november 2004 movies

november 2004 movies
November 1, 2020

Cox Gets Back to Basics. He runs away as Sophie arrives. Cinematographer and Sundance Film Festival judge Frederick Elmes commented of Schreiber's work, "She lit it and used colors in a way that the camera responded. She tells Dr. Fayn that the headaches started to occur before the incident at the convenience store, and that she had been having an affair with a co-worker, Jesse (Ealy). [6] A breakthrough was achieved after a meeting with director Gary Winick, who had established a company in New York City called InDigEnt. Inspired by the perception-versus-reality mindgames of Mulholland Drive and the eerie psychological aesthetic of Nicolas Roeg's Don't Look Now". He added he felt November was "open-ended" enough that he hoped viewers would "come up with the most beautiful stories themselves that are very different from how I saw it. Renfrew consciously chose to avoid taking the project to major Hollywood studios such as 20th Century Fox or Warner Bros.; instead, she opted for "smaller companies who were interested in doing something off of center".

Harrison said, "She's seen in the fashion world as glamorous, a pop icon from Friends, so how to dress her down, and also make her body feel different. While Hugh is in the store buying some chocolate for Sophie, an armed man (Carey) arrives and holds up the store, shooting the store clerk, his son, and Hugh dead. ", "Everyone ends up in the same damned place. It stars Courteney Cox as Sophie, a photographer whose life begins to unravel following a traumatic incident on November 7 that involved her boyfriend, played by James LeGros.

[6] Brand then read a newspaper story about a shooting during the robbery of a store, in which the robber had hidden the body of the proprietor behind the counter and then taken the proprietor's place at the counter as customers came in.

Any other explanation, for example a speech by the psychiatrist or the cop explaining exactly what has really happened, would be contrivance. Released in UK cinemas Tuesday 27th January 2004 Big Fish.

[7] The project did not enter production, but when Harrison began casting for November, Cox became a prime candidate for the lead role.

Endangered Species November 16, 2004. Sophie sinks into a deep depression, and cannot bring herself to erase Hugh's voice from their apartment's answering machine. Brand had served as an assistant to producer Danielle Renfrew on the film Groove (2000), which Greg Harrison had directed. To help achieve a blue colour cast for the first phase of the film ("denial"), Schreiber surrounded the shooting locations with machines that pumped smoke across the set.

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The film's original script was written by Benjamin Brand, who had written and sold several unproduced screenplays to studios. The Brand Family ... 21 July 2005 Released in UK cinemas Friday 30th January 2004 The Emperor's New … November is a 2004 American psychological thriller film first screened at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.

Please enable javascript to enhance your visit. The More the Merrier Availabe November 2, 2004 Babes in Toyland Availabe November 2, 2004 A Home at the End of the World Availabe November 2, 2004 Shrek 2 Availabe November 5, 2004

Sophie contacts Officer Roberts (Offerman), the head of the investigation into the shootings at the convenience store, who is as puzzled as she is as to who is responsible for the photos. For the opening robbery scenes (which recur throughout the film), Schreiber purchased two Panasonic AG-DVX100 cameras with white balance and color temperature controls. After some deliberation, it was decided that the film would not be released to theaters until the following summer.

October 31, 2004: $21,817,598: 45: November 7, 2004: The Incredibles: $70,467,423: The … Released in UK cinemas Friday 23rd January 2004 Khakee.

"[4] According to Greg Harrison, the events in the film were Sophie's memories as she and Hugh lay dying on the floor of the convenience store: "Each movement of this memory was her process of coming to terms with the terrible trauma, which was that she was killed for absolutely no reason, and it was some random act of violence she couldn’t confront". Released Nov 5 , 2004 Fade to Black

These are the films that I saw in November 2004.

I was lucky enough to see this film at the Sundance Film Festival (2004).

They were both impressed; Harrison said it was "fascinating ... kind of an abstract exercise in narrative, which I thought was exciting and bold". View production, box office, & company info.

I knew I could bring something out of her that people haven't seen before", he said. National Treasure. [12] Reviews were generally positive; Guylaine Cadorette said the film was "sure to garner buzz" outside of the fest,[13] while Variety's Todd McCarthy wrote that the film was "a stylistic tour de force dedicated more to constructing a cinematic puzzle than to providing dramatic satisfaction". [5] Once they and Renfrew were satisfied with their work, the group began pitching the project to various production companies. Better to allow November to descend into confusion and despair ... [it] does not bargain and does not explain.

Exciting, intense, demanding psychological thriller. However, by continuing to use this site Click the name of the film below for more details including synopsis, trailer, premiere, reviews and the option to create a showing alert. November 2004's best movies were The Polar Express, National Treasure, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and The Incredibles.

[7] He described the experience of editing the film alone (for the most part) as "brutal" and "exhausting",[10] but he said he was satisfied with his work nonetheless.

R Sophie Jacobs is going through the most difficult time of her life.

Sophie Jacobs is going through the most difficult time of her life. Scary Movie 3.

Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy November 16, 2004.

Mark Holcomb, reviewing for The Village Voice, said the film was "less compelling the more apparent its solution becomes.

You can find out more or switch them off if you prefer. Now, she just has to find out if it's real.   | 

[7] He also cited the advantages Mini-DV had in post-production, estimating that 75%–80% of the visual and sound design processing had been performed on desktop computers.

Harrison, who cited the "terrible, terrible" experience of coping with the death of a close friend as one of his personal inspirations for the film, focused their efforts on inserting a more profound element of emotion into the script; in his words they were "trying to express the subjective experience of trauma".
A similar process was used in the second movement of the narrative, which was bathed in orange to represent Sophie's despair, while white expressed "acceptance" in the film's third and final act.

[10], Once shooting had wrapped, Harrison entered the editing room and constructed the film over the course of eighteen weeks, occasionally consulting colleagues such as Sarah Flack (editor of The Limey (1999) and Lost in Translation (2003)).

Later, Officer Roberts discovers that the photo of the convenience store was paid for with Sophie's credit card. Kirk Honeycutt proclaimed Schreiber "the movie's real heroine, as she dramatically meshes the real with the surreal, creating different looks and emotions for each segment through light and color," while Jack Mathews wrote, "I suspect that it was her work—perhaps alone—that changed "November's" fate from a direct-to-video release to a brief first run in theaters.". November 19, 2004. We are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of out site,

Mark Holcomb, however, said Cox's demeanor "suggests impatience rather than depression," and F. X. Feeney thought "Cox’s performance is too muted to vitally illuminate this woman’s agony". "[20] The New York Daily News was more negative in its summary of the film, labelling it a "convoluted and unsatisfying psychological drama." "[5], The film's original script was written by Benjamin Brand, who had written and sold several unproduced screenplays to studios. Harrison, who had started out in the film industry as an editor, noted the strong involvement of key creative personnel throughout the pre-production, production and post-production stages, and called it "kind of a more holistic approach to post-production". The weather in November was, on the whole, quite awful. November 23, 2004.

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