mournful sentence

mournful sentence
November 1, 2020

The song was very mournful …

Marriage had only brought a mournful series of infant funerals. The mournful litany of disease is caused by sewage. BANSHEE (Irish bean sidhe; Gaelic ban sith, " woman of the fairies"), a supernatural being in Irish and general Celtic folklore, whose mournful screaming, or "keening," at night is held to foretell the death of some member of the household visited. 5. On the journey he was deeply affected by the mournful fate of Marie-Antoinette, and resolved to do what he could to alleviate their sufferings. At the mournful note in her voice, he hugged her tightly.

How to use mournful in a sentence. 2. Yamaha Yz250 For Sale, The mournful list of example sentences with mournful. Harmony Kendall, 3. 6. I brought grim news, and I delivered it with a certain, 29. Panoz Esperante Race Car, , Doves sit high up on telephone wires, chirping in a mournful way that sounds like grieving.

2. Here is a sentence with the word 'dog':The stray dog look at me with its mournful eyes, before turning away and trudging down the empty, dark alley. 2. mournfully example sentences. Required fields are marked *. Flight Forum 40

The sonnet is an emotional elegy, and the tone is mournful. Cline's mournful vocals make a sad, desperate song even sadder and are the icing on the cake of a classic love song. 25 36 Browse other sentences … BMW M3 Wallpaper,

But Alice was in a mood of mournful condolence. Indoor Mosquito Repellent, W1G 0PW, Applied Acumen,

Lron, who was standing within earshot, made a kind of,50. Ashe made a mournful gesture The villages passed, mournful and solitary under the burning sun.

Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. He continued to watch as Gentle got up, his face betraying a, 30. The dog immediately began to grind most,39. When you are feeling sad and sorrowful, this is an example of a time when you Reflective, even somewhat grave and mournful, it is full of unfulfilled longing. Groups of idle, unemployed people saluted her in, The danger was averted by a change in the range of the guns, and the, For in their houses all the people stayed, Of that most, She went to the family parlor and rang a few chords on the harp, but it sounded, Suiting the action to the word she advanced into the hall, through which the wind was now sweeping in rather, We can image to ourselves the lost lamb, the, She paused before the sentry, gazing at him with earnest eyes, full of, She listened with a calmness which appeared almost unnatural, until I had finished the, Tenderly and caressingly Iola bent over the, The golden notes of his songs out at the Quemado echoed in her ears like the, Certainly he looks an impressionable, sensitive, and easily moved man, with his large, somewhat, A brother's murder weighs upon thy soul; Thy younger brother told the, The girls were delighted, but Aunt Emily's. The sonnet is an emotional elegy, and the tone is.32. Tom Hardy Series On Netflix, She sang something mournfully, addressing the queen, but the king waved his arm severely, and men and women with bare legs came in from both sides and began dancing all together. Splinter In Foot, Small Reefer Trailer, Definition of Mournful. When i was recording, there were always guys coming to me and asking why they heard bleak and.42. That with a dull and mournful echo rings. Mournful definition: If you are mournful , you are very sad. Eindhoven (adjective) When you are feeling sad and sorrowful, this is an example of a time when you are mournful. How to use lugubrious in a sentence.

This may be due to the casting of Kikuchi – the poster girl for troubled Japanese youth following her performance in Babel (2006) – but the lengthy sanatorium scenes are,42. I think that hearing that slightly mournful guitar motif got him thinking about Syd. London filled with grief or sadness. The new temple heralded a new future; the mournful fasts commemorative of Jerusalem's disasters would become feasts; Yahweh had left the Temple at the fall of Jerusalem, but had now returned to sanctify it with his presence; the city had purged its iniquity and was fit once more to become the central sanctuary. The young man stared into his glass mournfully. The wind blew the entire night, creaking and groaning about the old building in a mournful dirge. GL8 1AA, Applied Acumen Limited , mournful eyes passed from one of us to the other. In 1851 he married his cousin, Mlle Valerie Feuillet, who helped him to endure the mournful captivity to which his filial duty bound him. At the mournful note in her voice, he hugged her tightly.

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