stephen fenech mario fenech

stephen fenech mario fenech
November 1, 2020

Thank you for uploading your photo of this business!Close. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, omnes dissentiet mea cu, cu exerci efficiantur suscipiantur vix. Stephen Fenech. Ut tota lorem mea. A little digging reveals that a paid* testimonial for the product has been provided by footballer, Mario Fenech: Interesting, isn’t it that the ‘technology reporter’ who appears to have conveniently overlooked all of the evidence against this scam … ahem … product is Stephen Fenech – who just coincidentally happened to co-write Mario’s autobiography Personal Best. A Drunken Madman has done a little fossicking and found that the study was funded by Clarus Products International – the company which makes Qlink.). by A Drunken Madman, More Excellent Research (and Revelations) on the ‘academic research’ supporting Qlink by A Drunken Madman, And the Wankley Goes To … the Daily Tele’s Mobile Radiation Shield Story by Stephen Downes,, Self-Adhesive Super-Science! Anthony Paul Azzopardi Dr MD, Dip Ther, MIMH, FMCFD. It looks impressive, but whatever it is, it is connected to absolutely nothing. This information should be used as a guide only. Hmmm, sorta, kinda. Say it Ain’t So! If you see a question mark (? Seller Inventory # 007050. More Excellent Research (and Revelations), And the Wankley Goes To … the Daily Tele’s Mobile Radiation Shield Story, Ultracrepidarianism – A Load of Old Cobblers, Time to take religion out of Anzac commemorations, Why being ‘cheeky’ crosses the line – #MeToo, The Stirrer – Doug Pollard (the Rainbow Reporter). Qlink Mobile Radiation Shield Scam – Don’t Fall for It! That’s all well and good, but look at the promotional video for the product and you’d swear it has scientific backing. Last modified: Mon, 02 Nov 2020 00:24:51 +1100 (Sydney time). In fact, he and a few of his electronics expert friends pulled it apart. This then shields us from exposure to outside stresses and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which can cause sickness and disease.”. In response to the Qlink manufacturer’s claims, de Silva writes: “The device has no power source and comprises of components that connect to nothing else. An article by Eric de Silva*, a real scientist (educated at Cambridge University) and published in a real scientific journal, Astronomy and Geophysics,  says of the Qlink products: “The manufacturer’s literature is laced with references to “non-Hertzian”, “non-physical”, Between them, Bob and Steven Fenech have over 60 years of experience in racing pigeons. Eos at convenire incorrupte efficiendi, has ne laboramus delicatissimi. Sea te cibo audiam moderatius, at mei enim habeo accommodare, vel audiam sanctus consetetur in. So let’s look what else can be found on the blogosphere about this product. Mario Fenech took many a heavy hit during his rugby league career, but despite the courage he displayed on the field he’s now warning today’s players to show common sense instead of bravery. In the same journal, Beverly Rubik,  PhD also provides us with a paper on the technology mentioned in the promo – Sympathetic Resonance Technology. Co-written with Mario's brother, Stephen Fenech, who was also a professional rugby player and is now a sports editor with the 'Daily Telegraph Mirror'. In fact, it seems, he hasn’t even bothered to do the most basic research to see if any of the claims can be validated. To view a list of corresponding matches, click on the icon. In an article that is little more than a (paid?) This is Me - Control Profile. Oh, hang on, I get it: it’s a new age crystal pendant.”. … They are very cheap indeed. Autobiography of Mario fenech, Australian Rugby league player. After a masters project in experimental astronomy and studies in planetary geology he completed a doctorate in extragalactic astrophysics at the University of Cambridge (PhD,Darwin College). Quo ei maluisset persecuti, iriure theophrastus deterruisset duo ut. It also claims to act with something that has no physical basis (the “biofield”) and to tap into multiple dimensions, using a technology (Sympathetic Resonance Technology) which is virtually unheard of and for which there is absolutely no serious evidence.”. Add a comment. I am hoping that Brown (Twitter @charlietech) might ‘see the light’ and try to distance himself from the Fenech scandal by doing another story on Qlink – this one providing the real story provided in the links below. Finally, there is a modern surface mount electronic component soldered to the centre of the device. BAD GOOD. Stephen Fenech Oct 20, 2020. by How to Spot a Psychopath, Daily Telegraph Spruiks to Suckers by Jeremy Sear, Crikey.Com. * De Silva has a BSc in Physics at Queen Mary. Is it possible this is a paid promotion? And then we did what any proper dork does when presented with an interesting device: we broke it open. An article in today’s Daily Telegraph* by ‘technology writer’, Stephen Fenech, uncritically announces the release of: “A NEW product that’s smaller than a five cent piece but powerful enough to shield us from the potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation generated by mobile phones and other electronic devices …”, *[update 5/11/10: page since removed by the Daily Telegraph – screenshot here]. Stephen has 15 jobs listed on their profile. Drilling down, the first thing we came to was the circuit board. In one short afternoon of research I’ve been able to show that the credibility of the ‘scientists’ supporting the Qlink product is severely compromised, that the claims made for it have been roundly debunked by credible scientists and that the test which supposedly proves its efficacy is not scientifically sound. This device, explains Fenech, “employs patented Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT) which can maintain the strength of naturally occurring protective energy systems within our bodies”: “The Qlink Mini, priced at $48, is programmed with naturally occurring frequencies which resonate with our body’s energy system just like a piano string would resonate with a tuning fork. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Stephen’s connections and jobs at similar companies. All statistics shown in this section are based only on data available in the RLP database, and are not necessarily a complete and/or 100% accurate representation of a player's career. View Stephen Fenech’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. advertorial, Fenech doesn’t once stop to question the claims being made by the manufacturer. Seems Burton’s PhD came in the form of an honorary (paid?) Softcover. Boxing career. Rubik is also a believer in psychic powers (similarly disproved) and has spoken uncritically of her experience with Russia’s “magnetic women” who suspend metal objects on their foreheads and chests – a carnival trick which apparently anyone can do with smooth skin, a little moisture and the benefit of suction. “. *Mario Fenech’s Portfolio website includes the following quote: We totally underestimated Mario’s popularity beyond Rugby League. (And oh! Contact Details Stefan Fenech Dr 2 Santa Maria Triq Dun Guzepp Xerri, San Giljan Malta STJ 1420 99 421 603 The Telegraph? This, we noted with some amusement, was not in any sense connected to the copper coil, and therefore is not powered by it. The eight copper pads do have some intriguing looking circuit board tracks coming out of them, but they too, on close inspection, are connected to absolutely nothing. doctorate from the unaccredited and now defunct Capital University of Integrative Medicine. Sadly, Rubik’s credentials as a credible academic are severely compromised. Even as far back as 1979, Tiller’s grasp on the concept of scientific evidence was questioned when he said that, although the evidence for psychic events was very shaky and originates with persons of doubtful credibility, it should be taken seriously because there is so much of it. Gladly’s ‘biofield’ gets all out of kilter when he hears about pseudo-scientific scam products. They asked de Silva, to provide his opinion on the Qlink products which they believe have scammed … ahem …. Over on the “A Drunken Madman” blog, my friend, Jason ‘smells a rat’. View Photos. Want to have your say about this player? enough to make any physicist angry. Mario Fenech Brother Joe Fenech Career Statistics. Again, that’s fine – as long as it’s disclosed as an advertorial – which it isn’t. It made my blood boil …”, “There is a worldwide industry trading on people‟s fears of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), by selling products offering protection from “bad‟ radiation. Western Digital releases three new SSD solutions to enhance the gaming experience Stephen Fenech Oct 19, 2020. Fenech denied making any plans to pay any politician or any person or entity connected to them. Schilling for Quackery? And that’s it. The Telegraph? Here’s what Ben has to say: “Last summer I obtained one of these devices [and together with some] electronics geeks examined the QLink. Autobiography of rugby league footballer Mario Fenech describing the many controversial incidents in his football career with the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the North Sydney Bears. Photos | Summary | Follow. There is no scientific evidence for the validity of live blood analysis and it has been described as a pseudoscientific, bogus and fraudulent medical test (Brigden, Western Journal of Medicine, 1995; Adrian Morris, MBChB, DCH, MFGP, Dip Allergy (SA), Edzard Ernst, 2005), To be fair, there is a scientific paper on the Qlink technology but it was clearly a ‘pilot’ study which ‘suggested’ some findings rather than proving them and it was published in the Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine from Mary Ann Liebert Publishers, a publisher you’ll find listed on the Quackwatch guide under “Publishers that Promote Quackery. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Rate Stephen. Science: Good, Bad and Bogus by Martin Gardner, Did Adam and Eve Have Navels? Falli habemus no nam, nulla dicunt voluptaria per ea, nam quaeque perpetua no. Schilling for Quackery? Tiller was also taken in by the self-confessed fake, Uri Geller. Feedback? And a zero-ohm resistor, which costs half a penny, and is connected to nothing. Of course, this wouldn’t be a problem if the product was legitimate or if Stephen had at least questioned the claims made by the Q-link, but it isn’t and he didn’t and that makes this it look awfully like money may have changed hands in return for publicity. Quantity Available: 1. How about Burton Goldberg, the PhD who appears in the video? Now, I’m no scientist and the only access I have to research up here on my mountain is my PC and Google – far less than the resources and knowledge that should be available to a ‘technology reporter’ of some 20 years experience. I’m also not clear if I can call something a “circuit board” when there is no “circuit”. During the week, Channel 9’s technical reporter, Charlie Brown also pimped the Qlink device – perhaps with a little more caution than Stephen Fenech but still with far less research and skepticism than the device deserves.

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