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shea design
November 1, 2020

So now more than ever, quick-service restaurants need more than great food to stand out among the crowd when it comes time for guests to choose where they’re going to pick up dinner or head out on a lunch break. We’re all busy, busy and we’re [...], How do you get a group of women to make their girls’ night out reservation at a steakhouse? Once stay-at-home orders begin to change, workplaces will be on the frontlines as employees head […], In a firm where our success is all about collaboration, how do we deal with forced distancing? We take pride in being a full-service shop. But as lifestyle brands continue to grow in droves (think: lululemon, Anthropologie), more and more clients are looking to sell an overall lifestyle—and that’s exactly when Shea steps in to help. Not just in design—in everyday life. Deep explorations into Fine Art surrealism and complex models with OCD like dedication to form, shapeways is ideal for my affliction. From the design of the host stand to the music to the carved decoration on the end of [...], A 200-year history in America has allowed gratuity to become a given, but recent moves from restaurateurs nationwide are causing things to change. The services and products were also reasonably priced and had a timely delivery. As a little girl, trading and selling stickers from her collection was her passion. Shea has plenty of experience creating concepts and designs in spaces on national and local registers, but even when a space doesn’t have a specific […], For the past two decades, the open office has reigned at the top of workplace design—taking down the walls between employees, seating them directly next to each other to encourage easy collaboration, and removing any vestiges of private offices and spaces. For the best Shapeways experience, please use one of the following browsers: You haven't added any 3D printed products yet.

On the agenda for the $400 million project were to bring in new brands, more luxury options, and a strategy to draw in more millennials—but at the very top was to add more dining and food options as amenities that [...], Some clients work with Shea to create a singular location or brand. Our team uses quality materials and provides outstanding service. We are designers, marketers, architects, and thought leaders. Her love of computers and crafting started early in her youth and she has been creating ever since. It is a staple in my regimen - Type 3 Low Porosity hair.

Whether it’s opening a restaurant that evokes their favorite childhood memories or creating a salon that really connects with patrons, our clients put their hearts and souls into making their lifelong dreams a reality, and we transform that passion [...], While we’re no strangers to renovating gigantic office towers or creating expansive, multi-level restaurants, there’s something to be said about taking on the challenge of a smaller space. Becky Shea Design (BS/D) is a leading NYC-based high end interior design & lifestyle studio specializing in organic modernist principles across luxury residential renovations, full builds and custom, artisan crafted furniture & decor. Shea Design's work is done efficiently and professionally, which allows me to run my company efficiently and professionally. What draws today’s tenants is thoughtful design—attention paid to detail, to amenities, to how office complexes can best serve day-to-day needs, making the workday a [...], Building buzz around a new restaurant is easy—the space is fresh, the food is exciting, the energy is high. Taking an area’s vibe and translating it into an everyday space for locals—while drawing [...], If you hear “dentist appointment” and immediately conjure up images of drills and pain, you’re not alone. Let’s start with the basics. As the […], The word “Instagramable” should be banned. Employing this creative diversity allows [...], Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), It’s Time for Next: Moving Into Post-COVID, The Next Now: How Consumer Spaces Are Putting New Norms Into Place, Now and Next: Quick Checklists for Readying Consumer Spaces, Now and Next: Post-COVID To-Dos for Restaurants, Now and Next: Looking Ahead to Life Post-COVID, Workplace Edition, Keeping It Collaborative: How a design firm based in collaboration works from afar, Reimagination to Results: How Reinventing Spaces Brings Direct Business Results, Telling the Story: How to Bring Brand into a Space, Modernizing History: Creating new concepts in historic spaces, Keeping an Open Mind: How Shea tackles the open-office debate, Design Details that Make Spaces “Insta-Famous”, A New Generation of Restaurants: How Shea gives new life to former dining spaces, Work It Out: How Shea incorporates coworking elements into company workplaces, Fast-Casual Restaurants, Full-Service Appeal: Creating restaurants that don’t sacrifice style or substance for speed, Culture, Curated: How Shea creates office spaces that are influenced by—and influence—company culture, Designing for Dayparts: How Shea creates spaces that work and adapt all day long, Changing the Skyline: How Shea takes office complexes from drab to attention-grabbing, Building for Buzz: How Shea-designed restaurants keep their status as the hottest in town, Sit and Stay Awhile: How Shea takes hotel dining to new heights, Worldwide Wonders: How Shea designs globally inspired restaurants, Patio Perfection: Taking great design to the great outdoors, Fabulous, Functional Design: How Shea creates stylish, practical QSRs, Passion Projects: How Shea translates a life journey into design, Small Spaces, Big Impact: How Shea brings creativity to every corner, Experiencing the Everyday: How design and branding raise grocery shopping to new heights, Transportive Tables: How Shea takes diners to a new place for dinner, The Tipping Point: an objective perspective on the tipping debate, All in the Family: Refreshing the family-owned business while keeping its heart, Steakhouses for Women and Salons for Men: How Shea creates experiences that appeal to all, Bridging the Gap Between Dining and Retail: Macy’s Herald Square, Building a Lifestyle: How Shea takes branding beyond a single store, The Evolution of the Workplace: how Shea incorporates 21st-century ideals to create modern office spaces, Where Everybody Knows Your Name: how Shea designs spots people want to return to again and again, Leave with a Smile: How Shea has changed the dreaded dentist’s office stigma. Absolutely love this product, It keeps my 4c hair moisturized and hydrated. Rita Katona wanted to bring a new brand [...], As the traditional 9-to-5 office has disappeared, so, too has the traditional office culture: high-walled cubicles, standardized break rooms, and spaces devoid of visual and textural interest. Not the case when it’s a Shea-designed space.

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