islam in france

islam in france
November 1, 2020

121 Islamophobic incidents have been reported.

Cette interdiction est réaffirmée dans l'article 8 de la loi du 6 janvier 1978 relative à l'informatique, aux fichiers et aux libertés[10]. D'autres estimations avancent un nombre de musulmans compris entre 3,1 et 3,7 millions au recensement de 1999 : ce recensement a en effet été complété par une enquête Familles, qui permet d’en exploiter mieux les données. Ces zones ont souvent des indicateurs économiques dégradés[105] (taux de chômage de 27 % et de pauvreté de 43 % dans la commune de La Courneuve en 2019[106],[107]).

nécessaire]. Toujours selon Olivier Roy, on assiste progressivement, sous les effets de la mondialisation et de la déculturation, au découplage entre religion et culture traditionnelle, comme cela s'est fait dans le christianisme.

[1] This establishes fear and distrust among the French public, allowing Islamophobia to manifest itself through the censorship and political repression of Muslims in France.

France’s interior minister, Gérard Darmanin, told local paper Libération on Monday that such measures were aimed at “sending a message,” adding, “We are seeking to fight an ideology, not a religion.”. Authorities would rightly fear the increasing hostility of a new generation excluded from public institutions; many also feel a duty to extend to them the promise of republican citizenship. Furthermore, although Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy claimed that most rioters were immigrants and already known to the police, the majority were, in fact, previously unknown to the police. Selon lui, cette déculturation du religieux est la condition nécessaire à l'émergence d'un islam européen (en), même si le contenu théologique ne change pas plus que celui du catholicisme au cours des siècles[72].

"[94], A Muslim group spokesman expressed serious concern over the proposed legislation, noting that "even if they ban the burqa, it will not stop there," adding that "there is a permanent demand for legislating against Muslims.

[12] Political leaders emphasise that this is a protection of social cohesion within France, however it affects the inclusion of Muslims. Many Muslim leaders would like to combine the roles of political and religious interlocutor in a single council. [87] Statistics on ethnicity and religion are banned in France.

", "As France mourns slain teacher Samuel Paty, some question secular values", "Study shows French Muslims hit by religious bias", "Firebombs and pigs heads thrown into mosques as anti-Muslim attacks increase after Paris shootings", "8 wounded in France mosque shooting, not terrorism—prosecutor", Paris mosque incident: Man tries to ram car into crowd of Muslim worshippers, police say, "Nearly Half of France's Muslim Population Experience Discrimination", "Thousands March in Paris Against Islamophobia After Attack", "Thousands Protest Islamophobia in France", "[Ticker] 42% of French Muslims experienced discrimination", "Nearly half of French Muslims report being discriminated against based on their religion", "Muslims, Activists in France Want to March Against Islamophobia", "What Do Europeans Think About Muslim Immigration?

le 4 avril 2015, le président du Conseil français du culte musulman. [14] The concept behind this bill has been commended by a United Nations human rights expert who also, on the contrary, highlights the negative influence this may have over religious freedom. [37][38] According to expert Franck Fregosi: "Although fasting during Ramadan is the most popular practice, it ranks more as a sign of Muslim identity than piety, and it is more a sign of belonging to a culture and a community",[5] and he added that not drinking alcohol "seems to be more a cultural behaviour".[5].

France its first occurrences with religious extremism in the 1980s due to French involvement in the Lebanese civil war. French Muslims as a community, even in the religiously sensitive period of Ramadan, overwhelmingly condemned the attack on New York.

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