So how does this work?

We record all of the matches at your event from an aerial vantage point (approx. 20 feet above the field). Then we process them and upload them to our server. You can purchase any or all of the games directly from our website. They are delivered via email as a clickable link. Upon clicking the link, the game video will be downloaded directly to your computer. Once on your computer you can watch the game, burn it to a DVD, edit your own highlight video, or whatever you’d like to do with it.


Do you record the entire game or do you focus on a single player?

We record every game using the same professional methods.  We follow the action on the field just like a television broadcast.  We do not focus on a single player, but we record in such a manner that virtually ANY player in the game can use the video to create a highlight.


How long until my videos are delivered?

Game video links are typically available 7-10 days after an event ends. As soon as the game videos are processed and available, we will send you an email with the game links attached.


What format are the videos and can I edit them?

The game videos are MP4 format and are compatible with ANY computer system. Yes you can edit them with most video editing programs. Windows and Apple computers come with free editing programs (Windows Movie Maker and Apple iMovie).


What is a Highlight Video package?

With the highlight video package, we will send you ALL of your team’s game videos and a link to our Highlight Data Sheet. After you receive them, you will review the games and notate which individual plays (or clips) you would like us to use in your video. You will then complete our Highlight Data Sheet, which tells us everything we need to know about the athlete (height, weight, GPA, SAT, etc.), including your chosen plays. After we receive the Data Sheet, our editors will pull your chosen plays, clean them up, spotlight your player, add music, and then upload the video to YouTube. We will send you a link to your video and you can paste this link into your emails to college coaches. The whole process takes about 2 weeks after we receive your completed Data Sheet.


What is the difference between a Premier and Professional Highlight?

A premier highlight package is explained above.

A Professional highlight Package is where we send you ALL of your game videos and a Highlight Data Sheet. You will simply complete the Data Sheet and our editors will go through the games for you and use their professional judgment to choose your best plays. It’s a “full service” package for those individuals who don’t have the time to review the games or would simply like to have our professionals make the decisions on which plays to use.


Do you have samples of your work?

While we cannot provide previews or samples of specific matches, we do have several samples on our website (in the “About Us” section) and those will take you to our YouTube page where we have thousands of examples.


How does the Team Package work?

One person from your team (coach/manager/parent) will place the order and pay the full amount (they can collect from the individual players/parents). When the videos are available, we will send them to the person who placed the order. That person can then forward the links to whichever players chose to participate from their team. The links are unlimited but will expire in approx. 3 months after delivery.


Can I forward my game links to someone else?

When purchasing the individual video packages, the links you receive will allow you to download the games videos 2 times each before they expire. You can forward these links to whomever you wish, but the total available downloads per game will be 2.

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