lottery games, using the same numbers for weeks or even months in advance. The time of the Wednesday night draw depends on the Australian state in which you live eg: For NSW Lotteries and its resellers, the draw happens at 8:30pm (AEDT). Optional. Winning Wednesday Lotto is not determined by luck alone. If your numbers match the first six (6) selected by the lottery company, then you will win or at least share in the 1st Division pool. Prizes; Wednesday Lotto Prizes.

For example: for Oz Lotteries, a NSW Lotteries reseller, the draw closing time is at 6:30pm (AEDT) and for Tattersalls, entries close at 7:30pm. This Guide covers the rules of the game and all available options for purchasing your lotto tickets.

Saturday Lotto Prizes. There are 8 balls drawn in the Wednesday Lotto. Much like Monday and Wednesday Lotto, Saturday Lotto offers six different prize tiers. Draw closing times also depend on each state lottery. To be sure though, check your online lottery ticket to see when your game is drawn. This system covers 10 numbers, in all possible 6 number combinations, over 210 games. A total of six divisions cover the Wednesday Lottery, each with its own winning number combination and allotted prizes.

.. and then, there are ‘Systems’ entries, where you can choose more numbers per game than the standard (6) and thereby significantly increasing your chances of winning the major prizes. The biggest win for a single ticket in this division was on January 21st 2009 when a player from NSW scored $6 Million. You're in control. Like Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto was originally a 40-ball lottery, but has undergone several changes throughout the years. For NSW Lotteries, the minimum price is 50 cents per game. During the lotto draw, eight (8) numbers will be randomly selected by government approved lottery officials comprising six (6) winning or regular and two (2) supplementary numbers. ... Lotto Results Monday Lotto Wednesday Lotto Saturday Lotto Oz Lotto Super Jackpot Lottery. Like Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto was originally a 40-ball lottery, but has undergone several changes throughout the years. Matching all six main numbers drawn for Wednesday Lotto could see you win a share of millions of dollars - there’s a guaranteed top prize of AU$1 million for the first four winners in the highest prize tier.

The combination of winning and supplementary numbers are used to determine the winners of secondary Divisions 2-6. details? © Copyright TMS Global Services Pty.Ltd. To purchase any of your Lotto tickets online, simply click here now. Starting in April 2004, Monday and Wednesday Lotto are the same or similar to Saturday Lotto where six regular numbers and two “supplementary” numbers are selected from a … This is not only a very convenient way to play, but it also ensures you never miss having your entry in the draw – Especially, if your numbers did come up and you had forgotten to buy your lotto ticket for that week!

HAVE FUN & PLAY RESPONSIBLY. 2003-2016. Once the rollover feature returned so did larger first division prizes, increasing its popularity tenfold. All rights reserved. Mega Jackpot Lottery Lotto Strike Powerball Set For Life. The SA Lotteries price list can be seen here.

Wednesday Lotto found its humble beginnings back in 1979 and there have been very changes to the structure over the years apart from the addition of a second supplementary number in August 1990 and a slight change to the matrix in 2004.

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