the flash season 5 episode 14

the flash season 5 episode 14
November 1, 2020

On The Flash Season 5 Episode 14, Nora races to save her mother as Iris lands in serious danger, and Barry puts the finishing touches on the metahuman cure. That hasn’t worked out super well for ehr in the past, and it isn’t long before Cicada resurfaces and things quickly go south. Meanwhile, Wally goes a Big Belly Burger run for Jesse and ends up running into Savitar, which can’t be good. Seither kann er so schnell rennen, dass er sich nicht nur durch den Raum, sondern auch durch die Zeit bewegen kann. Although I didn’t find tonight’s episode as exhilarating as last week’s, I thought it did a pretty good job of picking up the threads of part one, particularly when it came to the importance of hope. Did this episode actually do anything to push this storyline forward? Why was Nora so dead-set against telling anyone else about her time travel dilemma? Cisco's date scene in particular wasn't really given the time it deserved in any of its many permutations.

Dabei ist "The Flash" das Superhelden Alter Ego des Forensikers Barry Allen, der seine Kräfte bei der Explosion eines Teilchenbeschleunigers erhalten hat.
Gypsy acquiesces, infusing more optimism into the episode, and helps Cisco recruit Solivar, who travels back to Earth-1 with them to kick Grodd’s butt in a video game cutscene-esque CGI battle of gorillas. On the other, the end result is basically identical to last week’s episode. This is a frightening prospect not only because Barry can’t seem to defeat Grodd for good, but because this means that he didn’t change the future and Iris’ life is still in danger. However, that doesn’t do much to change his mind.

If you need a refresher on where we left off, check out our review for Season 5, Episode 13.

Once they’re done, Cisco does his thing and finds out where Grodd plans on attacking. Labs with Friend’s Day (Earth-19’s Valentine’s Day) decorations despite Harry’s objections. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is the first time Barry has actually considered killing an enemy. But before the good times can really roll, Gypsy comes through a breach in the speed lab and attacks Team Flash. See exclusive portraits of the Arrowverse stars from EW's cover shoot. While Harry and Wally get to work on upgrading Cisco’s vibe gear, Harry heavily implies that he’s dying from some illness but makes Wally promise not to tell Jesse because he wants her to follow her happiness to Earth-1.

Realizing the severity of the situation, Cisco asks Gypsy to help them fight Grodd, but she says this isn’t her fight and just asks Cisco to let her return home, which he does. The sixth season of the American television series The Flash, which is based on the DC Comics character Barry Allen / Flash, premiered on The CW on October 8, 2019, and consisted of 19 episodes. The last thing she remembers is tracking a breacher to Earth-2’s Africa. The fact that Nora finally breaking down and spilling the beans was enough to immediately fix the situation makes the whole premise seem that much more flimsy. He didn’t set out to kill them.

Unfortunately, try as it might, this episode couldn’t replicate that film’s appeal. He might be mentoring Wally, but he’s still learning how to be hero, too, which is clear from the many frustrating mistakes we’ve seen him make recently. What logical reason was there for her to be so secretive, apart from the need to prolong the conflict as long as possible. Katie Yu/The CW. His fear about losing Iris if he can’t stop the invasion causes him to ponder the unthinkable: killing Grodd. That’s why they’re so inspiring both to us and to the citizens they protect. It’s been a while since the show has embraced the optimism of its premise, so it was nice to see both Barry and Gyspy step up to the plate. Eva feilt währenddessen weiter an ihrem Racheplan und schreitet bald darauf zur Tat. It’s never great when your core conflict hinges on a character behaving very, very stupidly. But, hey, at least we have the big Gorilla Grodd/King Shark showdown to look forward to in a couple weeks. It failed to mine enough humor or drama out of its repetition. 52 timeline rewrites brings things to a whole new level of bad. To be honest, I’m not sure if the tension in the scenes comes from the story or from the fact that I was dreading the Berlanti-verse setting off yet another nuclear bomb (probably the latter), but Barry thankfully finds the code in time. After the success of Arrow, Barry Allen (a.k.a. Credit:

And we know Barry is willing to do anything to protect his loved ones (and protect himself from feeling the pain of loss ever again).

Will there be long-term consequences to Nora altering history 53 times in a row? After Jesse storms off, Cisco and the rest of the team tease Harry about what just happened as he turns on the device, which puts Joe into a trance and allows him to draw a portrait of the man he saw in Grodd’s head. "Cause and XS" is one of the more disappointing additions to Season 5, as the premise of this episode held so much potential.

Cavanagh is one of the show’s best assets, and he makes H.R. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Meanwhile, Jesse finds Wally brooding down by the pipeline. Because as things stand right now, this episode seems more like filler aimed at stalling for time until plot points like Sherloque’s investigation and the Nora/Thawne alliance come to fruition.

>>> Alle ganzen Folgen des schnellen Superhelden kostenlos und legal online streamen! It makes sense that Barry would consider it here because not only is the fate of Central City at stake, but so is Iris’ life. Thankfully, Barry has people in his life who are willing to talk him off of a ledge like this one. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. But whether because of a lack of room or just an under-cooked plot, "Cause and XS" failed to replicate the charm of that beloved comedy classic. Even Nora's mounting frustration and emotional breakdown never really connected as intended. Re: Barry killing enemies: Yes, the first few metas Barry fought at the beginning of the series died, but those deaths were accidental.

See, Cisco jumps over to Earth-19 and asks Gypsy to help them fight Grodd again. With H.R.’s help, Team Flash identifies the man in Joe’s drawing as a high-ranking general with access to nuclear weapons. We basically had three repeated scenes - Ralph’s dating advice, Cisco’s brief coffee date with Kamilla and Cicada’s attack. Groundhog Day is a very tightly paced movie, and this episode had less than half as much room in which to work. On one hand, it was satisfying to see the Barry-less Team Flash put their head together and come up with a plan to outsmart Cicada where everyone’s powers came into play. Seit 2015 treibt Superheld "The Flash" bereits auf ProSieben sein Unwesen. In tonight’s episode, Barry learns one of the most important superhero lessons as he faces off with Grodd and protects his city: Heroes always find another way. Upstairs, Harry is putting the finish touches on his memory-retrieval thingy when Jesse marches into the lab and confronts him about lying to Wally about being unwell (jokes!)
For one thing, the whole premise required a pretty sizable suspension of disbelief. We’ve seen what happens when Barry mucks about with time travel once or twice at a time. Staffel 6 der TV-Serie "The Flash" gibt es exklusiv auf ProSieben MAXX! Let’s hope so. Flash, Kid Flash, Jesse Quick, Joe, and the SWAT team head out to the location of Grodd’s impending assault on the city, but it never comes. While the team tries to identify the man Joe drew, Barry comes close to reaching Oliver Queen levels of moodiness. Grodd, who knows Barry’s weaknesses, takes control of Joe’s mind and compels him to kill himself with his own gun. that he wasn’t a genius. Having beaten Grodd, Harry accepts Jesse’s decision to stay on Earth-1 and returns home, and Gypsy returns to Earth-19, but not before planting one hell of a kiss on Cisco. The season follows Barry, a crime scene investigator with superhuman speed who fights criminals, including others who have also gained superhuman abilities. Barry’s warning to Nora at least helped end things on a more foreboding note. Warning: Full spoilers for The Flash Season 5, Episode 14 below.

Cicada gets stabbed and disappears to recover and regroup. Barry hat alle Hände voll damit zu tun, Eva ausfindig zu machen und damit seine Frau aus dem Mirrorverse zu befreien.

Thankfully, Harry takes her down with his fancy gun.

Gypsy wakes up in a pipeline cell and has no idea how she got there. To Wally’s surprise, Jesse isn’t sad but pissed off at her father. The payoff to this latest confrontation with Cicada proved fairly mixed. just to stop her from moving to Earth-1. At that very moment, Grodd and his army are casually yet menacingly hanging out on a cliff overlooking Central City. The hope is that this episode will be redeemed (if only a little) by its ongoing impact on the Arrowverse timeline, but for now it comes across as a forgettable stopping point along the way to something more interesting. First, there’s Iris, who unfortunately falls back into cheerleader/superhero whisperer mode in this episode and tells him that her life isn’t worth any solution that requires Barry to compromise himself like that. Beyond that, this episode just didn’t take advantage of the Groundhog Day-inspired elements. Thankfully, Harry provides yet another deus ex machina. Directed by Gregory Smith.

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