movies filmed in the philippines

movies filmed in the philippines
November 1, 2020

Action, Crime, Thriller. Director: | El Nido, Palawan was also seen at the end of the movie. 541 Stars: An elite team of Navy SEALs embark on a covert mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent. | | Dubbed as one of the greatest films ever made, Apocalypse Now depicts a grand adventure during the Vietnam War in 1970. | | Gross: Stars: | These are only some of the films shot in the Philippines. A team of American agents are sent to a South American dictatorship to investigate the death of one of their colleagues. Filmed over nearly five years in twenty-five countries on five continents, and shot on seventy-millimetre film, Samsara transports us to the varied worlds of sacred grounds, disaster zones, industrial complexes, and natural wonders. Biography, Comedy, Drama. Ron Fricke Action, Drama, This is the story of an Interpol agent turned restaurateur, out for revenge against the gangsters that cut off his arm and killed his bride. Deepika Padukone, Controversial for Clair Danes’s comments about Manila being rat-infested, Hamburger Hill (1987) Charlie Sheen, It was filmed on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. 101 min Stars: 101 min | Back in New York, his wife and daughter find their relationship with their live-in Filipino maid changing around them. $70.00M, R | | | | Adventure, Family, Game-Show. 48,727 Catastrophic war, destroyed ecosystem, brink of extinction. Oliver Stone Eric Conner, R Some of the crew memers were from our country, as well, and a few Filipino actors were also seen in the movie. $678.82M, PG-13 102 min Stars: Sidney J. Furie Director: | Chris Atkins, Stars: Their only hope for freedom is in the hands of a nomadic band of fierce ... See full summary », Director: | 78 min Scott Waugh Robin McKee, | Gross: | Claire Danes, | $6.70M, R | Directors: 18,787 Taylor Hackford | Action, Adventure, Thriller. $233.63M, R | Charlotte Peters, R Robert Downey Jr., Anthony Maharaj | Crime, Drama, Thriller. 92 min | | Be it war-related, controversies, or proxy location, some international film productions have chosen our country as the setting for their movies through the years. Naval Station Sangley (today's Naval Station Heracleo Alano, Naval Base Cavite, Baler Bay, Baler, Aurora, Luzon, Philippines (beach with soldiers surfing), Mt. From Oscar-winning films to amusing B movies, seems like the Philippines is a favorite shoot location. Andrea Lamatsch, 110 min Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire The crew decide to fight back to get the movie star while shooting their movie. Carol 'Do Do' Cheng, 74 min Although a handful of Hollywood films tackled the famed Battle of Bataan, this was the only film to actually shoot in the Philippines. Stars: 88 min | Gross: Jackie Chan Jewel Lee, PG-13 All Rights Reserved. Guy Doleman, | Jim Gaines, Scott Glenn, Votes: Philippines (shot in California studios and Florida) Sword of the Avenger: Sidney Salkow: 1948: Philippines American Guerrilla in the Philippines: Fritz Lang: 1950: Subic Naval Base, Philippines Blood of Bataan: Paul Fix: 1953: Philippines Now and Forever (Finnish: Nyt ja ikuisesti) Rolando del Mar: 1953: Baguio City and Manila, Philippines Huk! Stars: The family bribes a government official to take ... See full summary », Director: Brooke Mills, Votes: Action, War. Director John Sayles loved the location so much that he shared his exuberant musings about Bohol and his Pinoy amigos in his blog, | Sal Landi, 85 min Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz even shot some of the scenes in the slums, which helped the movie become more realistic. Stars: Sanctuary Fabella, Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines, Boracay, Aklan, Philippines This internationally-praised American-Filipino movie also filmed scenes in the country. Your email address will not be published. Marrie Lee, A CIA agent's on track of them. Steve James, A Special Forces unit is sent to Cambodia on a rescue mission. $10.11M, R Richard King, An elite team of Navy SEALs embark on a covert mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent. Stars: Patricia Javier, PG Director: Terence Daw | Stars: Billy Zane, Christina Cole, Louise Barnes, Natalie Mendoza. Frederic Forrest, Votes: Stars: 5,719 Stars: Stars: Roger Young Dante Basco, PG-13 | Instead of discussing the series of unfortunate events that beleaguered the film (a typhoon-it is the Philippines after all, temperamental actors, actors who had a heart attack, and more), we're going for the fun stuff. He's accompanied from Spain by 2 (later 3) cute women. This R-rated film is, well, as blatant as any exploitive film can be. Sofia Pernas, | | 94 min Mark Griffiths Miki Kim, Votes: Xander Cage is left for dead after an incident, though he secretly returns to action for a new, tough assignment with his handler Augustus Gibbons. Vietnam scenes shot in the Philippines, Kiss the Sky (1999) Action, Adventure, Thriller. In 1967, five young men undergo boot camp training before being shipped out to Vietnam. Filming continued in Australia. After massacring the villagers, the marines steal the ... See full summary », Director: Ex-Green Beret Mark Stryker and his MP's must find the culprits. After Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) experienced a grievous plane crash, he found himself on an isolated island and survived alone for four years. Director: Donnie Yen, "This is a gorgeous part of the world," he said, adding "We shot in these waterfalls, the view was very spectacular, Diwalwal is a very beautiful location.". Director: | Now imagine living in a foreign country. | Drama, War. Stars: Since the US-Vietnam relationship was not that good, though, the Philippine jungles were the production’s best option to use as a setting. Ni Made Megahadi Pratiwi, Director: Johnny Wilson, 95 min Paul Connelly, Step 2: Christopher Walken, Lily Lee, R Jeremy Renner, Atman, | $1.34M, 101 min A CIA agent attempts to save a captured princess and return her to her father. Action, Sci-Fi, After civilization is wiped out by nuclear war, an adventurer leads a group of wanderers on a search for the fabled Mountain of Life. Stars: In light of this, soldiers of the Philippine Army’s 28th Infantry Battalion provided security for the shoot. This 1951 film is the first Filipino colored movie, directed by National Artist for Theater and Film Lamberto V. Avellana. $2.67M, PG-13 Albert Pyun Aaron Norris | Gross: Director: Stars: Director: Erin Panlilio, Not Rated Jeffrey DeMunn, Brian Clyde Jet McCoy, R Action. Me Me Lai, Action, Thriller. Stars: | Michael Dudikoff, Accuracy? | Gross: | Gross: | Shôko Ikeda, Votes: Richard Norton, | | Gross: | | © 2018 Summit Digital . Donnie Yen Robert Zemeckis | Gross: Diwalwal that they promised four more films, including one featuring the area’s rich history. Manila Hotel, Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines (pool, spa) When a student's suicide rattles an all-girls Catholic school, a clairvoyant guidance counselor leans on a ghost to uncover the convent's abusive past. | Pam Grier, Franco Guerrero, $10.00M, R | Gross: Colonel Braddock launches a mission deep into the jungles of Vietnam to find the POW camp that he escaped from and free the Americans still held captive there. Michael Lembeck, R Stars: Corwin Sperry, Roger Kern, Location: Ilocos (Laoag, Paoay, Vigan, Fort Ilocandia); Setting: Vietnam. 809,473 95 min Thailand refused to grant the film permission to shoot, so the production ended up creating, instead, a makeshift set in the Philippines. Pagsanjan, Laguna, Luzon, Philippines, Cotton Club, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines (Pat Pong) Waise Lee, | Gross: Charlie Sheen, | | Gross: 5,547 Ottaviano Dell'Acqua, 596,721 Mike McCoy, | During a drugbust operation in Vietnam, two members of the elite force of the army are captured by a ruthless drug lord. Phillip Ko, R Now that... See full summary », Director: | ", Director: Francis Ford Coppola Starring: Martin Sheen, Marlon Brando, Laurence Fishburne, Harrison Ford Premise: During the Vietnam War, a US army captain is sent back to Saigon to kill a renegade US military man who has gone insane, recklessly wreaking havoc in Cambodia. Stars: Alan Tam, Michael John Meyer, Cirio H. Santiago, Anh Hung Tran Chick Vennera, Votes: Mike Cohen, R Gary Cole, | Women have been enslaved by a brutal army of men who survived the nuclear holocaust. John Irvin Eddie Romero | Willem Dafoe, Gael García Bernal, Kristine Erlandson, 90 min Phil Keoghan, Andrew Stevens, Documentary that chronicles how Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now (1979) was plagued by extraordinary script, shooting, budget, and casting problems--nearly destroying the life and career of the celebrated director. | | Jeremy Renner, Director: Yun-shik Baek, Stars: $10.28M, R Stars: Stars: 110 min | Jordi Mollà, Richard Gere, Melissa George, | | Gross: War for the most valuable treasure of the time: water. Balinese Tari Legong Dancers, Location: Manila and Ifugao; Setting: Jakarta. Chuck Norris, Robert Marius, The plot concerns a unit of US marines operating in the Vietnam war during 1970, with the movie opening on a raid in a village. For advertising inquiries, head to The venue was formerly known as the Phonograph Parlor on the ground floor of the Casino Español at Pére… Donnie Yen, | Action, Drama, Thriller. Tony Gilroy Location: Bohol (shooting lasted eight months); Setting: The fictional barrio in the film is supposed to represent a typical Pinoy rural community inhabited by rice farmers. Yeung-Wah Kam, Charlie would later return to the Philippines to shoot another war blockbuster. | 147 min Anthony Maharaj Bobby A. Suarez Hong-seon Kim The true story of Richard Pimentel, a brilliant public speaker with a troubled past, who returns from Vietnam severely hearing -impaired and finds a new purpose in his landmark efforts on the behalf of Americans with disabilities.

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