poltergeist 3 deleted scenes

poltergeist 3 deleted scenes
November 1, 2020

SANDY It's likely that some are scenes which were never shot; others probably were filmed but didn't make the final cut. In the morning I'll call someone in. HELEN Carol Anne is dazed but unhurt. I'm making you the accessory in this crime. With one more final desperate blow Bruce pounds the necklace against Kane's face. His face shatters! If you didn't know Tangina was a midget you'd think the man was nine feet tall. The room returns to normal and all the family and Scott are saved. The melodrama gushes out of her. Here's what the fan posted: I purchased an old studio copy of a 'Poltergeist III' script, the third revised draft with the above date, and again it differs. ANGLE-DONNA AND SCOTT-Scott is searching for what she saw. Carol Anne? JOHN HANCOCK BUILDING-NIGHT Donna picks up one of Patricia's compacts, a fancy looking one, starts to powder her nose as she follows Patricia into the hallway. Carol Anne adjusts her helmet and sits inside her launch circle. FARROW It is three feet in diameter and shaped like a black rose. He turns his head. He knows where he now must look. Everyone covers their eyes. CAROL ANNE DR. LESH She bends over and grabs the apron off the couch and pulls. DONNA UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT IRVINE CAMPUS - ESTABLISHING - DAY. If only you were fifty years younger. The STAIN STOPS GROWING AND STARTS TO BREATHE, moving in and out like the hairy body of a mutant tarantula. Looky-loo. It slams into him, frozen arms reaching to hold on. Steve and Ryan turn. LESH (6/7) CLIP- poltergeist 3 (1988)- OUTSIDE IN scene extended!! Looky-loo are you-who. Ice begins to cover her, draining her of strength and attempting to knock her free of the rig. It is titled as "We're Back!" An obvious strain in this conversation. Steve just stands for a long moment in hapless silence, then... STEVE Oh darn, I promised I'd be back before dark. It glares at him and lunges. Her hair is allowed to fall around her shoulders and she struggles away from the force that has held her. You know how important this is to her. The five of them together in a family embrace sharing tears of joy and relief. Above, a publicity still for a scene already in the film. I had to say something. At his side is E. BUZZ on leash. ROBBIE FARROW You can maybe squeeze in a half-gainer, jackknife into a swan, twist back, tuck, splash. DONNA The CAMERA are all set up. LESH I'll take these back to the lab along with the tapes... I need to get some sleep. DIANE Below that is a scan from the … Tangina, could we get on with this, please? Diane squeezes the rubber stopper into the drain. Again! INT. He strikes the head again! FARROW Instant. As much as she wants to, Diane won't go in. She waves and watches herself waving on the monitor. They are bowed in prayer, holding hands. Razor sharp incisors burst from gumless bone. Lesh is exhausted. So I showed you instead, but don't ask me how or what. ROBBIE Almost immediately, the other set of elevator doors open, revealing nothing but a black, empty shaft! This scene would have come right before the sequence when Kane walks up the driveway) I received the following information from Scott Smith, who was one of the editors on P2: Your mother never fooled me either. The left side of her mouth is pressed against her front teeth as if someone was attempting to twist her head halfway around the left shoulder. One of your children was born in your house. The long icy nails shred Bruce's clothing as Bruce hefts back the ax and carries through with a warrior's swing. Let's go. Steve and Teague stand on a hill overlooking the entire Cuesta Verde Estates. DR. LESH They have become a hideous ice sculpture. May we cross that bridge together someday? Her bedroom closet. ANGLE-BRUCE, DONNA, SCOTT, CAROL ANNE-The wind pins them back, covering them with a deadly frozen ice, draining them of life, reducing them to a frozen sculpture. The room is bathed in cold blue TV light and we HEAR the last few bars of The National Anthem. Looky-loo. She turns and sees the bed is not made. STEVE The bedspread is a happy sunlit color with smiling moons and planets. Bruce's cries of pain can almost be heard amid the howling wind as Pat fights to her feet, the rope pulling her about the rig, slamming her against the building, against the back of the rig. PATRICIA WILSON GALLERY-JOHN HANCOCK-NIGHT Int. Right before the Freelings are shown knocking on the door at the Tuthills' house, Steve Freeling would have gone into the crawl space under the house in an attempt to find some explanation for the chairs moving around on the kitchen floor above. You need me, Kane! TANGINA She touches his arm. Donna laughs to herself and starts half singing, half humming "The Jetsons" theme song. Diane slips her hand down to the doorknob. I hate Pizza Hut! ANGLE-PAT-She's confused, unable to decide what to do. PATRICIA Recently a fellow P3 fan on the IMDB message boards claimed that he'd bought a copy of a draft of the script dated January 23rd, 1987. I'm perfectly terrified. In the b.g., just above the headboard to her bed, a BLACK SPOT starts to SPREAD. According to actor Martin Casella, a scene was filmed but deleted showing him being lifted up into the air and bitten by the Beast outside the children's bedroom door. Diane GASPS and jumps back. Outside in. But his frozen fingers begin to lose their grip on the necklace, his hands tremble, allowing the head to get a firm grasp once again on his shouder. Sandy pulls the door shut in his face. You'd never suspect I was just a teeny little thing, would ya? He smashes the face again! The ANIMAL SCREAMS grow deafening. ( to Diane) Watch the trip wires! But she's a house-cleaner and right now with what you tell me about that little girl, I think it's high time you brought out your big guns. Carol Anne picks up a jar of instant coffee. NOTE: This scene I can confirm was shot with veteran actor Edward Ashley portraying the role of "Dr. When she passes Carol Anne and Robbie's roomDiane hesitates. CAMERA PUSHES PAST the sleeping Freelings to a view over Carol Anne's shoulder. ANGLE-ANOTHER HUGE OBJECT FLIES TOWARD HIM. Smells promising. HELEN TANGINA DIANE He dares even to look on the floor. ****************************************************. In her hand is the turqoise necklace. Dr. Lesh turns. She knocks softly and prays. Don't remember this scene? There she is slammed repeatedly, her rear end pounding the ceiling, her back arched, her head torn back from her shoulders, held invisibly by the hair. (agitated at all this fussing) When he gets to the active bedroom he hesitates, listens through the door, pulls in his courage and turns the knob.

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