ppg geshundfight

ppg geshundfight
November 1, 2020

Suddenly Buttercup lets out a sickly cough, angrier about that the amoebas got her ill. Blossom and Bubbles begin to feel unwell too and acknowledge that they too caught the illness.

Let’s hope that’s the case for the other introductions this season. ), Bossman: Hey, come on.

He lets out a very snotty sneeze on the displeased girls, in which they realize the mayor's call was more serious than they thought. (The Boys pass him.) (Bossman begins to shake with anger and finally screams. But we love you anyway, because... Narrator: ...once again the day is saved thanks to the Powerpuff Girls! Inside, the Professor is in his lab, his back to the camera. (They take off. He and the girls, floating nearby, have completely recovered. The Professor hypothesizes that the Amoeba Boys were standing in the park next to a "Keep off the grass" sign in an attempt to break the law when a storm rolled in. The Amoeba Boys, sick with a cold, slug through Townsville Park, coughing and sneezing. Junior backs out of the way as he advances on Slim. Bossman: (laughing) We did it! (They stop at a microscope.) ), Professor: Bye now. His face lights up. The Boys come up behind her. As he yells, the latter backs down until he is only a puddle of cytoplasm. They crash in and land behind him; now they look and sound as bad as everybody else.).

Hey, Powerpuff Girls!

When the rain stops and morning comes, they look quite sickly; they sound the same when they speak next.

(coughing) We've gotta take you back right away and lock you up. Blossom: Sorry, guys.

), (Cut to inside the window - the Mayor's office - and pan across the room to his desk as he speaks. So...no.

They remain very patient with the boys up until Buttercup finally snaps, yells, and scolds the boys, calling them the worst criminals to ever walk the streets and to get out of town. Bossman: No! Blossom, The Commander, and the Leader 2.

People start to eat contaminated goods, very quickly gaining the flu-like symptoms themselves. You stink! This guy really needs to stop eating stuff from street stands). Needless to say, the girls are not impressed, and go off to deal with actual danger. The crime of the century!

(He starts to leave. I'm already working on it. Yet fever and exhaustion have taken a toll on the poor girls as they shrivel up and crumble out of the sky and pass out on the pavement. ), (Cut to the exterior of the girls' house. Octi Evil: HIM toys with Bubbles' mind by speaking to her through Octi, her favorite stuffed animal.

Don't ever come back!

I believe it's a new strain. Get out! You must find the Amoeba Boys. The girls reluctantly agree despite the fact that they just want to go home and rest.

Because The Amoeba Boys are happy with their fight, they surrender. The antidote is within them! Geshundfight: In their attempt to get recognized as supervillains, the Amoeba Boys accidentally infect all of Townsville with a virus. ), (Blossom pulls a man out of the street. When they infect the people of Townsville, the Powerpuff Girls have to find the antidote. ), (Pull back as the kids climb eagerly all over the truck, then cut to the girls in flight. Bossman: Listen! (The girls look a trifle impatient.). They rush around to help everyone, but the still sick Amoeba Boys feel they still need to pull off a crime despite their condition.
Blossom: No, really.

(The Boys hang their "heads" and slither slowly across the park, the camera following them.
Much to the pleasure of the kids of Pokey Oaks, it's an ice cream truck.

They attempt again and again to get the girls' attention to watch them do a criminal act all while sneezing and coughing on the busy girls.


(coughing, sniffling) Do you know where they are? (They take off. Once they arrive home, the girls look, sound, and feel terrible, as does the Professor.

Bloopers is episode of Powerpuff Girls, except, it focuses on scene mess-ups of episodes, including special episodes, 30-minute-long episodes, popular episodes. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Bossman: Now's our chance to get in real trouble! (Camera follows him across the lab, the girls behind him.) You locked us up and everything!

Oh, you gotta come back with us right away.

(She drops the car and turns to face him; pan left slightly to show Slim and Junior with him.). The Professor reaches in and pokes Bossman with a syringe. I thought we were criminals! She advises him and everyone else to get lots of rest and drink plenty of liquids and to only call when there is a real emergency and then hangs up the phone.

Sadly, the boys hang their heads and walk along the grassy park, until they reach a sign that "drastically" changes their luck in finding crime. Before she can deliver the blow, she sneezes on him; he reacts as if struck. Phones ring off the hook all around him; he has receivers in both hands.).

Let's see it! He states he isolated the virus, but it has never been documented meaning it's a new strain of a disease.

(They take off. Slim snores with his eyes open. The girls are barely able to float, yet they weakly search around for the walking viruses. If we do this, then...will you come home? I spend months planning that orange heist, and you go and choke at the last minute. ), (Pan across the intersection as sick people cross the streets, coughing and sneezing. There's been an outbreak of some terrible disease. Blossom: (sighing) All right.

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