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November 1, 2020

), 09/05/15: Angels & Demons; Fighting, Synecdoche NY, 09/05/22: Night At The Museum 2; Tormented; Awaydays, 09/06/04: The Dodge Brothers (12th Annual British Silent Cinema Festival), 09/06/05: Terminator Salvation; Anything For Her, 09/06/12: The Hangover; Looking For Eric; Last House on the Left, 09/06/19 - Live in Edinburgh - The Beginning, 09/06/19 - Live in Edinburgh - The Final Chapter: Transformers 2, 09/06/19 - Live in Edinburgh - The Revenge, 09/06/26: Year One; Rudo y Cursi; Shirin; Sunshine Cleaning. One which is global, diverse, and to which all are welcome. The new strapline for the show is to be one of the following: Hello to Jason Isaacs, tikkiti tonk old fruit and down with the nazis. A week or so ago, someone tried to use Wikipedia to coin a new word, 'wittertainment'. Wittertainment fans: here’s the promo for Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s incoming television programme, that launches on BBC Four tonight . Reviewer: ... 101224 - Wittertainment Festive Film Quiz.ogg download. Mark and Simon are joined by legendary director Peter Bogdanovich. ); Michael Winterbottom (The Killer Inside Me).ogg, 100604 - The Killer Inside Me;; Death At A Funeral; She's Out Of My League.ogg, 100611 - Black Death, Letters To Juliet, Greenberg, Brooklyn's Finest.ogg, 100619 - MacGruber; Killers; Our Family Wedding; Ajami; Please Give; Hierro.ogg, 100626 - Get Him to the Greek; Whatever Works, Tetro; Good Hair.ogg, 100702 - Shrek Forever After; David Slade (Twilight Eclipse).ogg, 100709 - Twilight Eclipse; Predators; Jason Isaacs (Skeletons); Cilian Murphy (Inception).ogg, 100716 - Inception; Toy Story 3; Bluebeard.ogg, 100723 - Splice; Baaria; The Rebound; City Island.ogg, 100730 - Karate Kid; The A-Team; South of the Border; Gainsbourg.ogg, 100806 - Knight and Day; Step Up 3D; Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky; Undertow; Cats and Dogs - The Revenge of Kitty Galore.ogg, 100813 - The Last Airbender; The Sorcerer's Apprentice; Black Dynamite.ogg, 100820 - Salt; Piranha 3D; The Expendables; The Illusionist; Mother; The Human Centipede.ogg, 100827 - Scott Pilgrim Vs The World; The Girl Who Played With Fire; Diary of a Wimpy Kid; Edgar Wright and Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim).ogg, 100903 - Dinner For Schmucks; The Switch; Certified Copy; Last Exorcism; Jonah Hex; Cherry Tree Lane.ogg, 100910 - Tamara Drewe; Cyrus; Resident Evil Afterlife.ogg, 100917 - Septemberfest - I'm Still Here; The Other Guys; Winter's Bone.ogg, 100924 - The Hole 3D; The Town; Eat, Pray, Love.ogg, 101001 - Made in Dagenham; Buried; Takers; The First Movie.ogg, 101008 - The Phoenix Cinema Special - Wall Street 2; The Death and Life of Charlie St. Kermode and Mayo's Film Review. Mark and Simon are joined by Elisabeth Moss who talks about her new film Shirley.
Clara Amfo and Rhianna Dhillon are joined by Bryan Cranston. Mark and Simon review the week's movies including The Assistant, Reborn and Ema.

Paul Walter Hauser and Michael Sheen, plus your essential streaming reviews. If you've found this page, you must take your Wittertainment seriously.

05/05/20: Star Wars Episode III; What The Bleep Do We Know! Cloud; Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network).ogg, 101015 - The Social Network; Despicable Me; Vampires Suck.ogg, 101022 - Paranormal Activity 2; Legends Of The Guardians - The Owls Of Ga'Hoole 3D; Easy A; Red; Alpha & Omega 3D.ogg, 101029 - The Kids Are All Right; Burke and Hare; The Hunter; Involuntary; Saw 3D.ogg, 101112 - Skyline; Let Me In; We Are What We Are; You Again.ogg, 101119 - Harry Potter 7a; Code of Conduct; Chico & Rita; Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives; Dream Home.ogg, 101126 - The American; Machete; Unstoppable.ogg, 101203 - Monsters; Megamind; Of Gods and Men; The Be All and End All.ogg, 101210 - The Tourist; Somewhere; Narnia - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader; For Colored Girls; In Our Name; A Serbian Film; Outcast.ogg, 101217 - Tron Legacy; Burlesque; Catfish; Fred The Movie.ogg, 101224 - The Way Back; Chat Room; Love and Other Drugs; Little Fockers.ogg, 101224 - Wittertainment Festive Film Quiz.ogg, 05/03/11: Hostage; 9 Songs; The Chorus; Life Is A Miracle, 05/03/25: Melinda & Melinda; Constantine; Robots; Valiant; Miss Congeniality 2; The Passion Recut, 05/04/01: Be Cool; Downfall; The Ring 2; The Manchurian Candidate, 05/04/08: Sahara; Bullet Boy; The Assassination of Richard Nixon, 05/04/15: The Amityville Horror; The Interpreter, 05/04/22: Tarnation; The Wedding Date; Waqt; Around The Bend; Guess Who, 05/04/29: Clifford; The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy; xXx 2; In Your Hands; Mean Creek, 05/05/06: Kingdom Of Heaven; Palindromes; Twin Sisters and Brothers, 05/05/13: Ong-Bak; The Jacket; The Last Horror Movie; Seed Of Chucky; Monster-In-Law; Friday Night Lights. At some point in the week after the Blood Diamond review, a page appears on Wikipedia under the name "Wittertainment" - defining it as: "A term inspired by the Good Doctor, Mark Kermode's film reviews on Simon Mayo's BBC Radio Five Live show. Mark's use of the word results in various listener contributions on neologisms and other portmanteau words, and a listener named William points out that "issuetainment" had a precedent in "genutainment" on The Day Today, in which viewers' films of real accidents were used in a segment called It's Your Blood. Mark and Edith are joined by Judd Apatow, talking about new film The King of Staten Island. However, some roguish types would like to use this site to advertise Russian medicines, genuine … This podcast belongs to. Wittertainment. However, for dedicated pod-casters, Kermode and Mayo cause time to pass unnoticed, a not inconsiderable but much appreciated feat while driving in contemporary urban Ireland.". In 2D. 08/11/28: Changeling; Four Christmases; Flawless; The Silence of Lorna; What Just Happened? 101231 - Review of the Year 2010.ogg download. "2 'til 4. 51.2M . Mark and Simon are joined by Werner Herzog, to talk about his new film Family Romance LLC. Cloud; Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network), 10/10/15: The Social Network; Despicable Me; Vampires Suck, 10/10/22: Paranormal Activity 2; Legends Of The Guardians; Easy A; Red; Alpha & Omega 3D, 10/10/29: The Kids Are All Right; Burke and Hare; The Hunter; Involuntary; Saw 3D. Simon and Mark are joined by Gemma Arterton who talks about her new movie Summerland. Tehran Taboo – Film Review. Ben Bailey Smith and Anna Bogutskaya are joined by Seth Rogen and Ben Mendelsohn. The Wittertainment Code of Conduct. Edith and Clarisse are joined by Chris Nolan who talks about his new film Tenet. ); Michael Winterbottom (The Killer Inside Me), 10/06/04: The Killer Inside Me;; Death At A Funeral; She's Out Of My League, 10/06/11: Black Death; Letters To Juliet; Greenberg; Brooklyn's Finest, 10/06/19: MacGruber; Killers; Our Family Wedding; Ajami; Please Give; Hierro, 10/06/26: Get Him to the Greek; Whatever Works, Tetro; Good Hair, 10/07/03: Shrek Forever After; David Slade (Twilight: Eclipse), 10/07/09: Twilight Eclipse; Predators; Jason Isaacs (Skeletons); Cilian Murphy (Inception), 10/07/16: Inception; Toy Story 3; Bluebeard, 10/07/23: Splice; Baaria; The Rebound; City Island, 10/07/30: Karate Kid; The A-Team; South of the Border; Gainsbourg, 10/08/06: Knight and Day; Step Up 3D; Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky; Undertow; Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, 10/08/13: The Last Airbender; The Sorcerer's Apprentice; Black Dynamite, 10/08/20: Salt; Piranha 3D; The Expendables; The Illusionist; Mother; The Human Centipede, 10/08/27: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World; The Girl Who Played With Fire; Diary of a Wimpy Kid; Edgar Wright and Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim), 10/09/03: Dinner For Schmucks; The Switch; Certified Copy; Last Exorcism; Jonah Hex; Cherry Tree Lane, 10/09/10: Tamara Drewe; Cyrus; Resident Evil Afterlife, 10/09/17 - Septemberfest: I'm Still Here; The Other Guys; Winter's Bone, 10/09/24: The Hole 3D; The Town; Eat, Pray, Love, 10/10/01: Made in Dagenham; Buried; Takers; The First Movie, 10/10/08 - The Phoenix Cinema Special: Wall Street 2; The Death and Life of Charlie St. Richard Dreyfuss talks Astronaut, plus your essential streaming reviews. Its use has also spread to the show's social media presence, particularly the hugely income generating Wittr app and it's lesser clones Twitter and Snaptat. ; Clean; Imaginary Heroes; The United States Of Leland, 05/07/13: Madagascar; War of the Worlds; The Wedding Crashers; Festival, 05/07/22: Fantastic 4; Dark Water; Iain Softley (The Skeleton Key), 05/07/29: The Skeleton Key; Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, 05/08/05: Yes; Stealth; Herbie: Fully Loaded; The Devil's Rejects, 050812 - The Island; The Perfect Catch; Crash.MP3, 05/08/19: Bewitched; Me And You And Everyone We Know; Primer; Unleashed; The Perfect Man, 05/08/26: The Dukes Of Hazzard; George A. Romero (Land of the Dead), 05/09/02: The 40-Year-Old Virgin; The Business; On A Clear Day; David Cronenberg (A History Of Violence), 05/09/09: Cinderella Man; Green Street; The Aristocrats, 05/09/16: Wolf Creek; Pride & Prejudice; Must Love Dogs; Pusher II; Lords Of Dogtown, 050923 - Land Of The Dead; Howl’s Moving Castle; Revolver; King’s Game.MP3, 05/09/30: A History of Violence; Four Brothers; Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo; Goal, 05/10/07: Oliver Twist; Serenity; Kinky Boots, 05/10/14: Godzilla; Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit; Domino; Guy X; Lord Of War, 05/10/21: The Corpse Bride; Nanny McPhee; Broken Flowers; Sky High, 05/10/28: The Legend Of Zorro; Saw II; Thumbsucker, 05/11/04: Elizabethtown, Brothers Grimm; Murderball, 05/11/11: Constant Gardener; In Her Shoes; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang; Hustle & Flow, 05/11/18: Harry Potter 4; Stoned; Separate Lies; Factotum; The Libertine, 05/11/25: The Exorcism of Emily Rose; Mrs Henderson Presents, Flightplan; Mad Hot Ballroom; Pierre Dulaine (Mad Hot Ballroom), 05/12/02: Where The Truth Lies, Keeping Mum, 05/12/23: The Producers; Cheaper By The Dozen 2, 06/01/06: Just Friends; Match Point; Brokeback Mountain; Running Scared, 06/01/13: Jarhead; Memoirs of a Geisha; Breakfast On Pluto; Cry Wolf; The Roost; The Truth, 06/01/20: A Cock And Bull Story; Shop Girl; Get Rich Or Die Tryin’; Fun With Dick And Jane; Underworld: Evolution, 06/01/27: Munich; Rumour Has It; The New World; Hidden; Bee Season, 06/02/03: Walk The Line; Grizzly Man; North Country; Derailed, 06/02/10: Proof; Final Destination; Chicken Little; Big Momma's House 2; Lady Vengeance, 06/02/17: Good Night, and Good Luck; Casanova; Aeon Flux; Feed; McLibel, 06/02/24: Lucky Number Slevin; Capote; The Fog, 06/03/03: Kidulthood; Syriana; Last Holiday; Stay; The Weather Man; The Matador, 06/03/10: The Hills Have Eyes; The Proposition; The World's Fastest Indian; Two For The Money, 06/03/17: V For Vendetta; Ushpizin; These Foolish Things; Spike Lee (Inside Man), 06/03/24: Hostel; Inside Man; Transamerica; Romance & Cigarettes; The Big White, 06/03/31: Shooting Dogs; Basic Instinct 2; Firewall; The Ballad Of Jack and Rose; The White Countess; The Three Burials, 06/04/07: Alien Autopsy; Ice Age 2; The Squid And The Whale; She’s The Man; Unknown White Male, 06/04/14: Scary Movie 4; American Haunting; Junebug; Glastonbury; Seducing Doctor Lewis; Take The Lead, 06/04/21: Crazy; Silent Hill; American Dreams; Tristan & Isolde, 06/04/28: Slither; Don't Come Knocking; 16 Blocks; Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room, 06/05/05: Mission Impossible 3; Confetti; Black Sun; The Devil and Daniel Johnston, 06/05/12: Brick; When A Stranger Calls; Prime; Time To Leave; Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, 06/05/19: The Da Vinci Code; Once In A Lifetime; Wah-Wah; The King, 06/06/09: The Omen; RV; Pusher 3; Election, 06/06/16: Thank You For Smoking; Hard Candy; Imagine Me & You, 06/06/23: The Wind That Shakes The Barley; The Lake House; Half Light; Aquamarine; Ultraviolet, 06/07/07: Pirates of the Caribbean 2; Ju-On: The Grudge 2; Little Manhattan; Awesome: I Fuckin' Shot That, 060714 - Superman Returns; Little Fish; Martin Henderson (Little Fish).MP3, 06/07/21: Stormbreaker; The Break-Up; Garfield: A Tale Of Two Kitties; Little Fish; Regular Lovers, 06/07/28: Cars; Shooting Dogs; Warrior King; Stay Alive; Angel-A, 060804 - Miami Vice; My Super Ex-Girlfriend; Ant Bully.mp3, 06/08/11: Nacho Libre; Lady In The Water; Bryce Dallas Howard (Lady In The Water), 06/08/18: Snakes on a Plane; Harsh Times; Jindabyn; Wah-Wah, 06/08/25: Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth); Alan Jones (FrightFest); Christopher Smith (Severance), 06/09/01: The Wicker Man; Little Man; Crank; The Sentinel; This Film Is Not Yet Rated, 06/09/08: Little Miss Sunshine; Pulse; Snowcake; Driving Lessons, 06/09/15: Talladega Nights; The Queen; An Inconvenient Truth; Destricted; The Black Dahlia, 06/09/22: Clerks 2; Children of Men; Dirty Sanchez Movie; Kane, 06/09/29: Click; World Trade Centre; Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait, 06/10/06: The Departed; The Devil Wears Prada; Neil Young: Heart of Gold; Brothers of the Head, 06/10/13: The History Boys; Black Gold; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning; The Guardian; Open Season, 06/10/20: Marie Antoinette; Barnyard; The Great Ecstasy Of Robert Carmichael; The Last Kiss; The Grudge 2, 06/10/27: Step Up; Saw 3; Red Road; All The King's Men; A Good Year, 06/11/03: Borat; Little Children; Sixty Six; The Page Turner, 06/11/10: The Prestige; Breaking And Entering; Starter For 10; The Host, 06/11/17: Casino Royale; Requiem; The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D, 06/11/24: Pan's Labyrinth; The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause; Hollywoodland; Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man; Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, 06/12/01: Stranger Than Fiction; London To Brighton; Shortbus; Big Nothing; Flushed Away, 06/12/08: The Holiday; Happy Feet; The U.S. vs John Lennon; The Nativity Story, 06/12/15: Eragon; Deja vu; The Wizard of Oz; Black Christmas; It's Winter, 06/12/22: Flags Of Our Fathers; It's A Boy Girl Thing; Night At The Museum; Perfume, 07/01/05: Apocalypto; Miss Potter; White Noise 2; Little Red Flowers; Paris Is Burning, 07/01/13: The Last King Of Scotland; The Pursuit Of Happyness; Smokin’ Aces; Ghosts, 07/01/19: Rocky Balboa; Infamous; Babel; Black Book; Toby Jones (Infamous), 07/01/26: Blood Diamond; The Fountain; Bobby; Venus; Them; The Lives of the Saints, 07/02/02: Dreamgirls; Arther and the Invisibles; Notes on a Scandal; Running With Scissors; Welcome To Dongmakgol, 07/02/09: For Your Consideration; Hannibal Rising; Shark Bait; Charlotte's Web; Music and Lyrics; Goal 2, 07/02/16: Hot Fuzz; Eklavya; The 9th Company ; The Science Of Sleep, 07/02/23: Letters From Iwo Jima; The Number 23; The Good Shepherd; School For Scoundrels; Shaitan, 07/03/02: Ghost Rider; A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints; The Illusionist; Material Girls; Freedom Writers, 07/03/09: Inland Empire; Norbit; Becoming Jane; Gone; Outlaw, 07/03/23: 300; TMNT; Amazing Grace; I Want Candy; The Gigolos, 07/03/30: The Hills Have Eyes 2; Mr Bean's Holiday; The Namesake; Meet The Robinsons, 07/04/06: Sunshine; Blades Of Glory; The Caiman; El Topo, 07/04/13: Wild Hogs; The Lives Of Others; Shooter, 07/04/20: Half Nelson; Pathfinder; Reign Over Me, 07/04/27: This Is England; Straightheads; The Painted Veil; Reno 911; The Breed; Next; Scott Walker: Century Man, 07/05/04: Spider-Man 3; Fast Food Nation; Bridge To Terabithia; Goya's Ghosts, 07/05/11: 28 Weeks Later; Goodbye Bafana; Blue Blood, 07/05/18: Zodiac; Black Snake Moan; Magicians; Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten, 07/05/25: Pirates of the Caribbean 3; Jindabyne, 07/06/01: Wedding Daze; Flyboys; The Hitchhiker, 07/06/08: Oceans 13; Taking Liberties; The Tiger's Tail, 07/06/15: Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer; Tell No One; Vacany; Grow Your Own; Wild Blue Yonder, 07/06/22: Captivity; Lucky You; La Vie En Rose, 07/06/29: Shrek the Third; Hostel 2; Shut Up and Sing; The Flying Scotsman; Golden Door, 07/07/06: Die Hard 4; Edmond; Flandres; Dead Silence, 07/07/13: Harry Potter 5; Macbeth; Last Tango In Paris; Taxidermia; Moliere, 07/07/20: Hairspray; Firehouse Dog; The Seventh Seal; Buy It Now, 07/07/27: Transformers; The Simpsons Movie; SherryBaby, 07/08/03: Evan Almighty; The Hoax; I is for India; Brief Encounter; Tales From Earthsea, 07/08/10: Rush Hour 3; The Waitress; The Walker; Licence To Wed; Surf's Up, 07/08/17: The Bourne Ultimatum; Bratz; Eagle Vs Shark; Copying Beethoven, 07/08/24: Knocked Up; The Wicker Man; Seraphim Falls; Lady Chatterly; Sugarhouse, 07/08/31: No Reservations; 1408; 2 Days In Paris; Breach; Hallam Foe, 07/09/07: Atonement; Run Fat Boy Run; Rise Of The Footsoldier, 07/09/14: 3-10 to Yuma; Shoot Em Up; Superbad; December Boys, 07/09/21: Death Proof; A Mighty Heart; I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry; Clubland, 07/09/28: Michael Clayton; Michael Madsen (Being Michael Madsen), 07/10/05: Control; The Heartbreak Kid; The Kingdom; And When Did You Last See Your Father; Manufacturing Dissent, 07/10/12: Once; Resident Evil: Extinction; The Invasion; The Nanny Diaries; Ratatouille; Mr Brooks; Black Sheep, 07/10/18: David Cronenberg (Eastern Promises), 07/10/19: Stardust; The Dark Is Rising; The Last Legion; Nancy Drew; Daddy Day Camp; Once; Rendition, 07/10/26: Eastern Promises; Lagerfeld Confidential; Sicko, 07/11/02: 30 Days Of Night; Elizabeth: The Golden Age; Interview, 07/11/09: Into The Wild; Planet Terror; Good Luck Chuck; Bug, 07/11/16: American Gangster; Beowulf; Brick Lane; Weirdsville, 07/11/23: Jesus Camp; The Darjeeling Ltd; Sleuth; Rescue Dawn, 07/11/30: The Assassination of Jesse James; Hitman; Fred Clause; The Magic Flute, 07/12/07: The Golden Compass; Silent Light; Southland Tales; You Kill Me, 07/12/14: Bee Movie; Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium; Enchanted; Youth Without Youth, 07/12/21: I Am Legend; Alvin and the Chipmunks; St Trinian's; I'm Not There, 08/01/04: Lust Caution; P.S.

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