two tribes documentary watch online

two tribes documentary watch online
November 1, 2020

Chris Kemmerly A handful of land surveyors came through Apache country and Geronimo traded ponies, skins and blankets with them for clothing and food. We have our own way of punishing people that way. They use Indian words. Kent Frizzell, Former Department of Justice Official: I talked to Chief Fools Crow, an elder and a full blood. We can always, even if we can never live in, north of the border, we can always come here and flourish. Narrator: In April 1806 — eager to win more recruits from among the troubled tribes in Ohio and Indiana — Tenskwatawa issued a direct challenge to any leaders who opposed him — accusing them of witchcraft, and of being in league with the U.S. government. Christopher D. Anderson, Mix One Studios, Re-Recording Mixer The Americans called it the Apache Stronghold, but it was much more than that. Narrator: Many Apaches reluctantly agreed to settle on reservations. We-bla-huh”. Narrator: Behind the Wampanoag, the sun's west-moving light slowly revealed three-thousand miles of human culture — from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. You are the Wampanoag. Narrator: In his forties now, Geronimo’s face showed the ravages of war. George Blanchard, Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma: means, in our culture and our belief, at nights when we see a falling star, it means that this panther is jumping from one mountain to another. We, therefore, wish to remain here, and fight our enemy should they make their appearance. Madonna Thunder Hawk, Former AIM Member, Two Kettle Lakota: We needed to let the rest of the world know what was going on. Geronimo assumes an important, symbolic status. He relished the opportunity of a second chance at his nemesis. Dennis Banks pulled out his pistol and he started firin’, boom-boom-boom-boom. He was very unsuccessful as a little child. Narrator: Incensed that Crook had allowed Geronimo to escape, federal officials removed him from his post. Michael Darrow, Fort Sill Tribal Historian: Geronimo was said to be a good talker. Jean O'Brien. The white frontier is moving into the Ohio Valley, it’s also moving onto the Gulf Plains in the South. It– [it’d] want to make you go kill everybody. John Finger Lawrenson’s account of what happened confirmed his evening took a twist he could not have predicted, as he ended up under armed guard in hospital. And as a recovered alcoholic, you know, he could speak to people who had not had that conversion experience. And one of the most impressive new young leaders was John Ross. Don’t clutter their minds with all this old information.”. Narrator: While white settlers bought up lottery tickets — and a chance at Cherokee land — the Georgia legislature bent itself to obliterating the state within. For a moment, it looks as if the Indians have infiltrated the lines; there's confusion. Narrator: European traders — long familiar with a money economy — set in motion a system for exchanging hard goods for wampum, making the Indian's traditional ceremonial amulet the coin of the American realm. Bill Zimmerman, Pilot/Activist: We operated out of Rapid City, South Dakota, at three o'clock in the morning. And it was not — it was just the beginning in fact. The most powerful stories are the ones we tell to ourselves, about ourselves. Michael Darrow, Fort Sill Tribal Historian: General Crook, from the perspective of our own tribe, was one of the generals who tried hardest to understanding things from an Apache’s perspective. And it’s just– to them it was miserable. “We must stand by our race for blood is thicker than water,” declared another. And he sold that goal to the British. I think we have exhausted all other means of a settlement of the trouble we have at Wounded Knee.

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