yokest mens sneakers review

yokest mens sneakers review
November 1, 2020

The shoes are so lightweight that you might think that you are walking barefoot. DO NOT buy from this Chinese based company, it is a shameful business model with zero customer service and practically speaking NO RETURN policy. Please its no fun haggling for a refund. In April I ordered 2 phone cases for cell phones I had purchased for my granddaughters. Also Check:Top 7 Best Shoes Rack Review in 2020. I have had 2 pairs split, both pairs on the inside of my foot. Not sure if i am going to make another purchase. I have notified the company since I got the first pair, and tried them again. That’s just ridiculous why does it take that long. I feel like I got scammed. I ordered and received a pair of OOFOS clogs this past January/February. What a shame to have such a potentially good product with little or no customer service. Chalk this one as a loss that I won't re-coup. We're sorry for any misunderstanding here. Emailed yokest no response. Very disappointed and they cost $80.Funny, this pair I bought directly from OOFOS website. The only answer I have received is emails asking me to be patient. Yokest Reviews: Genuine or fraudulent online store? Kaaum told me to put less items in the case/wallet and the wallet works as described. Quality drop, would say significantly. Do NOT buy from this company. 5 mos. I purchased a UK size 6 as I’m usually between a 5 and 6. I wish I could give zero stars. They are also so easy to wipe clean. Complete rip off, it took forever to receive the goods. They want me to pay shipment and even asked me to sell their shoes. I suspect nothing has ever been sent. After a 1.5 mile walking my dog my heel on my right foot was painful and one of my toes was bleeding. Bought a couple pairs for myself and for my daughter. I know they have many customer inquiries to deal with due to COVID-19, but they have to be more responsible instead of posting on social networking frequently. I suspect this is scam company. NOTHING.I decided to just return them and NEVER order from them again!Aren’t customers important enough??

The last two or three pairs I ordered are not the same quality they were a few years ago.

I ordered some shoes and then read the reviews and thought oh dear what have i done ! I have made complains to Kaaum but nothing has been resolved. I've set them outside for a week now, on our shaded picnic table and they are still off-gassing.If it doesn't subside, I'll have to toss them as I am really sensitive to chemical odors. I contacted customer service thinking maybe I should have purchased a bigger size - I asked if I could have an exchange considering I had worn them. The sizing is off, the shoes don't fit. During the pandemic in March I reached out to OOFOS about a potential warranty issue. They told me they all do this !

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