moscow district

moscow district
November 1, 2020

With the collapse of the USSR the District became for the first time in its history a boundary district and thus a new priority was put on building up combat forces within it, rather than the training and capital garrison focus of the Soviet period. Former territorial units with special status (Russian: территориальная единица с особым статусом, Russian: ТЕОС) which existed in 1995–2002, and were not part of the districts in which they were located: All territorial units with special status were merged into districts in 2002. In 1944–5 alone the District sent to the front 1,200,000 soldiers. The new territories have been organized into two new administrative okrugs—Novomoskovsky and Troitsky.[1]. D. Olkhovsky; (July 1915 - September 1915), Lieutenant Colonel Alexander E. Gruzinov (March 1917 - April 1917), Lieutenant Colonel Konstantin I. Ryabtsev (September 1917 - November 1917), Sergey Natsarenus, (March 1919 - June 1919), Aleksandr Burdukov, (June 1919 - December 1920), Pavel Petryaev, (December 1920 - February 1921), Colonel General Pavel Artemyev (1949–June 1953), Colonel General (promoted to General of the Army October 1977), 4944th Base for Storage of Weapons and Equipment (, 918th Multiple Rocket Launcher Regiment (Mulino), (two?) Also listed by are the 196th Motor Rifle Division, Kursk, the 225th Motor Rifle Division at Mulino, the 228th Rear Defence Division in Moscow itself, 267th Spare Motor Rifle Division. Over 80,000 men were also called into reserve units. The federal city of Moscow, Russia is divided into twelve administrative okrugs, which are in turn subdivided into districts (raions). The entire Ground Forces began to go through a major reorganisation (the 2008 Russian military reform), which apparently began in March 2009, in which armies are becoming operational commands and divisions are being redesignated brigades. [11] The unit was based at Kobyakovo. In 2010 it was merged with the Leningrad Military District, the Northern Fleet and the Baltic Fleet to form the new Western Military District. In the beginning of the 1930 tanks started to be introduced, including the MS or T-18, T-26, T-27, BT, T-28, and the heavy T-35. In 1955 the district's forces comprised the 1st Guards Rifle Corps, the 13th Guards Rifle Corps, the 3rd Guards Rifle Division, the 15th, the 31st Guards, the 38th Guards Rifle Divisions, the 4th Guards Kantemirovskaya Tank Division, the 23rd Guards, 65th, and 66th Guards Mechanised Divisions, the 71st Mechanised Division, and the 38th Guards Airborne Corps (105th Guards Vienna Airborne Division and 106th Guards Airborne Division).[3]. The territory of Kitai-gorod is not a part of any district and is governed directly by the administrative okrug. Map of Moscow boundary expansion and List of municipal areas transferred to Moscow, Administrative-territorial structure of Moscow – The official website of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow, Map of Moscow boundary expansion – The official website of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow,, Administrative divisions of the federal subjects of Russia, Articles containing Russian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Southwestern Center of Science and Industry, Khoroshyovsky (later renamed Voroshilovsky, and then back to Khoroshyovsky), This page was last edited on 27 October 2020, at 11:21. In 1930 the first mechanized infantry brigade in the Soviet Army was formed in the district. In 1969 Moscow was divided into 30 districts: In 1977, Zheleznodorozhny and Sevastopolsky Districts were established. local self-government entities. Пошаговые инструкции",,, Military districts of the Russian Federation, Military units and formations established in 1864, Military units and formations disestablished in 2010, 1864 establishments in the Russian Empire, Russia articles missing geocoordinate data, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, General of Infantry Alexander G. Sandetsky; (July 1914 - May 1915), Adjutant General, Lieutenant General Prince Felix Felixovitch Soumarokov-Elston; (May 5, 1915 - June 19, 1915), General of Infantry Petr. The total population of the Federal City of Moscow was 11,503,501 inhabitants at the Russian Census (2010). This list may not reflect recent changes (). The District also housed 21,000 Turkish prisoners of war. The District’s territory then comprised 12 provinces: Vladimir, Vologda, Kaluga, Kostroma, Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod, Ryazan, Smolensk, Tambov, Tver, Tula, and Yaroslavl. From summer 1945 to summer 1946, in order to supervise the demobilisation process, the District was subdivided into four: the Moscow, Voronezh (1949–60), Gorki (1945—1947, 1949—1953) (where the 324th Rifle Division was probably demobilised), and Smolensk Military Districts (33rd Army, home from Germany, formed Smolensk MD headquarters in late 1945).

The 22nd Army had previously been inactive for a long period; it was last operational immediately after the war (when it participated in the Second Rzhev-Sychevka Offensive in late 1942) when its HQ along with the 109th Rifle Division arrived in the South Ukraine in May 1945. Muralov was assigned as the new commander of the district.

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