front street vet sacramento

front street vet sacramento
November 1, 2020

But when something more serious pops up I'm concerned about a lot more than parking. rthe only problem was,... the two guys working there were acting like i was going to steal something. Two employees (one white male and one African American male) watched and did not say anything as this man was being so very clearly racist towards us in front of other customers. The prices are great and reasonable unlike those other places! If your pet needs shots - you can get that anywhere. The staff here is so helpful and caring. I know you're Indian so you don't understand these things." Since moving to Sacramento, I struggled finding a vet like I had in the Bay Area who was organized, available, open to conversation, and not above answering emails.

The staff really went above and beyond allowing me to put the dogs through various tests. I notice most people just walk in for 5 minutes at most and walk out because she's just too pushy. They didn't limit my time and after an hour of testing in the play area, where the dog I was interested in passed with flying colors, they allowed a volunteer to walk with me around the grounds to see the dog's reactivity to certain animals/cars/etc. Luckily, I found this gem! The reminder I received from FSAS also had a note on it saying as a special for coming to renew in person it would be a free rabies vaccination and.

They are thorough and make sure you are understanding of every step of the process. 2 hours later I ended up taking 2 kittens home who are brothers!

I've never been to a vet that gave so much personal care for my pup. Since it was a new clinic, they weren't crazy busy and was able to schedule an appointment for the next couple of days. Dr. Collins and staff and East Sac Vet Clinic really are a great asset to the Neighborhood and to the Community! Parking isn't a big issue, you just need to watch the time since its 1hr parking. The vet came out and talked to us, socially distanced. Last Friday was the first time I had heard about Front Street Animal Shelter. Over the weekend, his health was not the best and he was having a hard time breathing and eating, so I made an appointment to see the vet as soon as possible. When I pick him…", "Called for a quote for our new puppy's shots. Dr Collins was able to clearly and compassionately layout my treatment options. I don't know what's uglier. My husband and I were feeling guilty that we were holding him up, but again, he didn't make us feel rushed. “Dr. The Sacramento Area Animal Coalition's (SAAC) mission is to improve the quality of life for dogs, cats, and the people who love them. Sacramento SPCA .

I wanted to adopt a dog that I could train to run with me and help keep me and my home secure. This place ONLY CARES ABOUT $$$$$$ they know nothing about animal care!! Dr. Collins got down on the floor with my dog to make her feel comfortable and I knew I was in a great place. 41 reviews of Front Street Animal Shelter "This has two parts... 1. Recently Dr Lehil had to euthanize my 12 year old Samoyed after her progressive decline due to a spinal problem. They gave him antibiotics and I was told he would be better. Our two little kittens will be nice Christmas gifts for our kiddos! However, it is disappointing to see two employees allow racism towards two young women (I am 28 years old and my little cousin is 9) especially in front of other customers. Dr. Collins and his staff are absolutely amazing! Andrea, their receptionist, started the call by referring to my dog as my "kiddo." Spay/Neuter services. to the big city -- but don't take out your parking grudges with the city on small businesses. We've gotten a cat from this shelter before. She told me that the clinic had their grand opening at the start of the month, but Dr. Collins has been practicing for at least a decade now and has been voted Best Veterinarian for 3 (or 4?) Racism has gone unaddressed by the staff, it is strictly a no go to come here. I have seen some very unhappy reviews for how they treat their animals, and while I can't comment on other people's experiences, I can tell you that Front Street loves each and every animal in their care.I want to start off by saying this is the first and only shelter I've ever been to. I have NEVER taken my baby's to a better Vet, even a small town vet in the middle of Kansas. Rudy now runs every morning with me and watches out for me because that is his job and he loves it. I am so grateful to have found him, and I look forward to working with him to keep my two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels healthy. I was looking for an alternative to the Corporate VCA vet clinics. I received a call around 3 PM that he was ready for pick up, however, the bloodwork and X-ray reading won't be available until tomorrow. Unfortunately, there aren't any spay/neuter programs up in Sacramento.This is the place to go if you're a bit of an old-fashioned pet owner. After all the kittens I had seen on Craigslist I figured I'd spend way more than $65 for all the items listed above.

The one problem I had, and why this review is 1 star, is because as my 9-year-old cousin and I were exiting the shelter, a white elderly male (likely there looking to adopt an animal) was trying to get through the door at the same time. Power grid outage?? See Additional Information ›, 2127 Front St I felt so at ease just by listening to how calm she was and I was super thankful that she offered me a morning appointment--that way it'll be easier to get him in with no other dogs in sight. Two employees (one white male and one African American male) watched and did not say anything as this man was being so very clearly racist towards us in front of other customers. Dr. Collins and his staff are absolutely wonderful! Loves my cats, other dogs and kids. I can't imagine my life without him now nor can I understand how I survived before him. One of the employees followed me out and apologized for this man's behavior. I thought that was adorable! 98 reviews of City of Sacramento Animal Care Services "For a community service project, my daughter made some peanut butter dog biscuits and we delivered them to the City of Sacramento Animal Care Services Shelter this past Saturday. I've edited this review in the light of everything going on in the world right now. The poor babies were so scared they hid and hissed in terror! I hope he's at it for a long time, because we found our new vet. I did a little research and learned cats adopted from here receive: - Spay or Neuter surgery - FVRCP vaccination - Rabies vaccination - Flea Preventative - Deworming Preventative - A microchip- 1 year license - Personalized engraved tag- Free health exam certificate $5 for cats 1+ years old & $65 if under 1 year old. :) Doree helped through the whole process and was such a sweetheart.

Dr. Collins is the first vet who took my dog's excessive panting seriously and he never pushed us towards more expensive options. You're truly rescuing an animal in need choosing this place. I really like this place keep up the good work! Despite more overall resources in Sacramento, the Stockton shelter had more medical staff, which is why Zimmerman’s vision for Front Street includes a larger medical team. I would not hesitate to recommend him for treatment. I'd forsure adopt again from here . In the back I saw the cutest kitten who was obviously very timid and scared, and I automatically took a liking to him. After hearing my concerns, the receptionist put me on hold and was able to fit me in a week later. I know you're Indian so you don't understand these things." They were fine with me going home to think about it, I felt no pressure, and they even offered to put a hold on my boy for a day.

If you live in Sacramento Co. you'll be paying some rabies fees to them. So many sweet pups looking for their forever home. I love her attention to detail! When I made an appointment for a vet to look him over they were also impressed by the care given and the documentation provided. I decided to try this vet center as I got a flier in the mail at an East Sacramento home that I own. And imagine how much time I've saved from not having set up all these appointments? Opening your home and heart to an animal in need! I'll give my money & time to the local rescues who are doing their best to pick up the slack during this time. as possible and do a damn good job at it. They were able to squeeze in a visit for my cat Venus last minute without hesitation. I was browsing for some kittens and my coworker informed me of Front Street. We adopted our cat Muggs here after visiting many other shelters. I could fly home to Nebraska and get her teeth cleaned there and fly back for less). My 12+ year old Golden Retriever was dog is misdiagnosed this past summer by FIVE veterinarians who each charged $300-$600 for tests before sending me on my way with no diagnosis, no follow up, and no plan for treatment before reaching out in desperation to Dr. Collins hoping to figure out what going on with my dog. Costs were explained at each step, as well as care options. First off, the place is nice, comfortable, and very clean! I didn't have to deal with a lot of the B.S. Many Front Street programs help keep pets in their homes when owners have challenges, and Front Street is also a leader in reuniting lost pets with their families. She mentioned all the perks of getting an animal from a shelter versus buying from someone off Craigslist. I wish Dr. Collins was a people doctor too, he is phenomenal! I took him back to Front Street and I was a mess. I got my am staff female from here in 2018. Luckily, I found this gem!

Her long fake eyelashes or her personality. The following veterinary services offer compassionate and caring euthanasia service for pet owners with limited income who are caring for an elderly or terminal pet. Only then will they hold a dog. Also you may get another postcard after 6 months asking you to pay again ("oopsie, our system changed" has been an excuse 2 times now 2 years apart).

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