this won't hurt an ed script

this won't hurt an ed script
November 1, 2020

HelpDesk: Since you now own the Metal Detector, a bolt icon will show up on-screen whenever you are near a buried stash of bolts. On-screen: Return to Ratchet, ((Note that this dialogue appears to belong to the forcefields and their generators encountered during the Ratchet sections of the station, but does not trigger there and instead appears here within these obscure specific parameters.) Helga: Not so fast! (Upon using the Tesla Claw for the first time.) Salesman: Yeah, try carrying it around in your trench coat for two months. This is also true for other side effects, such as nasal congestion and facial flushing. On-screen: Visit Captain Qwark's trailer, (When entering the hover platform near the city entrance or the turret on Fort Krontos.) HelpDesk (on-screen): These moving walls also function as jump slots. On-screen: Got X Visibomb ammo, (Upon obtaining Decoy Glove ammo.) Inventor: Well, not anymore. Sildenafil (the active ingredient used in Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis) and vardenafil (Levitra) all treat erectile dysfunction the same way — by widening your blood vessels and improving blood flow to the soft, erectile tissue of your penis. HelpDesk (on-screen): Welcome to the Gadgetron HelpDesk! After all the trouble you've gone through you're about to die right where you started! HelpDesk: Power Slam that button to terminate the countdown! Thank you for your cooperation. Ratchet: What do you think he means, genius? Soon we will move the Deplanetizer into place, just above the planet's surface. For other information regarding the format and layout of this article, see the transcript guideline. As many of you know, our home planet is no longer habitable. Qwark: No, no, no, Personal Delivery Assistant! Skid: Mayday, mayday! On-screen: You need 2,000 bolts for the Grindboots, (If Ratchet has enough bolts.) Resort owner: Well I guess that should do it. Clank: We have no time for trivial matters, sir. It can also worsen headaches caused by drugs such as Viagra. Qwark: But, why? Ratchet: Save it, Clank. Remember? (Upon continuing to shoot Qwark near the end of the fight.) Many men find they get similar results from a 25mg or 50mg dose of Viagra than from the highest 100mg dose. Ed suddenly bursts through a vent, a needle through his skull.] Some scenes are interspersed within a mission or are otherwise related, therefore some scenes may be placed non-chronologically, but instead prior to or after their respective mission section. Throw bombs at your enemies! On-screen: Got X Tesla claw ammo, (If Ratchet does not have the required bolts.) This effect on your blood vessels can also affect blood flow in other parts of your body. Penis pumps are much better for spur of the moment activities. Premature button release can cause injuries! (Upon approaching a large gap behind the first ship.) Ratchet: The people on those planets are hosed! Viagra is a mild diuretic, meaning it can cause your body to expel a small amount of water while it’s active in your body. On-screen: Return to launch bay, (Upon standing on the teleporter on the reflector dish in Kyzil Plateau.) Plumber: Alright wise guy, shouldn't you be on one of them escape transports? Our sales records indicate that you'll find it on another planet. Drek: Too washed up for ground combat? Meet me at the city entrance! Al has been the exclusive repair shop for my super electro gadgets since I was knee high to a sand mouse! Someone the kids can look up to. What do you think? Just select Camera from the Options menu. By causing the penis to swell with blood, an erection pump helps to create a firm erection in a matter of minutes. On-screen: Go to your ship, (When entering the taxi near the ship landing pad on Blackwater City.) Look, we'll go just long enough to pick up the O2 mask. Unfortunately our scans do not show a Trespasser available on this planet. (Upon idling in the Trespasser puzzle.) Ratchet: So that's where I've been stuck this whole time! Ratchet: Is that all you can think about, Drek this and Drek that? Technology for Penis Pumps have advanced considerably in the past couple of decades to provide a safe and natural solution for male impotence. Drink something that’s caffeinated. (Upon approaching the Plumber after the cutscene.) HelpDesk (on-screen): The Gadgetron Devastator is very effective against Blarg Paratroopers. But we will need something special to walk on that. You convince me to let you in. Cash, and lots of it! HelpDesk: While wearing the Hologuise, press the circle button to wave to the Sentry-bot and he will deactivate the forcefield. HelpDesk (on-screen): When you're underwater, don't tap ; push and hold to rise. Double-tap to activate hover and hold or to strafe from side to side. Ratchet, meet missiles. Probably in your honor. Unfortunately, our scanners do not detect a Hydro-Pack upgrade service on this planet. Ratchet: No problem. Just don't break anything.

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