transmedia storytelling hunger games

transmedia storytelling hunger games
November 1, 2020

�ۃ A�_�#P �� }� Likewise, the Hunger Games was not the first dystopian series. You could do something as simple as a Tribute website with videos from each of the tributes saying goodbye to their loved ones. It cost no money to make but it was extremely popular. Use media examples to illustrate your points from the readings or your own choosing. These should be titled (create a strong title), carefully written, well edited and properly cited with bibliographic information at the bottom of each post. What are you making, why and how? Fonts and images should be sized correctly. DD: Do you ever feel hampered by the difficulties of working with all these different mediums? The VP of sales told me, “I just had my mind blown.” From my my side, I’m seeing a lot of promise. These should be titled (create a strong title), carefully written, well edited and properly cited with bibliographic information at the bottom of each post. **GROUP PRESENTATIONS must also have a summary posted to the blog. Klink: It’s not just the smaller properties that need to know this. How do media, media consumption and media studies fit into your life, your academic goals and your interests? Readings on the syllabus refer to chapters in your texts: John V. Pavlik and Shawn McIntosh's Converging Media and, Henry Jenkins' Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide. What does the future of media look like? I���.�������bk�u ���w�z|G���;"�`�b]1`��~?��b� ��E��E�6����LgE*�=�=�,K|/j�H{:)S�d�:m}\'y��jY��hrU�! It was cost-efficient and it worked. But the hitch is this: You can’t do it forever because it’s too prohibitively expensive. One main difference between transmedia and multimedia is the participatory element. Check out the Hunger Games Capitol Couture Commercial,,,, Convergence Journalism: a Look at the Future, Convergence is Inevitable..So are Business Deals, The Future of Convergence: Pushing the Envelope. Ouaknine: A lot of our hits came from Legend of the Seeker and Once Upon a Time fandoms. :), Over the weekend in addition to looking at the Alone Together links below - watch all of the videos in this playlist: (10 videos - we have already seen 3 of these talks in class - watch the other 7. If it’s a quick fix storytelling, that won’t engage the audience further. It’s so sad to see great creative going to waste because they don’t find their audience. How does Debord describe the spectacle and its impact? <> Su: I’m from that mindset of wanting to know more and wanting to go find it. Please check here each week for additional readings. A lot of the projects that don’t work spend way too much time trying to build up threads on different platforms, but that quickly becomes insanity for us. **Additional readings can be found on the Blackboard site or linked here and will be specified here for each class. When transmedia properties do well, they drive audiences to products. Klink: The majority of East Los High is a scripted, standard fictional universe. ?�ӯqt9=NA�M���gAp;(p�K0UZ�+�;���ɏ �q Sometimes there’s no one in the orginization who has a clue except for that intern who’s reading the fanfic. (25%) A good transmedia storytelling campaign should be persistent, pervasive, participatory, and personalised. No one ever said that transmedia is only about extending your entire fictional universe where audiences are required to play along with the conceit, suspend their disbelief, adopt a role and act as such throughout the experience. Su: I don’t know that that’s an effective definition, though, because every platform brings different things to the story that you’re telling! Su: Just because there are all these platforms out there you can play on, doesn’t mean you should. People don’t often realize, not only that different platforms mean people want different things, but that different social media platforms themselves mean different things depending on where you are. You just need to strategize, talk to your creative, and figure out what platforms work for you. Your transmedia story/experience must accomplish several things: promotion of your product/show/story, addressing and involving fans and/or casual viewers, getting feedback or participation from a larger audience, use multiple platforms to create or elaborate on a single product or story. Numerous Web series have turned to social media and other storytelling platforms to enhance their narratives, while major media franchises from Heroes to The Hunger Games have modeled their marketing campaigns around the idea of engaging fans on multiple levels, both on the big and small screens.

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