violet jessop husband

violet jessop husband
November 1, 2020

Jessop returned to work for the White Star Line in 1920.[1]. "(Violet Jessop’s hitherto Encyclopedia Titanica biography). [1][2], Born on 2 October 1887, near Bahía Blanca, Argentina, Violet Constance Jessop was the oldest daughter of Irish immigrants William and Katherine Jessop. Violet was aged just 15, and was stricken at his death. In addition, she had been onboard RMS Olympic, the eldest of the three sister ships, when it collided with a British warship, HMS Hawke, in 1911. It was Aunt Sadie and Uncle Cecil who welcomed the Jessops to England after their relocation from Argentina.
Mother and children packed up and returned to Europe, settling in England. After the war, Jessop continued to work for the White Star Line, before joining the Red Star Line and then the Royal Mail Line again.

The strange circumstances and lack of fanfare may have presaged what was to come – a hollow marriage, lacking fellowship and sympathy, and one ultimately bound for the rocks. Violet is seen to the extreme right in this most unusual celebration. We have no records of past relationships for Violet Jessop. In the 1958 film A Night To Remember, a scene depicts naval architect Thomas Andrews (Michael Goodliffe) instructing a stewardess to be seen wearing her lifebelt as an example to the other passengers.
A picture of Violet’s husband, John James Lewis, although submitted to the Canadian family some months ago, has not been commented on. Unfortunately there is a fly in the ointment: descendants alive today in Canada have identified this census entry as that of their forebear, John James Lewis. On occasions he was shipmate to stewardess Violet Jessop. Britannic sank within 55 minutes, killing 30 of the 1,066 people on board. Her first husband David Jessop was arrested for assault in 2018 Credit: HAMILTON POLICE DEPARTMENT. During the expedition, Rosemary E. Lunn[12] played the role of Violet Jessop, re-enacting her jumping into the water, from her lifeboat which was being drawn into Britannic's still turning propellers. The Italianate church, on Chiswick High Road, was virtually empty for her big day and almost devoid of atmosphere. I too had read Maxtone-Graham's edition of her memoir and between it and Molony's research there emerges the picture of a lonely, long-suffering figure of yet great hardihood that evokes much sympathy and admiration. Stewardess Violet, who might previously have cherished notions of marrying one of the well-to-do passengers that she served, eventually settled for someone of exactly the same occupational rank and social station.Her husband was fully ten years older.

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