tomb of annihilation trickster gods items

tomb of annihilation trickster gods items
November 1, 2020

The dungeon was conquered and the atropal destroyed by a group of adventurers in the 1480s DR.[1]. Orvex was able to tell the heroes the tale of the Nine Trickster Gods: Long ago, the god Ubtao hardened his heart and vowed to weep for the people of Omu no longer. So I decided to add some fresh ones to this dungeon. A number of creatures, undead or otherwise, were left behind in the dungeon by Acererak as guards. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. One morning, a wise zorbo emerged from her hollow tree and spoke to the dying Omuans.

Ubtao asked the jungle animals where his water was hidden, and Moa the jaculi was too honest to lie. You gain the following benefits and detriments as long as you are attuned to the crown: Destroying the Crown.

The Tomb of the Nine Gods under the ruined city of Omu in Chult housed the remains of the city's nine trickster gods. When Kubazan the froghemoth returned to Papazotl the eblis, he chased Papazotl into the swamp with his new tentacles. Your Charisma score increases by 2, to a maximum of 24.

Omu’s glorious past was lost, but its people endured.

If you complete a long rest before spending the inspiration die, it disappears. The sword then deals an additional 1d6 damage of that type for 1 minute. The wearer of the torc attunes themselves to the entire set as if it were one item, and the wearers of the cloak pins need not attune themselves to gain these benefits.

When the god came running to find it, the su-monster hid the pail in a jaculi’s burrow. ( Log Out / 

The key to this elegant music box can be cranked as an action, after which it plays music for one minute as long as it is open. If they refuse, it immediately attempts to take control of the wearer’s actions, and will do so any time the wearer doesn’t comply with the crown’s wishes or if they attempt to remove the crown from their head. When Wongo the su-monster found out how Moa had betrayed him, he vowed to catch the jaculi and eat him up.


The Raiment of the Vanguard is located in Area 22. As for creating the items themselves, I have a few goals while writing the items: Number of items found on a creature should approximately equal CR.

Characters who agree to the crown’s terms or are under the crown’s control immediately attune to it.

Upon entering the shrine of Dungrunglung located on Oxford Renfield's map, Valosi Redshine, Ivellios Amakir, Lily, and Blake Bentley discovered a tribe of grungs led by the eccentric King Groak, who held deep romantic affection for Nangnang.

If you expend the last charge, it becomes a nonmagical back scratcher. That night, a su-monster broke into Ubtao’s palace and stole a pail of water for the Omuans. Day 172 – The heroes have stumbled onto Kubazan’s Shrine towards the SW corner of Omu.

It’s always cool to come across the ancient items of old and wonder who might have used them. The spear deals 4d8 force damage on a hit. Location I don’t pay to advertise this blog, so if it’s successful, then that’s thanks to you.

The shield must be facing a target to make such an attack against them. Soon they recovered the first of the nine Puzzle Cubes needed to enter the Tomb of the Nine Gods.

6[2] Catching such virtues wouldn’t be easy, so she asked a wily almiraj to help her. Some of note are listed here.

So, if you want to use these yourself as you delve into the Tomb, you’ll know where I put them. When a creature of the humanoid type touches such an item, the trickster god bound within attempts to inhabit that creature. A target reduced to 0 hit points by this attack is disintegrated and turns to dust. Make tool proficiencies more useful. We think you'll have a much more enjoyable experience. Winner, Silver Ennie 2016 for Best RPG Blog! He didn’t like the Omuans, but without them he’d have no one to play his tricks on. They disguised themselves as jungle creatures and promised great power in return for devotion.

Want to see more?

Tomb of the Nine Gods This brass tankard has the image of a frowning face upon its side.

Mostly about games, but with occasional detours into other nerdy territories. Any object or person you touch is immediately annihilated, as if touched by a. Properties.

It possesses 5 charges. She saw the evil in the Omuans’ hearts and decided to lance it like a troublesome boil. Their spirits were captured in certain magic items, and placed within specially designed chambers within the tomb. I love magic items, and I especially love putting them in my ancient ruins and tombs. They built statues in their names and schemed against each other to assert their chosen god’s dominance. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The trickster gods were: I'jin the almiraj (female, Chaotic Neutral, enemy of Obo'laka) Kubazan the froghemoth (male, Chaotic Good, enemy of Papazotl) Moa the jaculi … 4. I don’t think I’ll be spilling the beans too badly by saying that the final part of the campaign will be a venture into the incredibly dangerous Tomb of the Nine Gods; after all, the very title of the hardcover makes it pretty clear that there will be a Tomb somewhere in this story, and that plenty of Annihilation will occur therein. But I will mention which area number each one inhabits. For nine decades, the city folk lived by the mantras of their trickster gods. Forgotten Realms Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

The Shield of Papazotl is found in Area 22. All of these items can be found in the Magic Item Archive on my Downloads page. Though Nangnang herself has not appeared, her identity was used by Valosi via magic to fool Groak into believing the Trickster God also held feelings for him, but that she could not be with him while he still lived.

Or rather, I decided to transform some mundane items—simple bullion to most parties—into magical counterparts. This scabbard is engraved with the image of a dragon, and can fit any one-handed sword. The wearer of the torc cannot gain the benefit of wearing the cloak pins.

Life returned to Omu, and the people built shrines to honor the animals who’d saved them. When filled with some kind of liquid, the face begins to smile. Such mercy did not last long. Type Inhabitants of the Tomb of the Nine Gods

The Clay Chameleon is located in Area 44.

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As an action, you can expend a charge by scratching your back with this item, causing you to slip into a state of absolute serenity.

Up to three creatures can fill these three golden cups with liquid, raise them in a toast, and then drink from them in order to regain 1d10 + 5 hit points. The torc has 5 charges, and regains 1d4+1 expended charges at dawn. Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement). The trials provided entertainment for the degenerate Omuans and fed their weakling gods with much-needed sacrifices. JavaScript is currently disabled. Trickster gods possesion. No disposable income or motivation to give it to others?

SPECIAL: The crown’s backstory is detailed within Tomb of Annihilation itself, so I will not be reprinting them here.

And if you want to see the blog get some more traffic, then I encourage you to click the Like button below, and share it with your friends and fellow gamers by clicking the share buttons as well. When a creature puts the crown upon their head, it immediately encourages them to use its power to annihilate the multiverse. 207) 1 Sphere of Annihilation (DMG pg. Omu, Chult, Chultan Peninsula[3] The eblis sent a marsh frog to reason with Ubtao, but the frog was angry and decided to wrestle the god instead.

All the while, Unkh the flail snail lived deep under the earth. Even creatures without ears or the ability to hear can recognize the music, and it cannot be blocked by any substance, even if encased in stone or lead. 1d4 small items can count as a single items, and tattered equipment (see below) doesn't count.

On holy days, the mettle of aspirant priests was tested in their nine shrines, with deadly consequences for failure.

The story has been quite different, but I’m maintaining the tomb almost in its entirety…except I feel like it’s a little bit lacking in the magic item department.

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To convince Ubtao of their worth, she decided to cook him a stew made from all their good qualities.

Doing so causes the sphere to annihilate everything within 100 feet before winking out of existence. The Tomb of the Nine Gods under the ruined city of Omu in Chult housed the remains of the city's nine trickster gods. While carrying this object, whenever you press yourself up against a solid surface and remain completely still, you become invisible.

If the liquid is then drunk in full, the drinker gains one Inspiration die (1d8). In her rage, Shagambi the kamadan forgot all about the Omuans and chased Nangnang the grung forever across the sky.

You no longer need to eat, drink, or breathe. Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript.

The Broken Spectacles of Arcane Sight are located in Area 43. Orvex was able to tell the heroes the tale of the Nine Trickster Gods: Long ago, the god Ubtao hardened his heart and vowed to weep for the people of Omu no longer. The almiraj snuck recklessness in the pot, which she saw as a virtue, and Ubtao spat out the stew when he tasted it.

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