your birth month characteristics

your birth month characteristics
November 1, 2020

They are big dreamers yet keep a hold on reality. They are loyal, trustworthy and emotional people who can be approached easily. They are lovers of art and do everything in life wholeheartedly. The most popular of all, people born in this month are charismatic and charming to the core. They are very fair and believe in justice. While some months bear children that are dreamers, September babies tend to be more detail-oriented, focusing on what it takes to get stuff done. You’re smart, talkative, have tons of friends, and are the sexiest among all. We bet you know what we are going to tell you as you are most fond of yourselves and possess a supreme sense of supremacy over the others. You prefer quietness and have a strong artistic side. Your intelligence quotient is pretty high, and so are your moods. The romance is within you as you rarely express your inner feelings. You take a lot of pride in yourself and are one of the most confident people around. They are also known to be spendthrifts. You're passionate about everything you do. They are hardworking and good organisers. You're beautiful — not just in your looks but also in your ways of life. They are also very observant and very careful in taking decisions. However, once you lose the trust of a March baby, it’s very hard to get back. They give a lot of importance to financial security. They have a sharp mind and are highly talented. You can guard your emotions very well and do not let people know about how and what you feel emotionally about certain things. They would use words like “thank you” very often and are genuinely very thankful and grateful for everything. You've probably noticed that certain groups of friends who share similar birthdays tend to have the same quirks and personalities. While they won’t say no to a good time, they tend to keep personal details…well, personal. Known to be perfectionists, people born in July are a high source of inspiration for the people around them. They set their own rules and are known to be stubborn. They are adventurous set of people and have an artistic bend of mind. People born in January have a strong work ethic, and will not hesitate to voice their opinions. Reprinted with permission from the author. Full of passion, intelligence and the desire to help others, you're extremely popular among your peers. January. People born in May are known to be stubborn and self dependent. They are self motivated and do not rely on others for their basic needs. They are motivating and encouraging individuals. They do not take anything for granted. Let's take a look at what words perfectly describe you, as well as how others perceive you. You have a terrific sense of humour. You're also well-skilled in spicing up your love life with your inner and outer beauty. You have a vision very different from the rest along with a unique sense of judgement. You’re the perfectionist who loves their "me time" and you're quite difficult to understand. May babies tend to wave goodbye to reality in pursuit of their dreams. You're strong-willed and love to explore. They are highly emotional and sensitive. Like your charming looks, you're the best one in bed, too. They are known to be physically very attractive possessing amazing mental strength. Lucky Days Software Based on your personal day and time of birth. You are the most patriotic of the lot. You are a master at being social and are born charmers. They have creative minds and are known to be very hospitable. If you are born in December, you too know what we are going to tell you about yourselves. Your Dominant Personality Trait, Based On Your Birth Month, - Our best articles delivered straight to your inbox, The Weird Way Your Birth Season Affects Your General Life Mood, Your Dominant Personality Traits, Based On The 5 Fundamental Elements Of Nature, Discover What Your Birth Month Reveals About You And Your Life, The Healthiest (And Least Healthy) Month To Be Born, According To Science. They love their family and are very caring and protective of their loved ones. They are one of the most popular people as they possess a unique charm and a positive attitude. January babies are almost always close to their parents, but also demonstrate a LOT of stubbornness in their day-to-day behavior. Also, they don’t talk much and are mostly silent people. You work hard for your dreams. Courageous, you can get hurt easily but you're quick to recover. You take time to be in a relationship, but when you do, you flare it up with your intensity. They are very diligent and highly ambitious. This often leads to them forgetting to “enjoy the journey,” instead coming across as goal-obsessed. RELATED: The Healthiest (And Least Healthy) Month To Be Born, According To Science. You have a magnetic personality which exudes confidence and mental strength. Scroll down to your birth month and we will tell you what your birthday tells us about your … Being attracted to beautiful things is one of your basic traits. They are appreciative of most of the things that life has to offer, from little ones to big ones. They are attractive in looks and a natural center of attention at most gatherings. You're famous for being the playboy and you simply kill your haters with your personality. March kids may come across as shy, but they’ve got a lot going on under the surface. They’re the eggheads of the bunch. They have a strong fine clairvoyance and psychic qualities. You’re a free bird with love for abstract thoughts. This article was originally published at The Mind's Journal. You make sure you get your personal space and me-time as you are known to be private people. They are very affectionate, highly emotional and have a superb drive to succeed. They are loyal, honest and straightforward. You're the most attractive one in the group! They are known for their patience, tolerance and perseverance. You have a great taste in fashion, movies and music and are mostly familiar with the trends. They are very brave, feisty and independent. You are also very adaptable and quite generous. They are loving, honest and polite individuals. However, they are often mistaken or misunderstood. If you’re looking for a laugh, try to track down an August baby. You are romantic, dreamy, sensitive, emotional and devoted. Your uncommon traits and characteristics set you apart from rest of the crowd. They experience crazy mood swings and are mostly termed as moody people. And if they belong to the lazy category, then they are the laziest of all. They give a lot of importance to friendships that they have formed. Your peers enjoy your company because you always cheer them up. You are sexy, ambitious and have a great sense of humour. You're caring, emotional, and always help your friends when they go through any problem. They are the biggest day dreamers, extremely romantic and loyal lovers. You have an outgoing personality with "don’t give a damn" attitude. They are emotionally very intelligent and have a firm hold on their emotions. You also come across as dominating, attention seeker and demanding at times. They are very fair and believe in justice. You are the most talkative and outgoing of all. They are quick thinking and very observant, but are also good tricksters. They are fair and non judgemental. According to scientists and statistics, when you are born can affect your career, attitude, your love life and more! They are emotionally very intelligent and have a firm hold on their emotions. Passion defines you. via: Diply. Being a day-dreamer, you can be quite unpredictable at times. You are not at all pretentious. January babies are almost always close to their parents, but also demonstrate a LOT of stubbornness in their day-to-day behavior. Fun is the name of the game for those born in July. You are adventurous and entertaining for the people around you. They are known for their wit and a laidback attitude. You are honest and selfless in friendships and relationships. You are great achievers and born leaders. You forgive but you never forget. They do things in their own ways and prefer to think outside the box. The most popular of all, people born in this month are charismatic and charming to the core. They’re very polite, and try to keep the harmony among those around them. You do love attention, but you're also kind enough to give others space. If you are born in the month of March, you already know by now that you have a unique personality. Creativity is something inherent in you, though you tend to get distracted more often. You are good philosophers and highly intuitive. Maybe it’s the carefree summer months, but they tend to be happiest when laughing and cutting loose. They crave attention and affection from people. Being February-born, you tend to have more than one best friend. You're loved by all genders and you treat everyone equally. In other words, they don’t take well to people telling them what to do. RELATED: Discover What Your Birth Month Reveals About You And Your Life September: Decisive You're practical and you always try to make the right choices in life. RELATED: The Weird Way Your Birth Season Affects Your General Life Mood. They leave a positive influence on everyone that they meet, leaving everyone wanting to be friends with them. All good things, right? You are very conscious of your image and appearance. You are not only inquisitive but also great debaters, which is the reason why you hardly lose any argument. They are very friendly and honest. They have high energy levels and are known to be super active. As much as every individual is different from the other, most of the people born in the same month possess similar qualities. You always try to maintain your integrity. They are artistically inclined and hardworking. They usually know how to get what they want. This trait can bleed into stubbornness and inflexibility, but when they’re on and getting the attention, they tend to keep with with their captivating personalities. You are polite and soft spoken. They are open minded and least judgemental of all. You're more inclined towards literature and other arts. They leave a positive influence on everyone that they meet, leaving everyone wanting to be friends with them. They are possessive of their loved ones and are born explorers. You are trustworthy, honest and generous. They are peacemakers and like to maintain harmony in their surroundings. Scroll down to your birth month and know what your birthday tells about your personality: People born in January are very productive, smart, disciplined and organised. They hav… People born in September are fun to be around as they are the cool-chilling kinds and happiest when around people. They are outgoing, headstrong and have a dynamic personality. You love to day dream. They are cheerful and fun loving. Last but certainly not the least, they are the masters of seduction and they usually get what or rather who they want. They have an affectionate and selfless kind of nature. They’re constantly moving but remain fiercely loyal to their friends, even with a busy lifestyle. You're someone people admire. So scroll through and look for the birth months of you and your loved ones, checking to see how well they fall in line with their month’s dominant characteristics. They are very calm and controlled unless they are provoked. For whatever reason, April babies tend to be incredibly driven and in a hurry. You are brave and fearless.

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