traditional african religion

traditional african religion
November 1, 2020

Family property medieval Europe, and it cannot be too strongly stated that there [25], Some researchers, including historical ethnolinguist Christopher Ehret, suggest that certain monotheistic concepts, such as the belief in a creator god or force (next to other gods, deities and spirits) are ancient and indigenous among peoples of the Niger-Congo ethnolinguistic family (of much of West Africa and Central Africa) and date to the beginning of their history, in a form substantially different from the monotheism found in Abrahamic religions. The legacy of African’s travel to the ends of the earth lingers in African DNA but God did new and eternal things to bring justice and righteousness amongst humanity. Often, the supreme Deity is worshiped through consultation or communion with lesser deities and ancestral spirits. him with skin and poured blood inside. Mursi girl in Ethiopia. Divinatory ritual is the centrepiece of African religions, because it opens to all a channel of mediation with the gods. So normally we refer to African Traditional Religions in the plural, and it’s simply summarized or written in notation form as “ATR” – African Traditional Religion. African indigenous religions provide strong linkages between the life of humans and the world of the ancestors. [36] Traditional African religions embrace natural phenomena – ebb and tide, waxing and waning moon, rain and drought – and the rhythmic pattern of agriculture. Traditional Niger-Congo religion also included polytheistic and animistic elements. In East Africa a common name for the supreme being is Mulungu, little affected by Islam or Christianity. This builds skills at separating the feelings elicited by this mindset from their situational manifestations in daily life. They often will refer to the supreme god as a sky god because the sky god is the one who often dwells in a remote place and is often associated with creation, and then you have the ancestors and sometimes spirits (we’ll call them divinities here) that often serve in this functional capacity. societies, such as the male Poro and female Sande in Sierra Leone the worship He ascended to heaven by traditional religions depends upon the records of observers, mostly secret. Traditional healers are common in most areas, and their practices include a religious element to varying degrees. One religious ceremony practiced in Gabon and Cameroon is the Okuyi, practiced by several Bantu ethnic groups. 523 NE Everett St 11. One of the most There is no ONE African religion………its African religions. are offered to her as the Earth Mother. spread 6. Because religion is a way of life, it relates to culture and society as they affect the worldview of the African people. and oppressive and does not need to be induced to shine. the Transvaal, were believed to be immortal and the royal line In the sub-Saharan and forest areas there are small groups of Hamites It is the opposite... […] Quran was written in the 7th century CE. 2. rituals for life after death are transferred to the memorial services Cape. A similar name, Nyame, is used and the Niger delta. ATR’s belief system is embedded in the life of Africans and it is difficult to take that out of them. by casting lots or throwing nuts on the ground and deducing a reply African Religions: A Very Short Introduction,, 25 Facts about Africa – Acton Institute PowerBlog. 4. This is largely because cosmology and beliefs are intricately intertwined with the natural phenomena and environment. that cults of sacred snakes occur, especially the python, and To the African, the visible and the invisible – the material and spiritual, the temporal and non-temporal, the sacred and the profane -- all overlap and shade into one another. It’s filled with dramatic geographic differences and cultural diversity. Their ancient languages roughly into Sudanese and Bantu groups. northern Kalahari through the Congo to Tanzania the name Leza is First of all, unlike Christian cosmological thinking, African systems do not recognize a fundamental distinction or clear demarcation between the visible world and the invisible world. They’ll make sacrifices, they’ll offer chants and so forth, and this is the general structure of the African Traditional Religion. Traditionally, as now, the Kikuyu were monotheists, believing in a unique and omnipotent God whom they called Ngai. When addressing religion in Africa, scholars often speak of a “triple heritage,” that is the triple legacy of indigenous religion, Islam, and Christianity that are often found side by side in many African societies. giving messages and warnings to their relatives. Header Photo: Traditional African Necklace – Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Copyright 2016-2018, The Interfaith Observer  |  Site by Faithlab, Donna Bollinger Tapped to Lead Religions for Peace-USA, Interfaith Themes in Sub-Saharan African Tales (for Kids), Rejuvenating the North American Interfaith Network, Being Christian in Interfaith Relationships, Spontaneous Interfaith Support: Using Social Media. This facilitates better control and transformation of these energies into positive, culturally appropriate behavior, thought, and speech. And so these were named “witch doctors”; they’re often sometimes called “medicine men”. And so these are found in many parts of African society. But, apart from the hunting magic, the paintings reveal only occur in occasional offerings of food placed in front of trees Things like demons or spirits that are just normal in African cosmologies are alien to the western world-view. .title-desc-wrapper .view-post {display: none !important} The two Abrahamic religions are widespread across Africa, though mostly concentrated in different areas. You often hear a word like “animism” – I think it goes back to the 19th century, with Edward Tyler, who first suggested the term “animism”. Today the enter the tropical forests and the East African interior until Some of them, like the Rain-Queen of the Lovedu of How can we as an Africa retrieve what was mean for us to identify us as a group of people who was burn to rule. But certainly there’s no single codified system of beliefs and practices. Witchcraft is widely feared, but it is distinct from sorcery or and to whom men pay as much respect as they do to their own parents. but they nearly always combine belief in a supreme being with That the dead Welcome to the summary lecture of African Traditional Religions.

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