typhoon ellen (1983 hong kong)

typhoon ellen (1983 hong kong)
November 1, 2020

One major step forward was the launch of weather satellites, the first of which was put into space in the 1960s. A total of 167 fatalities occurred[27] when the Philippine vessel MV Dona Cassandra capsized due to high waves off the coast of Mindanao. It moved westwards and intensified into a typhoon on 4 September about 520 nautical miles east of Manila. It passed about 20 nautical miles off the northern coast of Luzon and entered the South China Sea in the morning of 7 September(Figure 3b). [11] Heavy rainfall led to severe flooding in Fujian and Guangdong. Later, as the storm raged, over 300 flights had to be cancelled, leaving thousands of passengers stranded at the airport. Hong Kong shut down on August 2 as Typhoon Nida brought violent winds and torrential rain, with hundreds of flights cancelled and the stock market, schools and businesses closed, as the storm headed across southern China. This was the second tornado known to cause some damage in Hong Kong. These names were contributed to a revised list from 1979. 1, was hoisted at 5.00 a.m. on 7 September when Ellen was about 420 nautical miles east-southeast of Hong Kong. This has ensured that the flimsy huts of yesteryear have almost entirely been replaced by sturdy concrete structures, which are designed to withstand severe storms. Often observations from ships were inaccurate, as meteorology was often a hobby of the sailors and they hadn’t received any formal training. Upon making landfall, the winds in Stanley reached up to 154 kilometres per hour. In Thailand, already deluged by an earlier tropical storm, there was moderate flooding in Bangkok. In Hong Kong the Stand By Signal, No. Fifteen of the tropical cyclones made landfall, with six moving through the Philippines, six striking China, six moving into Vietnam, and three moving in Japan. In the past, Hong Kong has been devastated by typhoons, and the city planners have ensured that future generations are as sheltered from them as much as possible. 7 Chinese navy sailors were killed during rescue operations in the Zhu Jiang estuary. The radar showed a circular eye and intense echoes in the southern quadrant of the typhoon (Figure 5). Some 50,000 households lost electric power. By June 19, a low level circulation formed as the system moved westward. Barograms and anemograms of Typhoon Ellen recorded at various meteorological stations in Hong Kong during the period 8 - 9 September are reproduced in (Figures 6 and 7). Elsewhere, over 300 boats and 3,000 homes and buildings were destroyed and the storm severely damaged much of the rice harvest. On this date residents had barely any warning that a typhoon was about to hit the city. By late on the 6th, a closed circulation formed. The rain was heaviest just after dawn on 9 September. Winds in Hong Kong were light and mainly from the east. The system finally organized into a tropical depression and then a tropical storm on June 25. [21], One of three consecutive tropical cyclones to form in the South China Sea, the initial disturbance was first noted well south of Guam on October 6. 10 Signal was replaced by the Southeasterly Gale or Storm Signal, No. It moved west-northwestwards towards Dongsha at 8 knots and both satellite pictures and aircraft reconnaissance reports showed that it reintensified slightly. HONG KONG -- Typhoon Ellen slammed into Hong Kong today, touching off mudslides in squatter villages and hurling ships onto rocks with winds gusting to … [23], First noted near the Marshall Islands on October 14, the tropical disturbance moved westward for the next couple of days without and further development. Deaths: 10. The Hong Kong Marine Department and the Royal Navy said 24 ships were driven aground and that 25 other ships were reported in distress. The storm slammed into the city, snapping trees and power lines, leaving thousands without electricity. Tracking slowly north-northeast, Carmen began to accelerate to the east-northeast towards the Luzon Strait, steered by Abby. It was first noted on August 25, but showed no further development. The system did develop some central convection, and moved northward into South Korea, bringing showers to the region, and dissipated late on August 27. Moving slowly westward, there was little additional development until November 19. Damages and deaths from a storm will include when the storm was a precursor wave or an extratropical low. A midget tropical storm, Norris quickly evolved on November 8 and recurved ahead of the frontal boundary well east of Asia, primarily threatening shipping in the western Pacific. (extracted from the Observatory's publication "Meteorological Results 1983, The cyclone nearly became a typhoon later that day before vertical wind shear returned, introduced by a fresh cold outbreak from Asia. The system developed a weak surface circulation which progressed across the central Philippines. On Monday evening, Hong Kong was hit by a typhoon. Names not retired from this list will be used again in the 1987 season. The effects of the tornado were felt at ground level for a few seconds. This is fairly surprising, after all the city lies directly on the shores of the South China Sea. [3] Ellen was a strong typhoon which tracked from the International Dateline westward near the northern Philippines and mainland China by September 9. Due to land interaction and increasing upper level westerly wind shear, Ben became an exposed low level circulation on August 14 in the Sea of Japan, eventually dissipating late on August 15. In total, Ellen killed eight people and left thousands homeless. As the winds raged, torrential rain hammered the city, bringing major travel disruption. 10, was hoisted for a duration of 8 hours, which was the same as during Typhoon Wanda in 1962. The system tracked along a smooth parabola east of the Philippines becoming a moderately strong tropical storm. CHAPTER Ill - SUMMARY OF TROPICAL CYCLONES. [9], Becoming a tropical depression east of the Philippines, Wayne strengthened rapidly to become a tropical storm on July 22, a typhoon on July 23, and a super typhoon around midday on July 24 before moving south of Taiwan into mainland China on July 25 and dissipating. On November 30 a surface circulation formed 740 kilometres (460 mi) south of Guam. Vera made landfall on the 14th as an 85 mph (137 km/h) typhoon in the Philippines, weakened over the islands, and restrengthened over the South China Sea to a 100 mph (160 km/h) typhoon. Continuing to develop, the system became a tropical depression on the morning of October 8 as it moved northwest. Initial reports indicated that 1 500 hectares of crops and about 80 per cent of the territory's vegetables under cultivation were damaged by floods and winds. Required fields are marked. [4], Hong Kong experienced extensive damage, with six killed and 277 injured. If a weather observation came in from a ship in the South China Sea that would imply that severe weather was in the vicinity, meteorologists in Hong Kong had the difficult decision of whether to include the data and issue a forecast for severe weather, or whether to ignore it and hope it was a mistake. Two fishing junks from Hong Kong capsized and three others went aground while they were taking shelter there. [24], This system began as a tropical disturbance with a weak circulation near 7N 172E. 1983 - shipwreck following Typhoon Ellen shows Event 1983 Typhoon Ellen; Log in or register to post comments; Comments. Several wooden huts were destroyed but no one was injured. The Strong Wind Signal, No. [8] Winds peaked at 34 knots (63 km/h) at Tate's Cairn in Hong Kong. Hurricane force winds lasted for 5 hours at Cheung Chau. [28] A total of 219 people survived the shipwreck,[29] including 98 that were rescued. Damage totaled US$9 million in the Philippines. Fortunately Hong Kong escaped any major damage from this storm, largely due to its infrastructure. 21 Taiwanese fishermen were drowned when their boats capsized in waters off the Philippines. Typhoon Ellen (8309)29 August - 9 September 1983. In total, Ellen killed eight people and left thousands homeless. By late that night, Abby completed the transition to an extratropical cyclone after moving through central Japan. Over the next couple days, an upper cyclone to its north shifted westward, which helped lead to increased outflow and a low-level circulation. Winds gusted to 48 knots (89 km/h) at Waglan Island. In the neighboring Portugese enclave of Macao, 40 miles across the Pearl River estuary from Hong Kong, property damage was minimal. [19], This system was recognized by the Hong Kong Royal Observatory, the JMA and the PAGASA. It is this sparseness of information that is believed to have led to the disaster which struck the city on September 18, 1906. In earlier decades, meteorologists had to determine if a typhoon was coming based only on weather observations from the Philippines and isolated ships in the South China Sea. The 5,300-ton Pacific Coral was reported being abandoned by her 21-man crew. Trajectory of the centre of the eye of Typhoon Ellen near Hong Kong on 9 September 1983. 46 people were saved but 5 were missing.

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