the burrowers review

the burrowers review
November 1, 2020

Sub-par CGI aside, this movie is actually not that bad. | Fresh (9)

But when he's not going full-'bore', his quiet, creepy brand of terror works on several levels. The small details, the refined tone, quality cinematography and gross creatures will get you over some flaws in the script. Petty (who also directed Hellbenders, Blood Red Earth and Soft For Digging) and stars Clancy Brown (from Nothing Left To Fear, A Nightmare On Elm Street), William Mapother (from The Atticus Institute, Static) and Sean Patrick Thomas (from The Curse of La Llorona, Kemper).

... a real western/horror/monster movie with a devoted frontier sensibility and loving nods to The Searchers. With Clancy Brown, David Busse, Harley Coriz, Jocelin Donahue. A western horror movie with creatures? The film has plenty of tense, thrilling moments, and it is an entertaining movie that will surely appeal to viewers tired of remakes. ", Not a fan of westerns, this was cool though. This I believe is The Burrowers' greatest success: it earns its horror credentials by remaining serious within its western setting. The quartet has friction with Henry and decides to ride without the escort of the army and the black cook Callaghan (Sean Patrick Thomas) decides to travel with the group. It makes for a nifty little horror film, as what the white settlers & Calvary thought was a Indian raid & massacre of a family, is not what happened, to their horror. Petty.

I have to assume that their budget was low, but even so, they made a thoroughly entertaining movie. - MERK.

Let's face it, the Old West could be a pretty terrifying place without us having to add supernatural touches to make it scarier 150 years later. What they discover makes for nice thrills, nothing too heart pounding, but still nice. The acting is pretty good in this film save for Doug Hutchison who's a bit over-the-top in his portrayal of the racist army captain. Under the authority of Henry Victor (Doug Hutchison), a posse sets out in search of the Indians who they assumed attacked a local family by the name of Williams and Stewart.

Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Horrorific content by The climax, on the other hand, is strong and worth the wait. All of the characters were believable. Forgot your password? The Burrowers is mostly just a western movie throughout the first hour, the horror aspects don't really kick in until the last part (again, not unlike Bone Tomahawk). If only such movies r encouraged by good budget. It stars William Mapother, Sean Patrick Thomas, Clancy Brown, Laura Leighton, Doug Hutchison, Karl Geary and Robert Richard. |, October 12, 2008 A missing family out on the Dakota plains 15 years after America's Civil War is reason for a riled search party hunt, sure that "them dammed injuns" are the cause (ala The Searchers), and the start of this interesting Wild West/horror genre mashup. SPOILER ALERT! and the Terms and Policies, Along their journey, the team-up with the army troop led by the sadistic and racist Captain Henry Victor (Doug Hutchison) that also believes that the Sioux are responsible for the abduction of the families in the territory.

6/10. If you feel like watching an elevated horror film...this is definitely one to keep in mind.
A causal viewer would mistaken this as a western love story. I think it was a pretty good representation of the times. I really was surprised by the movie and I was skeptical, but the story, though not original was well layered and structured to work well enough from start to finish. |. Copyright © Fandango. The Burrowers is a well thought out horror film that you're sure to enjoy if you're in the mood for an effective shocking picture that will keep you hooked from start to finish. It is a slow burner with building tension and suspense. A search team is formed to go after the Indians who everyone assumes r the culprits. At his most placid, JT Petty can make Terrence Malick look like Guy Ritchie. Also, when the Burrowers went for the bait have the bait only in the moonlight, and we'd only see an occasional claw/hand or face, but mostly just see the beasts in shadow.

The special effects are adequate to portray what is happening while avoiding a cheesiness common in low budget movies because they don't try to be spectacular. Coming Soon, Regal By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy The movie's ending was very good, and probably the most realistic they could have pulled off for a horror movie set in the west.

If you like creature features, yes. ...a sporadically entertaining yet thoroughly ineffective misfire.

| Sign up here. Reading a chapter in Kim Newman's book Nightmare Movies:Horror on the screen since the 1960s,I noticed a small section of the book focusing on Horror-Westerns.Nearing the end of the section,I spotted a title that Newman mentioned,which sounded like a great genre cross-over of the Western with a monster-movie Horror,which led to me getting ready to track down the Burrows. Mediocre story, cool creatures. Can movies be fixed/updated? | Rating: 3.5/5 Hey, you may not like it, but at the same time you may love it. It's not an action movie and is not particularly frightening, but there are plenty of creative twists and turns and the characters carry the ball. | Rating: 4/5 I heard about this film from "Kim Newman's Video Dungeon" feature in Empire. There is no happy ending, but instead an almost poetic one. The cast do what they can with the material, and they make something worth seeing. If you don't like long horse rides and campfire talks, might want to skip it since that makes up most of the first hour.

Cinemark Apparently adapted from a Fearnet mini-series, this E.C. Petty is pursuing a more measured, sympathetic take on demons that feast on the gelatinous innards of innocent victims, manufacturing a tediously wandering picture that craves substance while itching to entertain its absurd grindhouse sensibilities. review: Set in the old west frontier times of 1879 in the Dakota Territories, The Burrowers is a combo western horror thriller that brings you the best of both worlds. "The Mole People" on Steroids Meet "The Searchers. It is a simpel story, but such a well played one. I really enjoyed it. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. The Burrowers was directed by J.T. Before the rather forgettable schlock of the finale, the movie has soaked up enough eerie frontier atmosphere of wide open prairies, deserted Indian camps and abandoned wagons, to make the creature feature aspect seem almost redundant. Perhasp a better title would help. Petty. |, September 22, 2008 The Burrowers is mostly just a western movie throughout the first hour, the horror aspects don't really kick in until the last part (again, not unlike Bone Tomahawk). All rights reserved. But despite this, it's still a gripping story with plenty of suspense and mounting dread.

We have a pretty good and plausible plot, decent acting, some ancient folklore, reality in that when firing on someone you take down the horse first (nothing graphic though), nasty/bad guys (but not over the top), decent people, and some monsters out on the prairie eating up people, and only so because certain people did away with their major food source. I actually wanted to rate it a 6 (out of 10), but I liked the ending so much I had to give the movie an extra point.

Awards For me, I like the quiet opening of the movie without any loud and overbearing music, and its subtle overtone might strike others as being slow, but for me the subtleness sets up the creepy atmosphere of the film. Medicool flick. All Critics (12)

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