who wrote don t forget the family prayer

who wrote don t forget the family prayer
November 1, 2020

“discipline.” Dictionary.com Unabridged. Lyrics not available. It is something they will remember all their lives. Many know movies produced by Tyler Perry and T.D. I guess similar to your prayers for your Dad when he was struggling with his health, we prayed day and night for our mom, hoping against hope that she would survive the cancer. I believe in a Higher Power, and find that meditating and releasing my desires into the Universe does pretty much the same thing that prayer does for other faiths.
A performance of this song is given in this video: The above painting, “Momamadeaway” by artist Charly Carlos Palmer (no relation to my knowledge), captures memories of Easters in the 1960s during my childhood. It really touched me and my wife and we thought we should get our kid into praying, and that is what we have been doing since then. I know my kids have their own ways of saying their prayers before leaving school, and their prayers become a little longer on the day they have their tests! when old they will not stray” (Proverbs 22:6). I don’t often get a chance to talk about my religious feelings so it’s great to find another blogger who is just as passionate about her beliefs. Online location: Black Mom’s Club is an online resource for African American mothers, single parents, and adopting parents. Thank you for this beautiful post and I hope everyone keeps God in their lives. Top lyrics Community Contribute Business. But later when I truly understood what prayer meant, my whole perspective about prayer changed, and I understood its meaning and reason. I appreciate that you shared spiritual insights, but also gave practical advice on “how” to strengthen the family by faithful prayer practices. Glad you could resonate with the post Chadrack! 6. Discipline is not only vital for our children, it is also vital for parents. Yes indeed, talking about our religious beliefs does take a back seat at times, as we get so involved in other things and work. Among his works is the book Disciplines of the Spirit, where he speaks of the spiritual practice and discipline of commitment, growing in wisdom and stature, suffering, and reconciliation. You are such a warm and kind person Harleena! As my Dad went through his struggles with his health, prayer was the best hope we had during those times. A favorite television show of mine was and always will be the sports drama Friday Night Lights, a show on NBC that was far less about high school football than it was about life in the fictional town of Dillon, Texas. If I failed Lord, I did the best I could. Prayer in a family can be done in many ways. I agree wholeheartedly. We observed that, as soon as they got their food on the table, each one held the next one’s hand and formed a little circle and started praying.

You no longer live selfish lives but love others with a sincere and pure heart. I lead our younger age group 4-7years at our Kid’s Church meetings and it is wonderful to hear these young ones praying for each other; especially if they have a specifric need. I could do better at this currently as well, so thanks for the reminder. Chicago, IL: Black Belt Press, 1995, pp. And wept above their lifeless clay, The power of prayer in a family is the very foundation that keeps a family unit together. The couple later married, and their son William was, according to Bennett, the “first Negro child in English America.” The first African American families in this country were treated as indentured servants according to Andrew Billingsley, but after 1690 the majority were brought into the country and sold as slaves.8.

“Be sure to teach the families to pray all together – father, mother, and children. And the secret?

In my early childhood years few family members lived in the area. The slave trade adversely impacted the family traditions of our African ancestors.

I can definitely understand the importance an individual would see in praying as you’ve demonstrated here. “Slokas” or “Mantras” in meditation are sure stress busters, and are another way of connecting with the Almighty. He grew up in a single-parent household, and it was the strength of his mother, his coach, and his church who helped Williams end his use of performance-enhancing drugs (steroids), kept his hopes of college football alive despite a devastating injury, and encouraged him to try out as a ‘walk on’ with Texas A&M University, where he eventually achieved his dream of playing college football. We are alive and come to this earth with a mission to learn to love and serve one another, thus God placed us in families. I do marvel at the youngest boy who must have been taught these values so well or may have learnt it from his elder brothers. Studies indicate that those who pray are emotionally and physically healthier that those who don’t and it helps those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and even terminal illnesses. May be they are still not grown up enough to understand the true meaning of prayers, though we as parents keep instilling teaching them the basics and make efforts from our side. They arrived a little after us, so they got their food served later. Interim Southeast Regional Conference Minister, New York Conference, United Church of Christ, Dewitt, NY. I believe this is why the changes are happening for me right now because I have asked for his strength and guidance and hoping others have done so as well….as I really need them a lot right now, but regardless of that, I am really happy that you shared this with everyone and you are letting people know how much you believe in God and how very important he is in all of our lives. Prayer is so important, yet we can forget to pray.

One can easily see that this was the place where Dewey gained his “preaching chops” (learned how to preach) and shows an excellent depiction of “tag team preaching,” once popular in tent revivals. I do all my chanting when I drive. To surrender ourselves completely to God. Prayer is a relationship, wherein we humbly worship, communicate, and seek God, knowing that He loves and hears us, and will respond to us, though not always in a manner we may desire or expect. Thanks so much for stopping-by and sharing your experiences with everyone. Faith also plays an important role in the physical and spiritual fortification of my extended family (or kin) . 5. Yet I suspect that there would be less agreement on the meaning of discipline and what kind(s) of discipline are best. and frail and shrinking children too, They lack unity from God through prayers. Nice to know that your friends think of you whenever they are undergoing problems in their lives and ask you to pray for them, which shows the trust and faith they have in you and your prayers. I believe that prayer does have important consequences and there is a higher power that listens to you. I guess He wants us to pray harder and believe more. Sometimes we get so caught up in looking for the big example, we lose sight of people who, in their daily lives, stand up for what they believe. I greeted two more second cousins who were ministers, and despite differences of distance, time, and life experiences, our time together as a family was enriched by our common bond of faith.

Glad you resonate with the post Patricia!

Along the way we learn that friends and neighbors come and go, but family is forever. It is important to pray for His protection on your family every day.
The power of prayer in a family helps every family member to establish trust with one another, pray together, and come in agreement through God, which brings unity to the household. New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers, 1940, p. 279. www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/03/31/60minutes/main20049243.shtml?tag=contentMain;contentBody. She always had total undeterred faith in God, that was another reason for us to have the faith. will press the life-drops from the heart.9. By following God’s teaching and discipline, our families and our people continue our history as a people of spiritual resiliency and strength despite our challenges. But perhaps none are as historically or presently important to family enrichment as the discipline of prayer. Bring your wand’ring child back home I also thought it was just a string of words when I was a kid. Lack of time, other commitments, work, kids, family, and so many to-do list of things keeps us away from this important part of life. Beautiful post, nonetheless. revealed their anguish and distress. All that matters at the end of the day is that you pray and believe. Prayer is also a great way to get rid of stress. This concept is so true, as a family that has their focus on praying to the Almighty has a foundation that may be shaken at times, but it will withstand all that comes against them.

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