quina blue magic

quina blue magic
November 1, 2020

Die Regeln werden genau erklärt, also hört gut zu. For playable appearances outside Final Fantasy IX, see. So don't knock Blue Magic. If successful, the enemy is killed and Quina will learn a new skill.

Fangt einen Frosch (mit der [X]-Taste erwischen) und gebt ihn Quina. The Half MP ability is thus useful when using Quina in battle. Quina is capable of learning a number of Blue Magic spells that can be used in battle by selecting the “Blu Mag” command in battle. Vorher wollt ihr aber vielleicht erst dem Qu's Marsh einen Besuch abstatten, um Quina zu rekrutieren (zu diesem Zeitpunkt optional - zwingend braucht ihr ihn/sie erst auf CD 2) oder im Chocobo's Forest im Osten hinter der Brücke vorbeischauen. Despite their odd appearance, they can be powerful. As opposed to "Eat", "Cook" will work on an enemy whose HP has fallen below 50% of its maximum. As for the Silence magic it doesnt work right most of the time anyway. That is to say, you quite literally eat your opponents to learn their abilities.
Blue Magic Guide. Verlasst stattdessen den Raum wieder (Mrs. Moogle gibt euch die entscheidende Glocke). Quina can obtain new Blue Magic spells by selecting "Eat" on the battle menu.

The Rubber Suit that can only be equipped by female characters, cannot be equipped by Quina. Final Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Amount of damage is equal to Quina's max HP minus current HP. Blue Magic is versatile but often MP-costly. Ihr befindet euch nun im Froschtümpel des Sumpfes, wo sich auch Quina herumtreibt. Cinna is an early temporary character whose levels (not statistics) are transferred to Quina, should Cinna's level be higher than the party average upon Quina's joining. Once you've got your opponent's HP down to 1/8th of their total HP (or less), use Quina's "Eat" command. Forks deal random damage, and the odds of dealing higher damage are not affected by Quina's row placement, and thus it may be a good idea to leave Quina in the back row. Limit Glove is a supremely powerful move that deals 9999HP fixed damage if Quina is on 1 HP when using it. The games featured on this site are copyright the companies who made them and the webmaster is in no way affiliated with these companies or games. Blue Magic is a specific type of magic that depends entirely around what attacks your opponents have.

If the player forgoes visiting the marsh, Quina will not be recruited and the player must complete Gizamaluke's Grotto, Burmecia and Cleyrawith a three-member party. When an enemy drops below 25% of its maximum HP, Quina can eat it, defeating the enemy instantly, and teaching Quina any Blue Magic abilities available from the enemy in question. Quina's role in battle isn't really as intuitive as other characters because Blue Magic isn't super user friendly like it was with Enemy Skill in FF7. die Berge rechts, die Alexandria eingrenzen. can only be equipped by female characters, https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Quina_Quen/Gameplay?oldid=3275979. Trainiert am besten erst ein bisschen auf der Weltkarte und verspeist einige Gegner, um Quinas Blue Magic aufzuwerten. Eat / Cook. The more frogs you have and the higher Quina's battle level is, will increase the damage the spell does. 99 frogs are necessary to obtain Quina's strongest weapon and will also aid in increasing damage of Frog Drop. While not possessing as high a Magic stat as the other mage characters, Blue Magic grants Quina versatility.

If the player never recruited Quina before, the same recruitment event takes place. Du wurdest von unserer Mobile-Seite hierher weitergeleitet. Quina uses forks as weapons. The ultimate fork is the Gastro Fork acquired after catching 99 frogs in the various swamps around the world and defeating Quale. Der Dungeon, den ihr als nächstes in Angriff nehmen müsst, befindet sich nordwestlich von Lindblum und sollte nicht zu verfehlen sein. In der Mitte des Raumes findet ihr ein Moogle-Weibchen und eine kurze Cutscene läuft ab.

The RPG Place is copyright Lassarina Aoibhell, 1998-2012. Nehmt nun die linke Tür. If both Quina and Vivi are in the party, and the player visits Quan's Dwelling after obtaining the Hilda Garde III, Quina has a vision of food on the stone table. There are a number of pre-set Blue Magic spells that can be learned. After Cleyra, Quina leaves the party and returns to the marsh to again join the party when it next visits, this time as a mandatory part of the story, looking for a route to the Outer Continent. Dies geht nur, wenn die HP … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Not all enemies can be eaten, such as humanoid enemies and bosses. Quina can be recruited to the party on disc 1 after first leaving Lindblum on foot. Geht nach Norden und die Abzweigung nach Westen. (If you've already learned the creature's Blue Magic, or if it has no Blue Magic to teach, Quina will declare "Taste bad!") Versucht unbedingt, zusammen mit Freya Zaghnol zu erwischen, der sich im Geschäftsviertel rumtreibt, und Zidane den letzten Schlag in diesem Kampf zuzubilligen. If Quina is in Trance, "Eat" becomes "Cook", which allows you to devour enemies at only 1/4th their total HP. Wenn Ihr Quina holen wollt, betretet den Qu's Marsh, geht östlich, dann zweimal nach Norden.
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Nach dem Kampf wechselt das Spiel erstmal zu Steiner und Garnet. Quina's ability repertoire is geared toward magic rather than physical fighting, although s/he does learn Counter. Eure schärfste Konkurrentin wird Freya sein, aber sie ist zu schlagen, wenn ihr alle Gegner erwischt und schon eine gute Waffe für Zidane habt, um sie auch schnell genug töten zu können. Strategie: Klaut zunächst wieder alles mit Zidane.

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